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Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Coworkers to Enjoy a Bright and Merry Christmas!

There is so much time that we tend to spend with our coworkers on a day to day basis. With the holiday season around the corner, it would be really thoughtful of us to acknowledge their presence in our lives as we come up with some unique and thoughtful Secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers.

Coworkers are somewhere in between acquaintances and friends, you spend a lot of time with them. You know them considerably enough, but not so well that you can identify all of their likes and dislikes. Finding secret santa gift ideas for friends at work that are thoughtful and affordable can become a little tricky. It really depends on whose name you are going to draw out from that bag. If you pick up a name of a coworker, great! But if you pick up the name of someone who you just acknowledge but hardly talk to, then it could become a tedious task to find good secret santa gifts for them.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Don’t stress out. Here we are today, with some amazing secret santa gift ideas for coworkers that will be a hit at your office, no matter whose name you pick from the bag. Get your coworkers the best secret santa gifts, few of which can even be personalized. Be a really good santa to your family at work as you pick from a wide range of secret santa gifts for them. After all, your colleagues are sometime to meet 5-6 days of the week for almost 8-9 hours, in a day. They definitely deserve a little something at least once in the year.

Our list of best secret santa gifts this year are bound to make the holiday season for your coworkers to be merry and bright. We have rounded up for you the best office gifts for Christmas that you can present to your colleagues and be a thoughtful secret santa to. Thank them for making your Monday to Friday lives a little entertaining and friendly.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Coworkers To Spread The Holiday Cheer!

Tea Drops –Tea Drops

Give your colleagues a chance to enjoy some hot and fresh tea right on the go with these thoughtful secret santa gifts. These dissolvable and pressed tea drops that are made from natural ingredients to make lovely and thoughtful secret santa gift ideas for coworkers. Present your friends at work with these tiny morsels that they can enjoy making themselves a hot and piping beverage to sip on through a busy day.

Custom Leather Keychain –Custom Leather Keychain

If you have a coworker who always whines about misplacing her keys, then these custom made leather keychains are one of the best secret santa gifts for her. Designed to fit just about every need and coming with a stylish look, this personalized keychain with the recipient’s name engraved on it will make sure that your friends never misplace their again. Present these personalized leather keychains to your friends at work and let them keep their keys safe.

Fruit Infusers Water Bottles –Fruit Infusers Water Bottles

We often notice that we tend to forget drinking some water when we are highly engrossed in our work. This might be the case with your colleagues as well. Be a thoughtful little Santa and present these fruit infuser water bottles as secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers and help them stay hydrated in a healthy manner. They can enjoy the fruity flavor of their water with these handy secret Santa gifts. All they need to do is fill the tube of the water bottle with their favorite fruit and enjoy their fresh and flavored infused water all through the day.

Mug Warmers –mug warmer

Another common situation at work is when we intend to sip onto our hot cuppa but we get so involved in the task at hand at our tea/coffee turns as cold as ever without we get a chance to really enjoy it. For all such people out there, these mug warmers are the best secret Santa gifts this year. Perfect for both coffee and tea fanatics, these mug warmers are sure to keep their beverage warm enough to enjoy the perfect sip, no matter how long it takes.

A Hand Lotion Trio Set –A Hand Lotion Trio Set

One of the best choices of secret Santa gifts for girls is a hand lotion trio set that they will be really impressed with. The girls at your workplace will fall in love with your secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers when you present them with this trip of fragrant hand lotions that will keep their hands smooth and supple in their office indoors leaving them with a mild fragrance.

Cedarwood Beard Balm –Cedarwood Beard Balm

If you are on the lookout for some thoughtful and practical secret Santa gifts for guys then you can never go wrong with a beard balm. For all the men at your workplace who think of their beard as a matter of honour, these beard balms will make the best secret Santa gift ideas. Help them maintain their beard in a neat and conditioned manner with this beard balm that also promotes the growth and strength of their beard. Coming with a mild cedarwood scent, this beard balm will leave their beard well hydrated with its moisturising properties.

Holiday Cocoa Gift Pack –Holiday Cocoa Gift Pack

Who would not love to spend the holiday season sitting cozily on their couch and sipping on some hot cocoa with marshmallows? Give this holiday cocoa mix gift pack to your colleagues as secret Santa ideas for friends and let them enjoy an indulgent session and savor the lovely holiday flavor. Coming in different cocoa flavors like dark chocolate, mint, gingerbread, and warm vanilla, these flavored hot cocoa mix packs are going to be a lovely treat for your coworkers who have a sweet tooth.

