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Give Unique Gifts for Employees – Show Your Gratitude Towards Them for Working so Hard!

The staff of an organization is said to be its backbone. Your staff works hard around the clock for the betterment of your firm. Express your care and gratitude towards them with the most unique gifts for employees that they will love to have. Today we bring to you some really thoughtful employee gift ideas that reflect your appreciation towards your staff members and lets them know that they are important to the firm. You can never go wrong with a gift that is both, practical and unique. Doing something as humble as presenting unique gifts for employees gets them turning into some great friends that created a good and amicable vibe in the workplace.  


“When employees are happy, they are your very best ambassadors!” ~ James Sinegal


Unique gifts for employees

Don’t let their hard work go unnoticed. We have stacked up for you some unique gift ideas for office staff that they would be more than happy to use. Why should it be all work and no play? Accessorize their desks and make their workplace fun and a place to rejoice with these creative and unique gifts for employees. Let your inspiration out to find the best office gifts for employees and shop through our gift guide to find a variety of thoughtful options!

Make your employees feel good and rejoice their participation in the growth of your firm with these unique gifts for employees. Give your mates these employee gift ideas and make them pleased to be working for you. Whatever might be your budget or the scale of your industry, our gift ides for office staff are sure to be loved. One can never go wrong with a gift that is practical, creative, and unique.

Unique Gifts For Employees – Appreciate The People Who Work So Hard For You!

1. Writeable Timepieces – Memo Clock Writeable Timepieces

Help your staff keep track of their daily tasks with these unique gifts for employees. This memo clock doubles up to be a whiteboard so that you can jot down all your important tasks at hand. These office gifts for employees come with an erasable pen to help you edit your list as per the change in plan. Minimalist and beautiful, these gifts for office staff would instantly enhance the look of the workstations.

2. Crumple Ball Notepad – Make Throwing Paper A Sport

Crumple Ball Notepad

These corporate gifts for employees of a crumpled ball notepad is ideal for the thought of ‘Work-Less Play-More’. This notepad contains pages are made with colors and patterns of sports equipment that look almost real when balled up. These make workplace frustration turn into a fun sports activity.

3. Attachable Desk Organizers – Helps Remove Clutter From The Desk Attachable Desk Organizers

Create instant space on the desk of your employees and make them clutter free with these attachable desk organizers. These corporate gifts for employees, allows you to hold stationery, smartphones, and other little items in a secure location within your arms reach.

4. Tie Clips – Fun And Functional Tie Clips

Let your staff be office appropriate while they express creativity and their personality with this perfect accessory as unique gifts for employees. Elevate their look with this gold tie clip that has the perfect balance between stiffness and a casual vibe. For all your men employees, let them play between being casual and dressy with these employee gift ideas.

5. Eco Chalkboard Mugs – Travel Mugs That Are Defiant Eco Chalkboard Mugs

If you are one of those people who takes prides in Eco-friendliness, then these Eco-Chalkboard mugs are just the perfect gifts for office staff that you can give your employees. They can use this mug to write anything that they heart stays without having to say a word. Use this ceramic chalkboard mug that has the capacity to hold both hot and cold liquids and help go green!

6. Magical Arcade Mugs – Watch The Pac-Man Characters Appear Magically Magical Arcade Mugs

This Pac-man mug that changes its appearance with heat makes sipping tea even more fun. Just watch the magical Pac-man characters appear as you pour in your hot drink, in the direction of the game. Let your staff get the feel of playing a video game with these unique gifts for employees. This playful decor as gift ideas for office staff lets them stay productive and have fun too!

7. Illusionary Paper Weight -Set Their Minds To A Tail-Spin

Illusionary Paper Weight

Show off your creative skills to your employees with these unique gifts for employees in the form of this illusionary paper-weight. Let your staff enjoy the spellbinding effect of a captivating ripple illusion that makes their desk look even more quirky. These corporate gifts for employees are perfect for your staff to fidget with when they have their minds blocked!

8. Stationery Tower – A One Of A Kind Stationery Holder Stationery Tower


These unique gifts for employees come with 3 levels to store all your clutter, leaving it sparkling. It works wonders for making organized classier and helps your staff concentrate more at their work. Coming in different vibrant colors, these gift ideas for office staff is just perfect to keep their spirits uplifted at work.

9. Beveled Glass Plates – A Personal Name Plate Beveled Glass Plates

Make your staff feel accomplished and set high regards for themselves with this personalised glass name plate. Have these office gifts for employees custom-etched with their full names and designations and your company logo. Give them a sense of being a crucial part of the firm. Make them happy!

10. Desk Buddies – Hold Cards, Photos, Memories Desk Buddies

Give these desk buddies as unique gifts for employees where they can display the love of their friends and family in the form of pictures and postcards. These employee gift ideas are insanely cute and come in attractive colors to add that extra pop to all the workstations of your office employees.

