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Plan a Graduation Party that is all About Enjoying Life’s Biggest Milestone!

End of a school year means it is time for a new class of graduates to receive their degrees with pride and walk across the stage throwing their graduation caps into the air. Celebrate the success of your son or daughter by throwing them a graduation party.graduation party ideas

Bring in your graduate and enjoy an amazing graduation party with creative graduation party themes that add up to be an unforgettable event. Congratulate your class of 2018 graduates with these graduation party ideas that you will love. Make it more than just a ceremonial walk on the stage.

Ask your ‘Grad-to-be’ how he/she would want to celebrate this milestone. Do they want a huge bash? A small gathering of family and close friends? Childhood friends and fellow classmates? far-flung cousins and close neighborhood people.

Plan A Graduation Party That Is Nothing But Fun!

First Things First – Graduation Party Invitations And Announcements!

Graduation party invitations are few of the most important and foremost things to do because they set the tone for your party. You can use an incredible amount of artwork and unique creative skills to come up with some gorgeous graduation party invitations. If you have any graduation party themes then you can also make colored matching invites that will delight your guests and your grad as well.Graduation Party Invitations And Announcements

If your grad is opting out to have a big bash and just prefer a gathering of family and friends it would be more suitable to just make a graduation announcement, instead.

Who And How Many To Invite?

Organise your graduation party creatively with some mindful recommendations on your budget, flexibility of the venue, and the size/no. of guests preference.

  • Have an outdoor cookout setup  – This is a classic way to have a graduation party that involves low stress and is very comfortable.
  • You could opt to host a Sunday brunch in your backyard after the graduation ceremony.
  • Have a joint party – Share your graduation party with a few grad friends who stay in the same vicinity. In this way, you can share everything!
  • If you have a large gathering, you can opt for a bigger garden space instead of your own backyard.
  • You could do an ‘open house’ with a time frame is broad enough to give flexibility to all your guests. Let them be simple drop-in affairs with a few basic requirements like a graduation cake, snacks, and drinks. Chose wisely to have all replenishable items that are non-perishable.
  • Plan a lunch or dinner with your grad and his/her BFF along with their family. Let these two young adults enjoy some shared experiences.

Graduation Party Decorations!

Let your graduation decorations take top honours!  From using school colors to some whimsical gifts for graduation party favours we have kept all the graduation decoration ideas ready for you to cap off the festivities of your graduation party with a bang! Add a dollop of color to your graduation decorations with these bright and colorful ideas because the school’s over and it is time to have fun!Graduation Party Decorations

  • Use bold and bright graduation party decorations like confetti filled balloons. You could give an ode to your school days by using balloons of the colors of your school.
  • Set up a cupcake stand with brilliant cupcake toppers of graduation party themes like graduation caps or ‘Class of 2018’ toppers. Take your dessert table to the next level.
  • Make a ‘Keys to Success’ counter where each of the grads come and embarks on his/her next chapter of life with the keys to success from each and every guest.
  • Make customised sunglasses that are bright and pop with color for your party guests if you have outdoor graduation party themes.
  • You can use sentimental banners and centerpieces saying “We are so proud of you” or “Then and Now” photographs hung across the wall or placed beautifully in a box.
  • Your graduation decoration ideas will be incomplete without a fun and funky photo booth with some festive props. For this, you can use a classroom themed photo booth with a chalkboard backdrop, or a polaroid frame for on-the-go photos, get printed school superlatives as props, get grad caps and glitter staches, and set up a cool hashtag for your party.
  • Make a memory jar that celebrates good times of your school days, with a decorative mason jar, colored strips of papers, and a set of pens for each guest to pen down their best memory.
  • Diploma cookies are a unique idea for your dessert table with a red ribbon tied around them. Use these as part of your graduation party decorations that look like real diplomas.
  • Make lovely graduation decorations by coming up with some cute graduation photo wreaths made of small photos of your big day.

Stress-Free Tips To Plan A Grad Party!

With High School Graduation being one of the most proudest moments in life all you have to do is focus on enjoying the moment. Use our stress-free tips and plan a fun graduation to plan grand party

  • Use your delegation skills and choose some reliable family members who are willing to help you arrange your grand grad party.
  • If you have two grads in your family, combine the guests to have a big bash with friends and family.
  • Hire a chef to cook or go for catering that brings in the food and drinks just before the party with replenishing food trays and beverage containers.
  • Trade host duties by using the buddy system. Ask one or two of your close friends to help you so that you can also enjoy the party.