Dino Desk Organizer –Dino Desk Organizer

Help your forgetful coworker to never miss out on an important schedule with this cute dino desk organizer. These playful and animal themed secret santa gift ideas for friends at work that come featuring a spring-loaded mouth that helds memos in the cutest manner is something that they will instantly love. This dino desk organizer also comes with a good enough space to hold pens a little office stationary. It also has a small notepad that can be easily stowed at the back of the desk organizer in an easy manner.

Bright Desk Planners –Bright Desk Planners

For the over-enthusiastic coworkers who always need a handy look at their planner every now and then, these bright desk planners are something that they will love as secret Santa gifts. Get it customized with some cool and quirky design like a superhero theme or something if you are presenting them as secret Santa gifts for guys, or with some cute floral background if you are presenting them as secret Santa gifts for girls. Either way, it’ll be loved by one and all for its lovely look and the thoughtfulness it brings.

Personalized Glass Globe Paperweight –Personalized Glass Globe Paperweight

A stylishly personalized paperweight is sure to make a wonderful gift as secret Santa gifts for men. Help them create a sophisticated atmosphere at work for themselves with these amazingly wonderful glass globe paperweights that come with their names etched on them in a classic manner. They will be grateful enough to you for helping in keeping their pesky paperwork in place with these thoughtful and practical secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers.

Tiled Monogram Mugs –Tiled Monogram Mugs

One of the most traditional and popular gift ideas when it comes to giving something personalized as secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers is a monogram mug. Bring about a thoughtful edge to your mug design by personalizing it in an exclusive manner for your colleague at work. A monogram mug with an intricate design of tiles is something that will definitely make your secret Santa gifts stand out from the rest. The recipient of your gift will enjoy sipping their favorite beverage in it for a long long time.

Christmas Message Chocolates –Christmas Message Chocolates

Christmas is always incomplete with a handful of delicious mouth-watering chocolates. If you have a friend at work who is a die-hard chocolate fanatic then there could be no better secret Santa gift ideas for them other than this box of Christmas message chocolates. This box of personalized chocolates that come with some best wishes for the holiday season is something that your chocoholic friend and colleague will love to receive as secret Santa gifts. This brilliant looking box of personalized chocolates can be made complete with a cute looking Christmas greeting to wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Personalized Mini Terrarium Cactus Keychains –Personalized Mini Terrarium Cactus Keychains

A real plant for those coworkers who love a little greenery in their life in the form of these personalized terrarium cactus keychains will be a wonderful thought. Present these keychains personalized with a Christmas wish and their name as secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers and make them happy. All of your plant lover coworkers will love this brilliant idea of personalized cactus keychains as secret Santa ideas for friends. Every time they look at these cacti keychains they will fondly remember you with a smile on their faces.

Personalized ‘Great Beard’ Man Mug –PersonalizedGreat BeardMan Mug

These super cool looking ‘Great Beard’ man mugs are the ideal secret Santa gifts for men who love to flaunt their beard. This unique personalized mug that comes with the quote “With great beard comes great responsibility” makes it an ideal choice for the bearded gentlemen, just like Santa. Present this wonderful ceramic mug as secret Santa gifts for guys and let them know that their beard looks really smart and suits their personality well.

Luxe Finish Leather Card Holders –Luxe Finish Leather Card Holders

A eco-friendly leather card holder with a gorgeous feel and a monogram initial of the recipient is what makes this to be one amazing idea of secret Santa gifts for men. Help them keeping their travelling tickets and other business related cards in a safe manner with these recycled leather card holders that are personalized exclusively for them. This handy secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers is surely going to make you one of the best gift givers of this holiday season.

Task Clips –Task Clips

Cute looking office essentials coming in the form of these labelled task clips make for some really thoughtful secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers. Coming in a variety of brightly colored hues and each having a handy label like ‘Ideas’, ‘To File’, ‘Pending’, etc., these are one of the best secret Santa gifts that will be loved by everyone at work. The recipient of these secret Santa gift ideas come in 3 different sizes and are a brilliant way of keeping the paperwork clutter at bay, thereby leading to a very organized and clutter-free desk.

