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The Ultimate Guide to Funny Gifts for Men with a Good Sense of Humour.

It is well-known psychological fact that once in a while we all need a good laugh. Laughter is mooted as a cure for almost any illness. Girls like guys who possess a good sense of humour and who can take jokes on them sportingly. It is also a well known fact that funny gifts for men will have a more lasting effect on the recipient than any usual gift.Funny gifts for Men

So, if you have a guy friend who has a great sense of humour you will love our list of funny gifts for men. These unique gifts for men are especially for those who like to have a good laugh. Share a round of laughter and go ahead and choose some really funny presents for men. Bring out the child within you and use these funny gifts for men. More so, if you are fed up of presenting the same regular gifts every year, think out of the box this year and plan to give the guys in your life presents that come in the form of funny gift ideas. Mix things up a little and bring in presents for men that will give them a good laughter doze. 

Funny Gifts for Men:

These crazy ideas will help you out to come up with teasing presents which can be never expected by your man. Our list of gag gifts for men are sure to bring a grin and a roar of laughter even on the face of the grumpiest old man. Our funny gifts for men should appeal well to all guys with a sense of humour, especially those who have the ability to not take life and themselves so seriously. If comedy is their thing, then look no further than our brilliant compilation of funny gifts for men who have everything. 

Personalised Toilet Paper –

Personalised Toilet Paper


This personalised funny gift ideas for men is part of a sentiment we can all relate to. A hilarious toilet paper gift with a funny quote, for example, ‘I Love the Shit out of You’ or ‘Holy Shit!’;  or just any random funny quote you can think of; is one of the most funny gifts for men. Let them get a hint of a smile every single time they use the washroom and witness the humor of these unusual gifts for men that are nothing but hilarious.

Bullshit button –

Bullshit button


This bullshit button will exactly call it like you see it. All you need to do is press the red buzzer when you smell bullshit around. This makes it to the list of unique gifts for men because of it’s hilarious nature. Nobody will dare to bullshit around you, once you have this in place. Present this unique gifts for men and keep the bullshit at bay for the rest of your life, take a breath of relief!

Potty Putter –

Potty Putter


This is for all the golf lovers to play a round of golf while you are on the loo. We have heard about taking newspapers and books in the toilet, but a potty putter gift ideas for men is a rib-tickling option to even think of. They could practice getting a hole-in-one, instead of just sitting there contemplating life. Give them a good enough time to sit and make their most thoughtful decisions about their future life and contemplate on the past with these funny gift ideas for men.

Champagne Flute Baby Bottle –

Champagne Flute Baby Bottle

A new alternative to funny yet best gifts for men is a way for adults to enjoy a party by saying ‘Cheers’ with this Champagne Flute Baby Bottle instead of their glass! Let them feel like a child again by raising a toast in this cute little bottle.  Let the baby drink to his pleasure and say cheers to his life with these funny presents for him that are unique and out of the world.

Funny quoted socks –

Funny quoted socks


A pair of socks with a catchy quote will make regular gift ideas for men stand out. Brightly colored socks with cheeky alcohol quotes or sarcastic quotes can make an extraordinary option as far as funny gifts for men are concerned. He can surely go jumping and hopping around the place with these brightly colored socks that are quoted with some brilliant sarcasm and presented to him as funny gifts for friends.

Jar of nothing –

Jar of nothing


Often heard men saying ‘I want Nothing’, when asked for what they would like to have as a gift? Take this opportunity and give them this ‘Jar of Nothing’. Being the same thing that they asked for in the first place, these gift ideas for men will surely amuse them. So, now you know, the next time you hear some one say ‘I Want Nothing’, go ahead and present them with these funny gag gifts for guys, a jar of simply nothing!

Personalised funny boxers –

Personalised Funny Boxers


The perfect selection of gag gifts for men; a personalised funny boxer for him to put on and roam around in his house. You will have a vast choice of quotes and prints of funny boxers to opt from. Give the men in your life a chance to flaunt off their sarcasm with these funny gift ideas for them that come with a witty and quirky quote that suits their style and brings out their personality even better.

Anti – Fart Pills –

Anti - Fart Pills

Help the gassy people in your life suppress the embarrassing noises they often let out. These anti-fart pills are basically mint pills designed as funny gifts for men to show a comic side to peoples farting habits. These funny gag gifts for guys will surely make them a little self conscious before they go around secretly farting the next time onward. Present these funny gifts for men and sit back and enjoy.