11. Notepaper Roller – A Contemporary Memo Pad Notepaper Roller

Let your staff put to use these corporate gifts for employees that dispense note paper for them to write down and take a note of any important stuff. This paper roll is replaceable and handy making it to be a stylish accessory for the employees desks. These unique gifts for employees can also be hanged on the wall and can be put to good use for a daily checklist or things to do list on just the right size of paper.

12. Be… Inspirational Paperweight – Be Your Best Self Be Your Best Self

These motivational paperweights are just the right motivational tool for your employees to keep themselves inspired. Place them on the desks of your staff members and let them have a thought-provoking constant reminder to be the best version of themselves every single day. This inspirational paperweight comes with a series of cards that have a motivational word written on them. These qualities are just apt to remind your staff of their strengths and the areas that they need to work on.

13. Personalized Laptop Messenger BagsPersonalized Laptop Messenger Bags

These cool and stylish messenger bags are one of the best choices of unique gifts for employees. This double duty bag is a truly practical employee gift that will give the ease to your workers to carry around their laptop with ease. It is a great quality and trait of a boss to be a strategic motivator. Provide your employees with a good strategy to carry their pending work home with this cool and stylish personalized laptop messenger bag as corporate gift ideas for employees.

14. Sterling Silver Money ClipSterling Silver Money Clip

Make your employees feel important and cherished with a lovely sterling silver money clip as best gifts for employees. Let them take out their money clip with pride and let them feel like a boss themselves with this unique employee appreciation gift ideas. Even though you are their boss and you present them with a gift that makes them feel like one themselves, they will not have anything more important than that. Impress your office employees with these thoughtful office gifts for employees and make sure they have enough money to put in it.

15. Personalized Drum Stick PensPersonalized Drum Stick Pens

Made beautifully to look like real drumsticks, these personalized drumstick pens are truly one ideal choice of unique gifts for employees. Let your employees march to the beat of their own drum with these lovely and rhythmic looking pens. These striking ball pens are the best gift ideas for staff to be charmed by your choice. Maintain the right balance of productivity in your office space with these cute looking drumstick pens that are one unique set of gift ideas for office staff.

16. Desk Bucket OrganizersDesk Bucket Organizers

Help your employees manage the clutter on their desks with these cool and colorful corporate gifts for employees. Let them have all their on the job needful stuff easily accessible to them with these cute looking desk bucket organizers. This multi-utility product comes with a unique design to get your employees to arrange their stationery in a neat and clutter-free manner. These creative and small gifts for employees in the form of this creative bucket is just apt to hold all their stationery and other useful essentials like keys, etc.. This desk bucket organizer comes with a transparent stand that it gives the bucket a floating in the air kind of a look.

17. Typography Motivational Print PhotoTypography Motivational Print Photo

A lovely typography photo print with a lovely motivational quote on productivity or teamwork is the perfect choice of unique gifts for employees to not let go of their inspiration at work. Bind all your staff members with one quote that makes them aim at nothing else, but the goodwill of your organization with these thoughtful and motivational gifts for office staff. These lovely print photos will add a little meaning to their office space complementing their business skills just perfectly.

18. Monogram Leather Business Card HoldersMonogram Leather Business Card Holders

A genuine and stylish looking monogram leather business holder is a beautiful thought for office gifts for employees. This excellent gift ideas for staff made of high quality genuine leather comes customized with foiled initials of each employee. This lovely business card holder has the capacity of holding up to 25 business cards or 8 credit/debit cards at a time and also features an advanced Radio Frequency Blocking Technology that prevents personal information from being stolen. It is built to be highly durable, but is smooth and sophisticated in feel and appearance. Compact and lightweight, this card holder is perfect for both men and women to be presented as corporate gift ideas for employees.

19. Keyring Charging Cable Keyring Charging Cable

There is truly no life in anybody these days when their phone is running out of battery. If you have your employees always running around the place in search of a suitable charging cable, then this unique gifts for employees are just the ones that you have always been looking for. This keyring charging cable is the world’s most compact charger that is very cleverly clung onto a keyring with two considerably strong magnets. This small and sturdy unique gifts for employees with high quality components is something that they will love to have. available for both iPhones and Android phones, this is definitely one of the best gift ideas for employees.

20. Mug WarmerMug Warmer

For all those employees who work so hard and get completely engrossed in their computer screens that turns their drink from hot to cold, this mug warmer is a thoughtful and practical choice of gift ideas for office staff. Prevent their perfectly proportional coffee from turning cold with this cute little mug warmer and never let them have to get up from their desks and become distracted from their work and unique ideas. With this lovely gifts for staff, they can stay where they are and enjoy a cup of hot and steaming tea or coffee even after a long time of being swamped by loads of work to do.