Wonder Woman Travel Mug –Wonder Woman Travel Mug

For all those ladies who handle juggle between their professional lives and private lives just brilliantly, these Wonder Woman travel mugs are just apt. Present these Wonder Woman travel mugs to them as secret Santa gifts for her and express to her that she is doing an incredible job by handling all her responsibilities quite wonderfully. Make her feel proud of herself with these thoughtful ideas on secret Santa gifts that will make her feel joyfully overwhelmed to know that she is doing a great job. Make her feel like the hero of her life as she soars her way to her next destination.

Monogram Passport Holder and Luggage Tags –Monogram Passport Holder and Luggage Tags

For the colleagues who are frequent travellers in an out of the country for work, these passport holders and luggage tags that are having their initials monogram on them is one of the perfect secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers. These lovely looking secret santa gifts can be given to both guys and girls and they will be bound to love these unique gifts. Give them a hassle-free trip to and fro without having to worry where to keep their important travel documents and tickets carefully. Also, they will never have to worry about misplacing their luggage with these wonderful looking monogram luggage tags.

3-Piece Faux Succulent Set –3 Piece Faux Succulent Set

Add a little greenery to the work-space of your coworkers with these cute looking adorable 3-piece faux succulent set as secret Santa gift ideas. They will instantly fall in love with these adorable succulents that add charm to their cubicle. Succulent plants truly are said to make one of the most beautiful gifts. They are a mark of prosperity. So make this Christmas to be really special for your friends at work by presenting them with this 3-piece faux succulent set and wishing them joy and prosperity. Wish your coworkers a glorious year ahead with these 3-piece succulent sets and gain some love and appreciation for being thoughtful enough.

Fancy Personal Desk Nameplate –Fancy Personal Desk Nameplate

Add a personal touch of pride to the workspace of your colleagues with beautiful and fancy looking personal desk nameplate as secret santa gift ideas for coworkers. Enhance the look of their work cubicle to look dignified and sophisticated with these best secret santa gifts that will give them pride in what they do when they see their name right on their desk. Watching their name engraved on this desk name plate will give them a luxurious feeling and their work role title on it will make them feel prominent and important at work. They will highly appreciate your choice of gifts and will be grateful for it from the bottom of their heart.

Executive Holiday Gift Basket –Executive Holiday Gift Basket

If you are lucky enough to have picked up the name of someone you know really well from the secret Santa hat, then these executive holiday gift baskets are something that will work well in your favour. These customized gift baskets with sweet and savory treats depending on the taste and preference of the recipient will be loved as secret Santa gifts at work. If the recipient has helped you with recently with some project at work then this is the perfect manner to thank them. Present your colleagues with this unforgettable collection of gourmet food items that the recipient can happily indulge in during the holiday season. Personalize this incredible gift basket and make your colleagues feel loved and appreciated for who they are.

Personalized Watch and Phone Stand With Business Card Holder –Personalized Watch and Phone Stand With Business Card Holder

A personalized watch and phone stand having the name of the recipient fancifully engraved on it with a stylish leather detailing wil; be something that the guys will love as Christmas gifts. Perfect for the dapper dudes at your organization, these secret Santa gifts for guys are just the best choice. With an exclusive addition of business card holders, these gifts are well thought of and highly preferred gift ideas for men at work who like their workspace to be clutter free and prim and proper always. Individualize their secret Santa gifts, just like their style and personality and make them feel special and thoughtful this holiday season.

Be Happy Spa Pamper Kit For The Ladies! –Be Happy Spa Pamper Kit For The Ladies

Treat your lovely ladies at work with these Be Happy Spa Pamper kits as one of the best secret Santa gifts for her. Make them feel special with this luxurious and fragrant spa set that has some of the best fragrances that they will fall in love with. Let them enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday time with this complete box of a spa day which of course is a treat in itself. Make a customized spa treat box with a scented candle, bath bombs, bath bars, lip balm, and a body mist that will leave them feeling fresh and fragrant with some smooth and supple skin. Present all of these little things in a lovely looking personalized keepsake box and let them enjoy their secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers absolutely thoroughly!

Enjoy the gifting season with these lovely and most thoughtful secret Santa gifts for coworkers and let them know that you care for them. Treat your family at work with some incredible gifts and make their holidays special. Show them that they are special with some of the most unique secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers.