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Creative and Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for the Happy Couple

When you’ve received multiple wedding invitations for this wedding season at hand, the first question to come to your mind is how you are going to come up with unique wedding gift ideas for each couple. Giving a gift that is both, meaningful and inexpensive is the trick to give the best wedding gifts.

unique wedding gift ideas

Make the happy couple happier, and be pronounced as the best wedding gift-giver of all times with our compilation of 25 awesome wedding gifts that will fit all your guests’ budgets. Help them celebrate their very special day with beauty and style with unique wedding gift ideas that add to their personality. Just say ‘I do’ to our list of best wedding gifts for couples that incorporate tidbits of their lives. Give their new lives a lift and help them make their new home together with a little more style and your personal touch.

25  Unique Wedding Gift Ideas that are both meaningful and unique

Wedding Invitation Framed : Wedding Invitation Framed


It is well known to all of us that every couple spends hours and days together choosing the right colors, designs, and wordings for their wedding invitation. It seems like they are quite fascinated with the wedding invitations themselves. So why not take this wedding invite to a custom framer and get a really amazing wedding gift from it? Put this lovely wedding invitation frame together and give the new couple wedding day gifts they will truly appreciate.

Courtship Photo Album :Courtship Photo Album


Every couple has the most memorable moments in their prelude to marriage – their courtship. If you could manage to gather a few clicks from this fun time they spent together and create a lovely photo album out of it; not to forget the dates or at least the places involved, you would make it the topmost personalised wedding gifts for couples. Include memories, comments and inside jokes to make this gift really special.

Silver Wedding Certificate Holder :Silver Wedding Certificate Holder


This silver wedding certificate holder is one of the most stylish and wonderful gift items for wedding, where the happy couple can proudly present their wedding certificate. The bride and groom will both be thrilled with this gift as it would be a protective way to carry around their wedding certificate when needed.

Instant Camera :Instant Camera


Honeymoon and honeymoon pictures are the only topic on everyone’s mind once the wedding ceremony is over. This sort of unique wedding gift ideas will be eye-catching to the new Mr. & Mrs. when they are busy sorting out their haul of wedding gifts. They will be really delighted to be thoughtful of you to help them capture the fun and frolic of their honeymoon. You would make an amazing friend with this amazing gift.

Class Pass :Class Pass

For a couple that is obsessed with their fitness, how about a fitness class pass? These creative and unique wedding gift ideas include studio-focused fitness membership for the couple to sweat it and enjoy working out together. These fun workout regimens will also give them some quality time to spend with each other.

Wedding Wine Box :Wedding Wine Box


If the newlywed couple is a fan of the finest wines then this wedding wine box is the ultimate idea of best wedding gifts for them. Though it’ll be a bit pricey, your gift will be the one that they will be chatting about on their first anniversary. While they celebrate the completion of one grand year of marriage, you will definitely cross their mind with this gift.

Embellished Monogram Charm Bracelet :Embellished Monogram Charm Bracelet


The couple getting married, the bride and groom are both on your list of close friends? You surely wouldn’t mind spending a little more to give them a very special set of golden wedding gifts. Throughout history, a monogram gift is a sign of prestige. Inscribe beautifully the initials of the bride and groom to create an adornment that evokes elegance. Your friends are sure to treasure these golden wedding gifts.

His & Her Luggage Tags :His & Her Luggage Tags


These are the perfect wedding gifts for couples who have everything. These custom personalised leather luggage tags can be stamped with ‘His’ and ‘Her’ initials along with a favorite couple quote making them an absolute favorite with the newlyweds. For the couple who loves globetrotting, let them kick-off their honeymoon trip with these luggage tags that are outstanding personalised wedding gifts.

Tickets to an Event :Tickets to an Event

Every couple is sure to have a favorite hobby they enjoy together; be it a sports game, a musical show, stand up comedy, there has to be a favorite. Get them tickets to their favorite event as exciting and good wedding gifts and let them set themselves loose as they enjoy and have some fun together. The tickets for such events will make you a very thoughtful friend indeed.

Genius Recipes Cookbook :Genius Recipes Cookbook


Let the bride and groom enjoy some kitchen time and cook their favorite food together with your brilliant idea a genius recipes cookbook as wedding day gifts. This personalised cookbook is one of the most creative and unique wedding gift ideas for a couple who loves to cook; a collaboration of easy to cook and yummy recipes from the most well-known chefs, so that the couple can make themselves a hearty meal. Bon appetit!

Suitcase Set for Two :Suitcase Set for Two


Wedding gifts that make a good luggage set are the most sought-after gifts for couples with wanderlust. These extraordinary and unique wedding gift ideas will surely make them think of you while they are busy packing. These lightweight and easy to carry suitcase set will help them enjoy a hassle-free trip.

