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50 Romantic Gifts for Men to Please and Make them Happy

How boring it is to work on a monotonous schedule day in and day out, Isn’t it?Bring back the freshness and go back in time to the two of you started your journey of love. A healthy relationship requires a lot of hard work and commitment for sustenance.So we’ve rounded up for you a series of romantic gifts for men. Be it your boyfriend or husband, don’t let the essence of your relationship vanish. After all, men need a little love and romance in their lives as well. These lovely and unusual gifts for men will surely add a little extra passion to your relationship and make it a little fun and quirky as well. Romantic gifts for men

Whether it is your ultimate crush, your long distance darling boyfriend, or your adorable husband, our romantic gifts for men will add just the right amount of spice to your relationship. Keep the romance in your relationship alive with our brilliant list of gift ideas for men and give him a surprise treat to something that he will never forget.

Get ready to shop, Ladies!! Treat your romantic partners with a one-of-a-kind gift that they will love you for!

One of a kind categories to choose Romantic Gifts for Men:

Personalised Gift Ideas For Him

Mug/ Mug Set –Mug


A budget friendly but one of the best gift ideas for men, especially when you’ll bond over your morning coffee. Let him enjoy sipping to glory his morning cup of happiness presented with love by you. These are one of the most classic and romantic gifts for men, especially for those who are in a long distance relationship. You know that your man will definitely remember you as he sips through his favorite beverage.

Photo Frames –Photo Frames


A picture says it all, right? Gather together all your pictures and make a huge collage. Or, create special gifts for him, something like wall art by just scattering random photographs of your love through the years. Present these romantic gift ideas for men and remind him of all the lovely moments of togetherness that the two of your enjoyed spending in the company of one another.

Polaroid Images with Memorable Dates –

Polaroid Images with Memorable Dates


Remember the day you first met, your first official date night, your first kiss, your first vacation together?? And with photographs being an integral part of our daily lives there is no doubt that you might be having pictures of almost all these occasions. If not, then start doing so and create memories that last a lifetime with these unique romantic gifts for men. Give the love of your life little doses of love and romance with these pocket-sized memories of love that will take him down memory lane with a lovely smile on his face.

Personalised Rear View Mirror Accessories –

Personalised Rear View Mirror Accessories

One of the most creative and cool gifts for guys; a hanging initial, a monogram, a mirror charm or his favourite superhero character. These can make amazing gifts for brothers. Present these personalized rear view mirror accessories to your guy and let them have your presence felt even when they are on the go. Remind him of your sweet love while he is driving his way to work or is on his way back.

Lit up Mason Jar –

Lit up Mason Jar


Have love quote that describes your love story?? Pen it down, roll it and put in a mason jar, get some lovely photographs on it and light it in a stunning manner. There you go..! Your personalised DIY Mason Jar is ready to light up any dull moment in your life! Instill the sparks of love and romance in your relationship with these cute and unusual gifts for men that come in the form of these lovely lit up mason jars.

DIY Scrapbook –

DIY Scrapbook


Don’t you feel incredible to relieve your love story? Create moments of love again by sitting down together with your husband and scrapbook all the important milestones of your life with this unique gift to treasure. He will be surely amazed with your idea of handmade gifts for men. Make him this adorable scrapbook that contains some of the most beautiful memories of your relationship and present it to your man as handmade gifts for men. Your efforts will be highly appreciated by him and he will fall in love with you even more with this treasured keepsake as romantic gifts for men.

Personalised Jewelry –

Personalised Jewelry


Jewelry is not just for women these days. Men too can up their fashion game with stylish jewelry. Personalised cufflinks, plated leather wristbands, name necklaces are a few jewelry gift ideas for him that he will always carry close to his heart. So use these fashionable gifts for husband to form an unbreakable bond with him. Let him enjoy wearing his love on his wrist in the form of these cool gifts for guys. A charming piece of jewelry to remind him of your charming and caring love for him.