Funny Shower Gel Dispensers –

Funny Shower Gel Dispensers


A runny nose shower gel dispenser is the ultimate idea of gag gifts for men. Let them experience how it feels to take a shower with boggers by pressing one nostril of this nose a few times. Though these gag gifts for men come with a yucky feeling, go ahead and present them to someone who talks about all the dirty stuff and makes you feel yucky all the time. Enjoy giving them a taste of their own medicine with these funny gifts for men and take your revenge.

Nobody knows I’m Gay Mug –

Nobody knows I m Gay Mug


Gift a sturdy brightly colored mug stating ‘Nobody knows I’m Gay’. This tongue-in-cheek humour is a great choice for unusual gifts for men. Drop him this gag gift over tea or coffee and leave him wondering what just happened. Present these funny gifts for men in front of a group of people and watch the instant reaction of the recipient as he is left flabbergasted with your choice of unusual gifts for men.

Inflatable Sumo Suit –

Inflatable Sumo Suit


This traditional fat suit sumo costume is a hilarious choice of gag gifts for him. Be it a stag party or if your friend has lost some silly bet, make your friend wear this outrageous suit and have a great laugh. Let him fly around with this huge and inflated sumo suit that will give him the feeling of being a real one with this funny presents for him. Not only will the recipient enjoy this gift, but the guests too would be amused with your choice of gift ideas for men.

Hand Soap –

Hand Soap


This idea of gag gifts for men is a hand soap that actually looks like a hand. It is not just funny to look at but because of its shape, it works just well as funny gifts for men. These funny gift ideas are just appropriate for the man in your life who has OCD! Give him this hand soap as unique gifts for men and let him take his cleanliness to a whole new level. He will be a little startled with your gift ideas for men, but he will surely be impressed as well.

Farting Coin Drop Bank –

Farting Coin Drop Bank


Putting a coin in this extremely amusing farting coin drop bank lets out a fart each time you do so. So let off some steam while you save your money with this with this funny gifts for men. This is one of the most ideal funny gifts for men who always just talk about increasing their savings and act like misers.

Butt Station Tape Dispenser –

Butt Station Tape Dispenser


These funny presents for men feature a guy who is really hard working and good at multitasking. But all he is trying to have is a moment with himself. Giving a new meaning to the word occupied this funny gift for him is a really vivacious choice. Every single time he uses this hilarious and unusual gifts for men, he will surely think of you and have a grin, appreciating your choice of funny gifts for friends.

Miracle Hair Growth Chocolate Drops –

Miracle Hair Growth Chocolate Drops

Coming in bottles looking like a real thing, these pills, once cracked opened are nothing but yummy and tasty chocolates. Although they may never cure hair loss or solve your problem of hair growth, they are sure to give you a laugh. So, next time you have a friend cribbing about their problem of hair loss, present them with these funny gifts for men and give them a laughter medicine for their real problem and distract them in a humorous manner from something that is inevitable.

Humorous Superhero Wall Art –

Humorous Superhero Wall Art


Just like a normal human being, superheroes too deserve a break. These amusing presents for men are humorous wall art pieces depicting superheroes on the toilet seat and are sure to bring out laughs and smiles. For a superhero fanatic, these unusual gifts for men will be like precious treasures, even though they portray their favorite superheroes in a hilarious manner filled with sarcasm to the core. It is their love for their favorite superhero that is way above everything for them.

Doughnut Soap Bars –

Doughnut Soap Bars


Made from glycerine, these soap bars look like doughnuts for real. So if you have someone in your life who would do anything for a doughnut, use this as a set of funny gifts and make sure you don’t let any of your guests just pop them. For the friends in your life who have a sweet tooth, but need to cut down on their sugar cravings, these funny gifts for men are just perfect to keep them in control. Just imagine their face when they have a delicious looking doughnut right in front of them, but it cannot be gulped down!

Pig Mug –

Pig Mug


This mug, even though it seems plain from the front, has a huge pig nose on its bottom. So this funny gift is sure to be the best gifts for men because as soon as he would take a sip of his favorite beverage from this mug, he would turn into a ‘Pig’. Make them look like they have a pig face even without them actually realizing, with these funny gifts for men that are quirky and fun!

Minion Goggles

Minion Goggles


Your man is a minion lover? Gift him this cool pair of minion goggles to have a laugh riot as he puts them on looking like a minion himself. Making him sing the ‘Banana Song’ would add to the humour of course! So next time he watches his favorite minion movie, he will surely not forget to put in these minion goggles that you presented to him as funny gift ideas for men and have a despicable time with the minions!