Amazon Echo :Amazon Echo


As the couple tries hard to get adjusted and accustomed to their new routine, this one of many brilliant gift items for wedding is a very helpful gift. Right from setting alarms, playing music, reading out a recipe, or anything else on their to-do list; the couple will have at hand a home-personal assistant and they will be amazed to see the help they get with the Amazon Echo.

Personalized Champagne Wedding Vase :Personalized Champagne Wedding Vase

A beautiful keepsake reminder to the couple of their day of love, this personalized champagne wedding case are unique wedding gift ideas that the will fondly display in their lovely home. This beautiful vase made from a champagne bottle makes a charming bouquet and centerpiece to remind the couple of their wonderful love story. Etched beautifully with a label of the names of the couple and the wedding date, these gift items for wedding are best for a timeless toast to their eternal love!

Wedding Vows Wood Heart Cutting Board :Wedding Vows Wood Heart Cutting Board

Whether it is to serve some of the most delicious dishes or as a stunning decorative display for home decor, the newlywed couple is sure to fall in love with these wedding gifts for couples that hold artistically their wedding vows. They will definitely love this unique display of their promises of love that is finely crafted on a wood heart cutting board. This finely crafted rustic looking reminder of their wedding day has a very lovely finishing of golden teak oil for a ravishing look. These wedding day gifts also include a cut-out hole to hang beautifully on the wall. It can be personalized with the names of the couple up to 10 characters each and the date of their wedding day.

Heart Neon Sign Table Lamp :Heart Neon Sign Table Lamp

Another modern and classy looking piece of home decor, this heart shaped neon sign table lamp is one of the best wedding gifts for the new couple. This unique decorative lamp will make them fall in love even more each time they plug it in. This heart neon sign table lamp will make each day as special as Valentine for the newlyweds. Present them with these unique gift ideas and let them bask in the shine of their love for one another. They will surely love you for presenting them with these creative wedding gift ideas. Let love make their world go around and fill their lives with glitter all the way with these lovely wedding gifts.

Rings Of Love Wall Art :Rings Of Love Wall Art

Two beautiful intertwined rings depicting beautiful quotes of love or quotes that are created from the wedding vows of the couple will surely make a impeccable wall art display of wedding gift ideas. Personalized with the names of the couple and their wedding date along with their wedding vows in the form of rings on a nude canvas stretched over a wooden frame will give an excellent look. The rings of love can also be made to twinkle by opting for LED lights in the backdrop. Present these lovely and uniquely personalized wedding gifts to your favorite couple and let them enjoy this beautiful keepsake of wedding art.

Personalized Movie Marquee Photo Print :Personalized Movie Marquee Photo Print

Let the newlywed co-star couples enjoy their movie date night with a romantic movie title with your unique wedding gift ideas for them. The new couple is sure to love this lovely keepsake that comes with a cinematic experience photo print. They can now enjoy their romance in true movie style with this lovely movie marquee art as wedding day gifts. Let them enjoy a celebrity feeling with this movie marquee illuminated art. You can pick from one of the most romantic movies of all time and give them a unique way to commemorate their wedding day.

Contemporary Toast Flutes :Contemporary Toast Flutes

These amazing looking contemporary toast flutes are one of the best-personalized wedding gifts for couples that give them a great chance to raise a toast to their love. The sophisticated and modern effervescence of these lovely looking toast flutes will make all their celebratory occasions even more happy and delightful. They are sure to enjoy and have a great time as they sip elegantly from these contemporary toast flutes. Sprinkled with gold confetti and engraved with the initials of the bride and groom each, these toast flutes are truly one of a kind wedding gifts.

Quality Pots And Pans :Quality Pots And Pans copy

Classics are said to be classic for a reason! This traditional wedding gift ideas of quality pots and pans is surely something that the modern age couple is sure to be appreciative of. These unique wedding gift ideas are surely to be a great option for them newlyweds to have a fully stocked kitchen. This fancy set of copper cookware set is perfectly good for a new home and kitchen set up. Present the new couple with these wonderful wedding day gifts and let them have a nice time cooking their favorite dishes. There is just no way that the couple will not be appreciative of these wonderful traditional and good wedding gifts.

Definition Of Love Map Wall Art :Definition Of Love Map Wall Art

These unique wedding gifts are really perfect and adorable for the couples who love to flaunt off their love story to the world. If the newlywed couple is the kind who love to tell the story of how they met every now and then these creative wedding gift ideas for them. This cute and adorable wedding gift is sure to keep the couple reminded of their best times in their life together. If they have been in a long distance relationship, then these unique wedding gift ideas will surely be a treasure to them.

7 Piece French Cooking Set :7 Piece French Cooking Set

Beautifully made of copper and stainless steel, this 7 piece french cooking set is a chic and classy gift for the modern age couple. The lovely exterior copper look that allows the food to be high quality maintained and the stainless steel coating that lets the heat distribute evenly in comparison to other cooking sets makes this one of the best wedding gifts. For the couple who loves to cook together and enjoy a sumptuous meal with each other this is one of the most unique wedding gift ideas.

Petite Cast Iron Fondue Set :Petite Cast Iron Fondue Set

A cool and chic idea on wedding day gifts for the couples who love to entertain themselves with this uber stylish fondue set. These lovely looking and exquisite cast iron fondue set when presented as wedding gifts will give them a great chance to entertain their guests in a fun manner. They can interact and engage themselves in a wonderful conversation with friends and family over the dinner table. This petite cast iron fondue set that has 6 wooden forks with handles and one cute looking tea candle with a smooth and classy looking enamel finish. This fondue set works just right on the stove top and being made from high quality cast iron, this fondue set doesn’t require any seasoning at all.

Scratchable Travel Map Set :Scratchable Travel Map Set

For a couple who loves to travel and are officially declared to be globetrotters by their friends and family, these scratchable travel map sets are simply superb and unique wedding gift ideas. Coming with a cute looking gold foil coin to scratch on a particular location on the world map, this detailed and best wedding gifts with a modern design are sure to impress them. These lovely wedding gifts also come with a set of pushing pins to indicate the countries that they have already traveled. This poster format of the world map can also be placed as a lovely wall hanging for their guests to have an enjoyable view of their travels.

Love Tokens – Set Of 10 :Love Tokens Set Of 10

These unique wedding gift ideas coming in the form of 10 exclusive love tokens to show affection for each other are just apt for the newlywed couples. The new sweethearts can enjoy having a great time in the company of each other wit this set of little somethings. These tokens of affection are the best way to rekindle a romance and have great moments of love with each other. Be it breakfast in bed, hug token, massage token, or just anything else, these pewter tokens with a design of love is sure to give them their best romantic time together. The new couple will thank you and highly appreciate you for these unique wedding gift ideas filled with romance.

To Have And To Hold Wooden Pallet Art :To Have And To Hold Wooden Pallet Art

Present to the new couple a rustic and wooden art frame that looks beautiful and adds to the beauty of their living space with these gift items for wedding that are lovely. Give a perfect backdrop to their wedding day photographs with this wooden pallet art that has the beautiful love quote ‘To Have And To Hold’ etched beautifully on it. As they grow together in love, they can enjoy watching over their past memories with fondness and can also showcase new memories in a lovely manner. Coming with 6 lovely looking clothespins to hang their photographs, this wooden pallet art can be personalized with their names.

Two Become One Puzzle Set :Two Become One Puzzle Set

Amazing looking puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together are the best and most unique wedding gift ideas for the newlywed couple. These wonderful interlocking wall frames show that the couple is made for each other and are a perfect fit. not just on their wedding day, but for many many years to come, let the couple flaunt that they are the perfect match wit this Two Became One Puzzle set. You can personalize this puzzle set wedding gifts with a beautiful love quote that matches the couple just perfectly. Let the couple show their love for each other with this exquisite wedding gift ideas.

Heart In Hand Sculpture :Heart In Hand Sculpture

With this cute and adorable heart in hand wooden sculpture let the couple be willing to give all their love to each other. Showcasing their unique love the newlyweds will love this as unique wedding gift ideas to protect the heart of one another and protect in always in a delicate manner. Carved in perfect stoneware, this unique sculpture is  as special as their love for each other. The intricate details of this heart in hand sculpture has a distinctive and realistic feel to make their love felt for one another. Let them show off their love and devotion for one another with this adorable looking heart that is held in a hand delicately and fondly.

Cocktail Infusion Master Kit :Cocktail Infusion Master Kit

For the couple who enjoys their favorite mixes of infused beverages, this cocktail infusion master kit is one of the most useful and unique wedding gift ideas. This 10 piece kit is a must have for the cocktail party loving couples. It has just about everything that is required to flavor up their spirits in a unique manner. These wedding gifts also come with an instruction book and a cocktail recipe booklet from which they can try new drinks every now and then or when they have a friends get together at home. They are sure to become the new neighborhood favorites in no time at all. This stainless steel kit comes with 7 packets of infusion blends like floral, mint, chilli, smoky, citrus, chocolate, and cinnamon. Let them enjoy their drinks to a whole new level now with this cocktail infusion master kit.