Handwritten Poem Book –

Handwritten Poem Book


Express your love and creativity by penning down a thoughtful poem book for him. A beautifully written poem can really make a long-lasting impression on his mind. As they say that ‘Love makes everyone a poet’. Use your poetic skills to the best of your abilities and present him this adorable poem book as a token of your everlasting love. 

Personalised Beer Crate and Glasses –

Personalised Beer Crate and Glasses


Bring in any special occasion by saying cheers and filling in his favorite bottles in a personalised beer crate. Select a message or a quote to be engraved on it which would add on to your celebration. These are the perfect choice of romantic gifts for men on a special day. Enjoy a hearty celebration of your day of love with these personalized beer glasses that will add to the happiness of the occasion.

Touch Lamps –

Touch Lamps


Light up the life of your long distance love with this unique gift idea for him. When you touch your lamp, the light of your partner’s lamp also brightens up. This is a remarkable way of expressing love despite the distance. Give him a touch of love with this great and unique gifts for men. Make him realize that near or far you will always be close to his heart and that your love for him is way beyond the measures of time and distance.

Twinning Outfits and Date Night –

Twinning Outfits and Date Night

Grab yourself coordinated his and her outfits and go out for a fun night. Sometimes just letting yourself loose and having a good time with your partner does the trick..! Get dressed to your stylish best with your romantic partner and enjoy a sumptuous meal and a hearty chat. Sometimes that is all you need to do, enjoy a lovey conversation with the love of your life under the starlit sky while the two of you just gaze into each other’s eyes.

Royalty Gift Ideas for Him

If budget is the last thing to cross your mind when it comes to unique gift ideas for your husband/boyfriend then you could choose a royalty product to show how important he is to you. Romantic gifts for men, the king of your life.

Apple Watch –

Apple Watch


An excellent choice of gift for true apple fan..! Treat him like a true royalty with this ultimate choice of luxury gift ideas for men. Watch the look of amazement on his face to receive this brilliant gift from you.

Pet Gifts-

Pet Gifts

For a passionate animal lover you could gift him a pet; maybe a furry dog or an aquarium. Give him a cute companion whose company he will enjoy with these adorable gifts for him. He will love you even more for this new friend in his life. 

Vacation Gifts-

Pack your bags and take him out for a weekend getaway. Spend some quality time together away from the hustle-bustle of the city. Take some time out for your selves and purely enjoy the blissful company of one another. Give him the gift of time, for there can be no better romantic gifts for men.

Biker Gifts –

Biker Gifts

If he is a biker boy, a cool gift idea to give your partner would be his dream bike. Let him enjoy a fun ride on his amazing new bike as the wind blows through his hair and he gets the feeling of a true biker. These romantic gifts for men will surely stun him with joy and make him feel like one lucky man to have you in his life.

Name a Star Gift –

Name a Star Gift


The most unique gift ideas for him is to name a star for him. Let him know that he is the one person who makes your life brighter with his presence like a true star. Thee romantic gifts for men are truly unique and one-of-a-kind, something that he would never expect.

Unconventional but Unique Gift Ideas For Him

Hire a flash mob team to surprise him –Hire a flash mob team to surprise him

Capture this once in a lifetime moment, hire a flash mob team to perform for him and make him feel special. Hire an entire team of people to make him extraordinarily special. Let them perform to his favorite numbers as romantic gifts for men.

Propose to him –Propose to him

Sounds different right! Forget the traditional ways of a man proposing and asking you out for marriage. It is the age of equality. or him to do so. Get him a ring; Say ‘I Love You’ and ask him, ‘Will you marry me’. He will have no choice but to say ‘Yes’! Go down on your knees ladies, change the old conventional manner. Turn the tables, ask him out!

Recreate a Moment –Recreate a Moment

This unique gift idea for him would leave him mesmerised! Every couple has a moment of love that they will remember for a lifetime. Putting efforts to recreate that moment shows how much your relationship means to you. Recreate that one special day as romantic gifts for men to enjoy rewinding and reliving the beautiful memories of your best time together. 