Jumbo Bath Brush –

Jumbo Bath Brush


This funny body brush looks like a giant toothbrush and is a unique choice of funny gifts for men. These weirdly funny gifts are going to tickle your funny bone for sure. These funny gifts for men are the ultimate choice of presents for the men who take hours together to take a shower. God alone knows what takes them so long, anyways, you need not worry about that once you present them with these funny and best gifts for men who have love to have a never-ending bath time session.

Current Boyfriend Keychain –

Current Boyfriend Keychain


Thinking of funny gift ideas for your boyfriend? Gift him a keychain that is engraved with a message saying ‘Current Boyfriend’. This would add a little humour to your relationship and make you share a laugh. Take a dig at your boyfriend with these presents for men and get to know how serious he is about the relationship that they two of you have. If he gets a little possessive then you know that your target was right on strike and that you have given him the perfect funny gag gifts for guys!

Funny Bath Rugs –

A little sprinkle of fun is needed to enhance your boring shower room. You can do so by placing a funky-colored and humorously quoted bath math in the designated area. These bath rugs are unusual gifts for men bathroom accessories to spice up their bath time. Accentuate the fun quotient to his living space with these presents for men that come with witty quotes written on bright and colorful bath rugs.Funny Bath Rugs


Mix these things up and treat the man in your life with a great funny gift. The purpose of these funny gifts for men is to give him the message of not taking life too seriously and that a little spark of humour once in a while does no harm.  

Anti-Sarcasm Breath Sprays –Anti-Sarcasm Breath Sprays

Jibe your witty comrade with this anti-sarcasm breath spray presented to him as funny gifts for men. This brightly packaged gag gifts for men are just perfect for the one who cuts you down quickly on a regular basis with their high doze of sarcasm. Produce a few good laughs that are not at all at your expense with this genuinely flavored mint mouth spray that the recipient can actually use to freshen their breath. Your sarcastic little friend will surely be thankful for this little gift.

Nacho Cheese Flavored Lip Balm –Nacho Cheese Flavored Lip Balm

For the foodie friend in your life who loves to nibble on cheesy nachos every time you are out for a movie, present him with these funny gifts for men and treat him to some royal sarcasm. Help him keep his weight in check with your funny gift ideas for men that are actually useful. So next time he wants to indulge in a tray of nachos and cheesy dips all by himself, he will be hilariously reminded of your funny gag gifts for guys and it will make him conscious so that he doesn’t over eat as usual.

New Dad Survival Tool Kit –New Dad Survival Tool Kit

If you have a new father in your group then this new dad survival took kit will surely be a great idea of unusual gifts for men. Come to his aid and give this panicking father a helping hand to come to terms with his new responsibilities as a parent. This handy and unique gifts for men includes all the essential items that a new father would require to keep the situation under control when his baby is screeching and crying. Let the new dad take over the world of parenthood with a roll with your funny gift ideas for men and it is a definite thing that he will love you for this hilarious, yet, life-saving funny presents for him that you have given to him.

Lifting Dumbbell Beer Glass –Lifting Dumbbell Beer Glass

The gym fanatic men will surely be impressed with your choice of unique gifts for men when you present to him with this lifting dumbbell beer glass. These presents for men are just the right tool to keep their practicing their heavy weight training sessions even when are sipping on their favorite brew. This dumbbell shaped beer glass can hold up to 24 oz. of their favorite drink and can act as a great accessory to their gym routine as well. Present this as gifts for men who have everything and make a special place in their heart by giving them the best of both the worlds, gym & drinks!

Personalized Note Book – List Of People I Want To Punch In The Face!Personalized Note Book List Of People I Want To Punch In The Face

This tongue in cheek gag gifts for men are just the ideal choice for those who have a lot of people in their list to settle scores with. Help them keep a record of all those people they have to get even with, with these funny gifts for men that come in the form of a personalized note book. Let them jot down all their grievances and let off their steam by making notes of all the people who he feels like punching in the face. Encourage them to have removed all their frustration in this notebook instead of going and literally picking on a fight with someone. This notebook can be personalized up to a name with 18 characters and is considered as unique gifts for men that can keep their blood pressure in check.

There you go guys, the next time you are searching for funny gifts for men, you can come and browse through our list of cheap, cheesy, and cheerful gifts that help you get your way just easily. For all the guys who love to engross themselves in some cheeky banter and for the ones who think that toilet humor is actually hilarious all the time, present them wit these gag gifts for men on any upcoming occasion in their life and let them keep wondering as to what just happened to them. Our life of amusing gift ideas for men give just the ultimate payback and revenge plan for someone who is always playing crazy pranks on you. Let them enjoy a taste of their own self as you present to them one of these funny gag gifts for guys.

Make him laugh first, and then let him sit and think the reason that you presented him with these funny gifts for him. Smart! Isn’t it?