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Make Your Colleagues Fond of You With Our Finest Gifts For Coworkers

Selecting gifts for friends and family is something that you do on a regular basis, picking up gifts for coworkers and colleagues is a not-so-often phenomenon. Also, since we are not in the regular habit of selecting gifts for coworkers, it becomes a nerve-wrecking task to do so when such an occasion arrives. The thin line between too personal and extra generic gifts has to be kept in mind while choosing gifts for colleagues.

Gifts for Coworkers

It is better for you to get to know your colleagues before you go on a gift shopping spree for them. The gift ideas for coworkers should be appropriate and must suit their personality. Keep the style of gifting whimsical and light-hearted so that they enjoy your choice of gift. Make your coworkers feel good and rejoice at work by presenting them subtle gifts on the appropriate occasions. Create an amicable relationship at work by showing your colleagues that you are fond of them, and you can actually be friends. You have to find a way to maintain that tricky balance of the knack of selecting presents for coworkers.

This humble gesture of picking small gift ideas for coworkers helps build healthy relations at work, especially when you’ve started working at a new place and are trying to adjust with the ambience and the new people.

Let us now have a look at a sober list comprising of the best gifts for coworkers that are thoughtful, but are not very expensive, and neither would they accidentally offend them.

List of Thoughtful gifts for Coworkers:

Leather Embossed Letter Cufflinks :Leather Embossed Letter Cufflinks


 This pair of personalised and hand embossed leather cufflinks create a functional and original gift for coworkers. Personalised with your chosen hand stamped embossed initials, they are unique gifts for a brilliant coworker. Packaged in a classy gift box these cufflinks, they are handmade using real leather in silver bezels.

Alphabet Notebooks :Alphabet Notebooks


A stylish and bright alphabet-themed notebook makes a brilliant choice of gifts for colleagues. This notebook is a classy piece of minimalist stationery with an initial etched in a color and style to match the recipient. These gift ideas for coworkers can also be personalised by adding the recipient’s name in on the face of the notebook and a special message or quote on the inside front cover, making it more special.

Personalised Desk Organiser :Personalised Desk Organiser


A wonderful handmade personalised desk organiser is a great gift for a busy coworkers cubicle. Customised with a quirky message or a funny quote or your favorite memory together, this is one of the finest small gifts for coworkers. High in quality and built to last, this gift will be a sure hit.

Star Award :

Star Award


A star award makes the perfect gift for your perfect friend coworker, having a rustic appearance and a chic finish. With a personalised message laser engraved onto the front of the star, this freestanding wooden star award would make a perfect decorative item for a colleague’s desk.

Scrabble Desk Name :

Scrabble Desk Name


A quirky desk accessory featuring the recipients name in scrabble letters is a perfect choice of unique gifts for coworkers. The use of scrabble tiles and tile place holders on this Desk Place Name looks fantastic adorning busy work. A brilliant and well-packaged gift for colleagues.

Bunny Tape Dispenser :

Bunny Tape Dispenser


Spruce up the work desk of your colleagues with this bunny tape dispenser, fun and useful for office decor. This novelty tape dispenser makes the perfect office stationery and weighs enough to not easily move around even if you only use one hand to cut the tape.

Office Tackle Box :

Office Tackle Box


The office tackle box is a well-suited gift idea for coworkers. It is an all-purpose tool kit that is handy to use and can be easily stowed in the desk drawer for official emergencies. It includes a fine assortment of sticky notes, clips, push pins, an eraser, a sharpener, pencils and paper. All of these stationery items are packaged into a fancy, divided box for easy and organised storage.  

Cubes Perpetual Calendar :

Cubes Perpetual Calendar


An office desk calendar is a tried and tested gift but can get dull boring sometimes. This variation of the office calendar having an adaptation of colourful cubes will brighten up the desk of the recipient brilliantly. Filled with pop and color, this is a true gift for color to boring cubicles and workstations.

