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Fun Activities for Employees Indoor that your Employees Would Love to Participate in.

To get an efficient outcome at work it is always necessary that you have a strong and happy team. The way an organisation’s people connect with each other has a huge impact on its success and its growth graph. Creating a workspace that is both, enjoyable and productive, is what is required to get the best outcome from your staff. Having some recreational and fun activities for employees indoor is what creates a sense of bonding and spirit of cooperation at work. Give all your staff members a chance to unwind and get to know each other better. For this very purpose, we bring you a list of fun activities for employees indoor to get the ball rolling. These employee engagement games are great to get your team to connect together, improve the moral at the workplace, and involve in building trust.Break the ice among your staff with fun activities for employees indoor!

As Ken Blanchard quotes in his very famous book “The One Minute Manager”, are simple words that have a significant meaning:

“None Of Us Is As Smart As All Of Us.”

Thus, it is very important to inculcate workplace happiness that comes in the form of a few fun activities for employees at work. These office games for employees infuse the element of fun and creativity in the organizations’ effort in developing team building.

The Need For Team-Building Exercises And Employee Engagement Games

  • Encourages collaborative working in bringing individuals together.
  • Involves contribution to decision making and agile problem-solving.
  • Moves employees with out-of-the-box thinking with creative and refreshing ideas.
  • Boosts morale of the employees, thereby, enhancing their productivity.
  • Focusing on having better work equations resulting in better performance of the organization as a whole.

Ideas And List Of Fun Activities For Employees Indoor To Work On Their Team Building Skills:

Pack Up Your Troubles –Pack Up Your Troubles

This is one of the fun team building games that need some serious brainstorming for solutions. For this indoor fun games at office you need to make all of your employees write down an issue that has been bothering them in a piece of paper that is crumpled and thrown into a pile. Now divide your staff into groups and let each team grab a few crumpled papers and try to come up with suitable solutions for the problem at hand, as a team!

Two Sides Of A Coin –Two Sides Of A Coin

This is one of the most engaging fun activities for employees indoor that challenges their preconceived notions and lets them focus on the positive things in life. Make pairs of two and let one of them share with their partner a negative incident of their life. Again, let the same person discuss the bright side of the same incident with something positive to take away. Let his/her partner help in shedding light on the silver lining of this negative situation. Now they need to switch roles and repeat this employee engagement games.

What Makes You Tick –What Makes You Tick

This kind of fun team building games are characterised as a true colors personality test where the team learns about each other’s personalities and traits and what kind of mindsets would clash. Knowing what are the motivational and demotivational factors of the other team is a powerful tool. With these office games for employees, you can get to know how they react in different given situations and how to approach them differently.

Mix And Mingle –Mix And Mingle

Select employees from different departments who hardly get to interact with each other for these fun activities for employees indoor. Get them to organise a lunch or potluck together with an aim to get to know each other better.

Make A Verbal Memory Wall –Make A Verbal Memory Wall

This kind of fun activities for employees at work involve sharing and laughing over some fun experiences leaving them with a positive feeling for the organization. All you need to do is jot down some work-related phrases on post-its like work travel, my first day, late night work, etc., and let them share memories related to that topic that will set the mood for sharing a good laugh.

The Barter Puzzle –The Barter Puzzle

This is one of the most time consuming fun activities for employees indoor that accomplishes creative teamwork. Divide your employees equally and give them each a jigsaw puzzle. For this employee engagement activities, they need to finish their puzzle first to win the game. The twist here is that some pieces of the puzzle of each team are scattered among the other teams. As a team, they are supposed to come up with a way in which the other team gets convinced to help them.

Digital Scavenger Hunt –Digital Scavenger Hunt

A tweak to the classic indoor fun games at office of a scavenger hunt. These office games for employees require a team find examples and hints of specific information that are hidden in online web pages. To accomplish this fun activities for employees indoor it is required for the employees to work together as a team and show off their problem-solving skills. To make these fun team building games even more engaging for the employees you can restrict their search engine methods.

Along with team building, it is also required that the employees in an organization work in healthy competition with a sporting spirit among each other. For this very purpose, there is the concept of one minute games for employees.

List Of One Minute Games For Employees

Jumbled Words –Jumbled Words

Give each one of your employees a sheet of paper that has a list of about 10-15 words that have their spelling jumbled. Enjoy these indoor fun games at office to see who gets most of them right within a minute.

M&M Chopsticks –M&M Chopsticks

For this office games for employees you will need lots and lots of M&M’s, bowls, and chopsticks. Each participant of this one minute games for employees needs to transfer maximum M&M’s in his/her bowl with chopsticks to win it.

Typing Test –Typing Test

The quickest of all the fun activities for employees indoor. Pick a typing test website and set it up on a computer and let each one of your employees take turns to type something specific for this one minute games for employees. Obviously, the person with the maximum typing speed wins this game.

Defy Gravity –Defy Gravity

Take your employees back to their childhood with these very interesting fun activities for employees at work. Hand them each a balloon that they are supposed to keep above the ground using only one hand. Make 2-3 players play each round so that there is ample space for them to enjoy this activity.

Separate The Beans –Separate The Beans

A very interesting one from the lot of fun activities for employees indoor, this game requires a bag two bags of different kinds of beans. Divide your employees into teams and give instructions for them to separate the beans based on their type. The team that gathers the maximum of both the kinds of beans wins this one minute games for employees.

These super cool and fun activities for employee indoor can be easily interspersed throughout the day so as to not affect the work productivity. All of these employee engagement activities come as a pleasant diversion from the hectic work schedule.