21. Thank You BraceletsThank You Bracelets

These cute looking minimal bracelets can be presented as employee appreciation gift ideas to let them know that their hard work is being recognized and will never ever go unnoticed. Make this as the perfect employee gift ideas for an important occasion, like their birthday or their work anniversary and let them know that you are proud to have them as part of your organization and all that they do is well appreciated. These lovely looking bracelets can also be personalized to suit the style and taste of the recipient. So next time you have an important occasion coming up for any of your staff members, you will never run out of the most appropriate gift for them.

22. Initially Yours Ceramic MugInitially Yours Ceramic Mug

Let your staff members enjoy their steaming hot cuppa in a mug that is made especially for them as unique gifts for employees. Substantially made of high quality stoneware, this personalized initial mug comes in brightly colored hues adds a touch of luxury to any office desk. After all, who would not like to own a monogram mug of their own and enjoy sipping on their favorite beverage when they get some free time off their busy work schedule. Coming with a lovely looking raised bottom, this ceramic mug is microwave and oven safe and can be personalized with the initials and names of your staff members up to 9 characters.

23. Desk VaccumDesk Vaccum

Yes, you read it damn right, something like that exists for real. So, if you are someone who just cannot tolerate a speck of dirt around you, then you can use these desk vaccums as unique gifts for employees and mandate them to keep their work space clean and tidy. This cute looking appliance will anyways compel them to make use of it because of cute and appealing look. this desk vaccum comes with two small attachments so that even there toughest areas of your work space can be dust free, like behind the monitors, between the keys of your keyboard, etc..

24. Bicycle BookendsBicycle Bookends

This charming set of bookends is one of the lovely gift ideas for office staff that they will love and appreciate. Coming in the form of a bicycle, let your employees get themselves inspired to read more books to increase their knowledge sphere and become worthy of much more. With these unique gifts for employees let them know that you care for their betterment as well. These cute looking steel bookends will make them want to grab a book for themselves immediately and put these small gifts for employees to good use.

25. Team Work Lapel PinTeam Work Lapel Pin

This solid, hand-cast 3D sculpture when presented to your employees as employee appreciation gift ideas, is something that they will love to have. You might never know, this team work lapel pin will turn out to be their most priced possession that shows the love for their organization. The attention to detail that is gone into making this unique design team work lapel pin is something that makes this one of the most thoughtful corporate gift ideas for employees. They will not be able to thank you enough for this wonderful token of appreciation.

26. Cool Password Reminder BooksCool-Password-Reminder-Books

Never let your employees go blank on another password that is necessarily important. Present to them these unique gifts for employees and see to it that they never waste any time feeling stumped at the password option of a website. If they have too many passwords to keep track of all your professional websites, then these password reminder notebooks will provide them with just the right amount of help. Though this book is compact and small in size, it is beautifully designed in brightly colored hues in an alphabetic fashion specifically to keep a track of important passwords. Present your staff with these employee gift ideas and let them have all their passwords in one spot.

27. Foldable Travel BagFoldable-Travel-Bag

Resolve all of your employee travel issues in just a single go with this unique gifts for employees. Made with stylish looking polyester these cool ideas of corporate gifts for employees will transform themselves into a light-weight travel bag to store all of their essential travel needs properly. It can also be attached comfortably to the trolley that makes it easier to carry during trips. It is featured with high utility and stylish looks. When not in any use, one can store this travel bag by converting into a tiny foldable object that saves your employees a lot of storage space. These creative gift ideas for employees are simply perfect to your staff members to make them feel valued and cared for.

28. Camera Wooden StationCamera-Wooden-Station

Always find your employees running around helter-skelter for a sensible and working pen? This perfect office gifts for employees will help them arrange all of their stationery perfectly organized so that during the time of need, they exactly know where to look. Be it any stationery essential item, give them their own home so that at any point of time you do not need to panic in need of the perfect stationery items. This lovely office gifts for employees come in the shape of a funky camera that looks like a cool and quirky accessory for their work space. This camera wooden station comes in two variant, having a single compartment and two compartments. Made of high quality wood, these small gifts for employees with a quirky design come with a smooth surface finish.

Here are some of our best and unique gifts for employees that help you create a motivational ambiance at work and bond better with your staff members. Go that extra mile in getting to know them better on a personal level and foster your professional relationship with fervor and joy. Our list of employee gift ideas make it easy for you as a boss to shop for all kinds of personalities at work including all levels of employment without letting the feeling of being biased coming in the way. Encourage team work and enhance their productivity with our list of some brilliant employee appreciation gift ideas and make them delightfully happy. Show them that they are recognized for all the swet and blood that they give in to make a good name for your organization.