Funny File Folders :

Funny File Folders


Do you have a colleague whose desk is never visible, all thanks to the papers scattered on it? He/she has to possess these for sure. Help them organise their desk with these funny and humorous file folders containing fun office quotes printed on them. Make the rest of the office jealous with this not-so-expensive, cheap gifts for coworkers.

Floppy Disk Post-It Notes :

Floppy Disk Post-It Notes


A major throwback to the yesteryear gadgets, these colorful post-it notes in the shape of floppy disks are a great choice of small gifts for coworkers. A simple, yet practical gift with a slightly goofy twist will be of optimal use to a coworker who has a lot many things to remember at one go.

Paper Paperweight :

Paper Paperweight

A gag gift for your friends at work, this paper paperweight will get you some laughs and applauds for creativity when people will actually think that you’ve gifted someone a crumpled piece of paper as a gift. Later will they realise that it is a steel paper weight wrapped in paper and is indeed one of the most unique gifts for coworkers.

Idea Book :

Idea Book


A basic choice of best gifts for coworkers; you cannot go wrong with a notebook. This ideal notebook is for the nerdy one, full of ideas, who never stops thinking. The colleague who constantly has something on his mind and seems to be taking constant notes. You could add a touch of creativity to it by getting printed some motivational quotes and illustrations on the front and back covers.

Executive Decision Maker :


amazonExecutive Decision Maker

A fun idea of gifts for colleagues that portrays a humorous way of decision making that takes place at influential levels of any organisation. All you need to do is spin it around and check for where it lands.

Playable Cube Art :

Playable Cube Art


Not just to add color to the desk, this playable cube art gift allows them to shape and make different objects when they want to keep their hands busy. In the form of a complete cube, these gifts for colleagues look like a piece of art.

Desktop Dogs :

Desktop Dogs


As cute as they can get, these desktop dogs are unique gifts for coworkers, each having a specific purpose. One of them helps in keeping paper clips handy with its magnetic nose, the other holds a bunch of sticky notes like he’s fetched some papers. They can also be used as cute pen holders and are a true treasure for the dog-loving coworkers.

Motivational Mugs :

Motivational Mugs


Help your colleagues add a positive flair to their morning beverages with this traditional and elegant idea of presents for coworkers. Get printed on it a motivational quote that will keep them going during difficult times providing the right direction of thought.

Business Card Holders :

Business Card Holders


Get their boring workplace a sophisticated and polished look with classy business card holders. These unique gifts for coworkers will work as outstanding desktop accessories and elevate your colleague’s professionalism to a whole new level.

Cubicle Guest Book :

Cubicle Guest Book


Everyone has a coworker who is never at their desk when you pass by. This cubicle guest book could make unique gifts for coworkers who are too busy to sit at their desks. It lets you sign in to let them know that you stopped by for a visit while they were away. It all includes prompts for the information they might need when they return.

The best way to say goodbye to a colleague – going away gifts for coworkers

Employees are the pride a company. So, it is a company’s duty to treat them with dignity and respect their endeavor. The best way for a company to do is by felicitating their employs with some presents and also to as a token of gift.

It is always considered as a good gesture to give a small token of appreciation to the people who have served your organization and have give their heart, soul and time to the company and made it their priority all along and have never given up. They just showed up to work every day and have done everything they could do from their side to give this company the best.

It is not always possible to make give them huge achievement awards or host ceremony in their honor. Sometimes a small gesture of kindness to show them that they are they work was like, appreciated and felt and that they could make a little impact on the company and their progress. Though their work might have not brought a big fortune to the company, but somewhere or the other it must have impacted and help the company to reach the point where it stands right now.

Thus way by gifting by all means will not show them that their work was respected, but also well show them that you were proud to have a employ like him/her and at the same time feel bad that they had to discontinue their tenure.

Here are a few gifts:

Bouquet lottery! :Bouquet lottery

Everyone loves a gift, but a gift that keeps on giving is they will surely fall for. this is not only a treasure trove a conversation and fun starter! Pass it around the to everyone at your workplace for all those special and party occasions such as a goodbye or a farewell party and pay the rewards for their hard work and look forward for their well being. This should be a good gift for coworker leaving.