Bath and Body Gifts –

Bath and Body Gifts


 Make your man look drop-dead handsome all the time with these cool gifts for guys that come under the grooming section. Explore from a whole lot of options and choose the brand with the best selling gift for him. Grooming kit essentials could be – a shower gel, hair styling product, trimmer, bathing bar, exfoliating scrub, deodorant, face wash and a hydrating moisturiser.

Fragrance Gifts –

Fragrance Gifts


Pick an assorted collection of miniature scent bottles. This is one of the best gifts for men as they always like to wear a perfume that sets them apart from the rest and stand out. Let him know that it is his smells that makes him highly attractive and leaves your senses captivated in his love with these unique gift ideas for men. Give them a fragrance set as romantic gifts for men and create a romantic moment.

Beard Maintenance Gift Sets –

Beard Maintenance Gift Sets


Unleash his true masculine side and gift him a ‘complete beard gift kit’. Like women love their hair, men love their beard. Find him a premium quality beard maintenance set and help him maintain his beard neat and kissworthy always!

Fashion Gifts for Him

Apparel –



Is your better half a runway fashion freak? Select the favorite brand for the favorite man in your life. This fashionable romantic gifts for men could be fun to pick and upscale his wardrobe. Upgrade his wardrobe with the most fashionable and trendy apparel of the season and earn some brownie points. Let him look at his smartest best as the two of your enjoy a romantic date together.

Accessories –



Guys in today’s times are all fashion – forward and have a classy sense of dressing and accessorising themselves. Level up his fashion game with a cool set of accessories like a leather belt, a tie and cuff-link set, or anything else of his choice. These presents for men are sure to give them all the attention that they require. 

Trendy Watches –

Trendy Watches


Invest some money in picking him up a trendy watch that suits his personality. This could make a great choice related to best romantic gifts for men. A trendy watch that compliments his personality is one the best gift ideas for men.

Belts & Wallets –

Belts & Wallets


Enhance their accessory game by gifting them a belt and wallet combo gift set. This could also be personalised making it a choice of unique gifts for men.

Cufflinks & Tie Set –

Cufflinks & Tie Set


This dapper duo set will add a little extra style to his personality. Let him make his best impression at work. This set is a unique gift idea for him to complete his look.

Footwear –



Footwear as romantic gifts for men is where comfort meets style. Get him a trendy pair of shoes; be it formal pair with fine leather detailing or a pair of running shoes for the sports freak in him.

Sunglasses –



It’s almost every guy’s dream since his adolescence to own a pair of Rayban Aviator Sunglasses. Surprise him with these cool gifts for guys idea and let him go out and about in style.

Fitness Gifts For Him

Activewear Gift –

Activewear Gift


Get him on his toes, let him go workout in his new activewear gift set you gave him. Help him be healthy and fit. Give him a highly satisfactory workout session with these gift ideas for him that will give him a great deal of confidence after his workout session.

FitBit & Fitness Trackers –

FitBit & Fitness Trackers


Your guy loves outdoor running. Increase his fitness tracking by this cool gift idea and give him a fitbit that tracks for him his heart rate, number of steps and much more.

Gyming Equipment –

Gyming Equipment


For the exercise pro in him and if he loves his in-house gymming sessions. Give him this unique and romantic gifts for men of Gyming equipment like upgrading his gym bag, a pair of adjustable  dumbbells or a treadmill, or a punching bag with a set of gloves.

Sports Gift Ideas For Men

For the Golfer Guy –

For the Golfer Guy


Upsurge his passion for golf sport and surprise him with this unique and romantic gifts for men idea. Gift him a mini golf set or a portable golf set.

Jersey Gifts –

Jersey Gifts


Be his cool girl; gift him a jersey of his favorite sports team –  A football fanatic, a basketball fan or a cricket lover. Share his passion for the game with these romantic gifts for men.

Personalised Wooden Tennis Rackets –

Personalised Wooden Tennis Rackets


Express your creativity and personalise this great sports equipment for your love. Drive him crazy with this unexpected gift idea for him.

Gaming & Technology Gift Ideas for Men

Gaming Gifts –

Gaming Gifts


Hike the gamer in him and surprise him with a cool gift idea of a hi-tech game like the latest Nintendo, PlayStation or an XBox series. bring out the gamer in him with these cool gifts for guys.

Gifts for Drone enthusiasts –

Gifts for Drone enthusiasts


This season rack your brains and get this cool gift idea for him. Let him make his way through buzzing in the sky. Let him enjoy a fun session with this drone set that will leave him awestruck with joy.

Wireless headphones –

Wireless headphones


Amplify the effect of music to his ears. Get him a classy yet comfortable romantic gifts for men that lifts his spirits high and works even better if he is the man of technology.

Digital/Polaroid Camera –

Digital Camera


Who is the person behind you perfectly timed and beautiful photographs? No doubt, the Picture Credits go to your man..! Make it a win-win situation and gift him something inspirational as romantic gifts for men that urges him to click lovely pictures of the two of you.

Gift Ideas for Him at Work

Office Desk Organizer –

Office Desk Organizer


It’s a lovely feeling to be in someone’s thoughts. Remind your partner of your presence with this unique gift idea. Gift him a personalised desk organizer with a lovely picture of the two of you as romantic gifts for men.

Personalised Office Desk Name Plate –

Personalised Office Desk Name Plate


Make a dull morning lively; for it is a feeling of pride to see your name written in bold. Use this gift idea for your husband and make him a nameplate for his office desk.

Pen Set – A stylish and well-

Pen Set


crafted pen for his work table is an incredible and unique gift idea for him.

Traveller Gift Ideas for Him

Stylish Backpacks –

Stylish Backpacks


Jet set go! A cool gift idea for your travel and adventure loving better half; a fashionable, designer quality, water-resistant choice of a backpack to fit in all his travel essentials.

Travel Journal –

Travel Journal

The best choice of gift for a creative traveller as romantic gifts for men. A place where he could preserve all his travel experiences and bring back memories in time.

Personalised Passport Holders –

Personalised Passport Holders


Make travelling stress free with this cool gift idea for him so that he doesn’t have to worry much about his passport and important documents.

Music Lover Romantic Gifts for Him

Karaoke Set –

Karaoke Set


Your man is a terrific singer..!! Never goes offbeat! What best could complement his singing talent better than a Karaoke gift set? This unique gift idea is sure to boost his skill and get him composing more love songs to you.!

Musical Instruments –

Musical Instruments


A guitarist; a drummer, or loves to play you the piano., there is no better way to express love apart from music. Create a moment of spark while you watch him play his favourite musical instrument as romantic gifts for men.

Collection of CD’s of his favorite music artist –

Collection of CD s of his favorite music artist


Make a list of his all-time-favorite artist and compile them into a box of CDs. Intensify his love for music with this exceptional gift.

Intimate Gifts Ideas for Men

Seal the deal with a kiss; the ultimate romantic gift you could give your man.  Sparkle up your intimacy with romantic gifts for men.

Five Senses Gift –Five Senses Gift

A sensuous gifting idea for your man. Give him the gift of five senses – See, Hear, Touch, Smell, Taste; Create a fun moment.

Play the Sexy Truth or Dare Game –Play the Sexy Truth or Dare Game

Have fun while you’re doing it. It takes the intimacy level between the two of you to a whole new high. Enjoy some intimate time with him as you play this sexy little game.

Spa Night –Spa Night

Gift him a men’s spa set and pamper him with a luxurious DIY spa as romantic gifts for men.

Strip Tease Kit –Strip Tease Kit

A cheeky and steamy idea of romantic gifts for men. Tease your partner and have a fun night through!