An aquatic paperweight:An aquatic paperweight

Name one going away gifts for coworkers who wouldn’t love this. If your co-worker is all crazy about natural and aquatic stuff, this paperweight could be a very friendly and a lovely remained for him and his work effort this organization. He is surely going to love these going away gifts for coworkers and will never get enough of it.

A desktop achievement award:A desktop achievement award

Nothing is more important than the company’s morale and the deed to respect an employee’s endeavour. And nothing could be better than the morale of acknowledging the real struggle that an employee makes every day. There are no dragons and crocodiles and swords to fight the battle. The real battles are fought in with computer, codes, programs, excel sheet, emails and boardroom meeting and lots and lots of coffee. These battles should never go unnoticed!

A countdown clock:A countdown clock

In a world of corporate where deadlines and meeting and coffee are one ruling the kingdom, why shouldn’t we focus on something more important and real that’s really is worth celebrating? Retirement! They will sure keep an eye on the token of appreciation with this optimistic ticker and countdown that will motivate all the employees who are retiring to accomplish bigger, merrier and better things at work. Imagine the sweet silence of this clock in the early hours of the morning. Retirement would definitely feel like right around the corner! This should be a perfect retirement gift ideas for coworker

A customized Blobbed head:A customized Blobbed head

Imagine you give your employees who are about to retire these customized blobbed head as a gift with their own face and name title at the end. There are just going to love these retirement gift ideas for coworker and are just going to guard it with their life and will make sure that they carry it with them, where ever they go.

A punching bag – for desktop:A punching bag for desktop

Anger is the root of misery and it at the same time leads to many ill- consequences. Show you ex-employs or the one that is retiring that you care for their health and also that they need not dig in the anger within them and they can lead down the anger and feel much better with this tabletop punching bag. It is also very steady and ready to take down all their anger. This should be a wonderful gift for coworker leaving.

A massager:A massager

Give them this scalp massager and get them relieved from all the underlying tension and stress that they would face it happens to calm down their stress and nerves. Show them your concern with this massager and show them how much you really care about their health and are concerned about it. Should be a perfect going away gifts for coworkers.

Easy-table bottle hanger:Easy table bottle hanger

Give you ex-employee these easy and convenient table bottle hangers that could reduce the mess on their table and avoid the mess of spilling water and damaging important documents and save their trip to the managers’ cabin and present them this easy –table bottle hanger. I am sure going away gifts for coworkers couldn’t get better than this.

Flip-flop clock:Flip flop clock

Time is essential and if you cannot gift them your time; gift them the time that they gave to the company and see how happy and respected will they feel. Yeah, this clock could be a whole new concept and idea for gifting. Gift for coworker leaving this should be a better idea. And, I personally think this would definitely work.

Under desk foot paddler:

This is to ensure an employee is perfclty  fit event when he retires, leaves and at the same to ensure that where he or she are planning to work next, they will defiantly have remained of you with this under desk foot paddler. It is also very handy and easy to buy. At the same time, this helps you maintain your health and you need not go to the gym every day! I think this should be a best retirement gift ideas for coworker.Under desk foot paddler

So these were simple ways in which you can present you employs with so lovely and small tokens of appreciation and they are just going to love and feel loved.

After all it is our employs that make the company or break the company, they sacrifice almost everything just to keep the company going and  give in almost everything they have towards the company and expect only a good name and a few rewards in return or at the end of the tenure and we as a company should always make sure that our employs should be happy. A company with good employs makes the best of it profits and best of everything.

So, this is to every company out there, respecting your employs and appreciate their small efforts; it is because of their combined effort that we stand there!

You can select any gift idea of your choice and make them personalized by adding your company’s logo or trademark. these gifts are very easy to find in the market.

Make sure you give the best of all the time they had in the world. And last but not the least, throw them a huge party with lots of food, refreshments and eatables.

happy gifting! 🙂