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Celebrate and Honour Friendship-Unique Friendship Day Gifts for Best Friend

Friends – Your Best Possession!!

Right in the middle of you regular life friends happen. These strangers enter your life with a phenomenon of being understood and to understand. Being a friend is the sweetest responsibility that one could be loaded with. You just happen to come across those people with the same temperament as yours, actually not necessary, they could be of just the opposite nature, but you just click with them. As you get to know each other, you realise that it is just the two of you who can tolerate each other’s madness and at the same time bring out the best in the other person. A friend tends to overlook the mess of your broken fence and finds beauty in your heart and soul. They find you in the darkest of places and show you a bright day. Friendship is just the perfect therapy that you need when you are blue.Friendship day Gifts for best friend

A friend loves you when you are confused about life’s decisions when you make the imperfect choices, and also when you are absolutely wrong, they just love all of you! Each year you tend to celebrate Friendship Day by presenting Friendship Day gifts for best friend. You honor them on this special day that has been announced and dedicated just for true friends for life!

Now, there are friends of all types, childhood friends, neighborhood friends, friends in school, college, then there are friends at work, your best friends forever, your boyfriend/girlfriend, almost all of our lives are built with friendship as its base. Right from the beginning, as we take our first steps into the outside world, during preschool, we learn what it is to make a friend and to be one. This making of friend continues through all the phases of our life and even through adulthood we always crave for friends and the feeling that they bring along. It is the best bond between two people, because that person who is your friend, simply gets you like no other being. They inspire us to look at the world from a completely different perspective and make our life a happy place!

Each friendship that we make through our lives is irreplaceable and unique in its own way. And then, if you have a friend who has been there right from the beginning till date, then you truly are one of the most luckiest people on earth!! All of these friendships put together, form a crucial part of what makes us, us!

Friendship Day – A Day Dedicated To The Noblest Bond!

With the bond of friendship being so crucial in each one of our lives, it was deemed fit to declare an entire day that would be honour this beautiful relationship between two or more beings. World Friendship Day is said to be celebrated on the first Sunday of August, every year. The traditional manner in which Friendship Day is celebrated is by meeting friends and exchanging friendship day cards and friendship day gifts for best friend. A day that honours this beautiful bond making our lives special and giving it a significant meaning is always incomplete without some cute Happy Friendship Day wishes quotes for your best friend. Some of the cute Friendship Day wishes quotes that you can share with your friends and express how much they mean to you are –

    • They say that it is difficult to find a true friend. Now that I have found you I plan on not letting you go and keeping your love deep within my heart!
    • Friendship is said to be beyond the factors of time and space. Wherever you go, you will form the latitude and longitude to my heart!
    • Happy Friendship Day guys! There is no word in any dictionary that could describe what you mean to me.
    • Dear Friend, you are like a star in my life. I may not get to see you every single day, but I can always feel your presence.
    • With even silence being understood in friendship, I would just want thank you today for all the times that you have understood the chaos and the silence of my life!
    • Just like a candle wiping away darkness, you, my dear friend, bring light to my life by wiping away all the darkness. Happy Friendship Day!
    • Wishing my dearest friend a very Happy Friendship Day! May our friendship be blessed to last until eternity!

These Friendship Day wishes are sure to melt the heart of your friend and make your bond stronger. In today’s busy and hectic world, having a true friend is your biggest support system. Make this heart-to-heart friendship even more exclusive by expressing what they mean to you.

Cherish Your Friends With Cute DIY Friendship Day Cards For Best Friend!

If you wish to make Friendship Day this year a little special and a little different than the ones you have celebrated so far then enthrall your friend with handmade Friendship Day cards. Your friend is sure to love it because it includes your thought and effort to make them happy. A Happy Friendship Day card along with cute friendship day bands and some unique best friend gifts will give you the perfect celebration of this special day!friendship day Quote

Invest your time in making cute Friendship Day cards for best friend that they will keep close to their heart always. You know that your friend is your most reliable source of happiness and that he/she will always be there to bail you out of the most difficult situations in life and get you back on your feet. Presenting your friend with a Happy Friendship Day card that is made by you could be the best of Friendship Day gifts for best friend. Your friends are the ones you pick in the world, they are your people. Celebrating their love and honouring them with special DIY Friendship Day cards for best friend could just set the two of you in the right spirit for enjoying this beautiful day.

It is rightly said that ‘Friendship is the only ship that never sinks even in the mightiest of storms’. Friends are the family we choose for ourselves and stick by them through thick and thin. Give this special friend in your life Friendship Day greeting cards that have a special meaning to it as unique Friendship Day gifts for best friend. No matter what might be the content of your card, it is special in its own way because of the time and effort that you put into it.  Some ideas to help you through making the cutest cards as Friendship Day gifts for best friend are –

    • You can write a quote that defines the depth of your friendship in a funny manner because friendship is all about fun and shared laughs and dirty jokes that you make about one another.
    • Surprise them with something cute popping out of the greeting card, like say a small note with a heartfelt message or Friendship Day bands that are made by you.
    • Box your greeting card or frame it so that your friend can show it off as a beautiful piece of home decor and treasure it as a keepsake. These Friendship Day gifts for best friends could be like a testament of the fun, love, and affection that you guys share.
    • You can also use a color galore and different textures to tell your friend that having him/her by your side makes life colorful. It also gives your greeting card an artistic and lovely look.

Friendship Day Bands and Friendship Day Bracelets – Bring Back Some Fond Memories!

The first thought that comes to our minds when we think of Friendship Day bands is having a wrist filled with colorful bands that show how popular you are and how many friends you have. We have all been through the phase where we would love to watch our hands filled from wrist to elbow with these lovely Friendship Day bands. Let us get into a flashback about how these bands came into existence. Friendship day band

Tying knots has been a part of Chinese history from 4th century BC. From this basic concept of tying different knots came out beautiful friendship bands. Also, these bands are similar in making to a middle eastern weaving technique called ‘Macrame’ that began in the 13th century. These knots were used for decorative and many other purposes initially. Then these were picked up by sailors to work more efficiently. Later they were used in crafts and jewelry making. By tradition of Native America, it is said that the person who makes these bands does it with love for the other person. The recipient of the band is said to be entitled with one wish. And if this band falls off naturally from their hand then their wish will be granted. Removing this band or bracelet from your hand on purpose indicated that the friendship between the two of them has been ended.

Different Types Of Friendship Bands And Bracelets –

Wave Macrame Friendship Band –Wave Macrame Friendship Band

These Friendship Day bands are the most common and popular that has a simplistic look made with the Macrame technique. They can be made with different hues like mints, blues, or a combination of two colors.

Narrow Macrame Thin Flat Braided Brands –Narrow Macrame Thin Flat Braided Brands

Add a pop of color to your wrists with these cool and colorful skinny Friendship Day bands that are made with macrame knots.

Hand-Woven Friendship Day Bracelet –Hand-Woven Friendship Day Bracelet

Made from acrylic and colorful threads and woven into a specific pattern, these Friendship Day Bracelets are just as special as the bond you share.

Leather Band/Bracelets –Leather Band

Made from genuine leather and the celtic knot, these Friendship Day bands also make trendy and cool accessories that your friends would love to adorn on a daily basis.

Custom Name Bracelets –Custom Name Bracelets

Present your squad with these custom name Friendship Day bracelets with their name or the name of your spelt. These would make the most appropriate Friendship Day gifts for best friend depicting what they mean to you.

These and many more kinds of Friendship Day bands and bracelets could be given to your best friend or your group of friends. They would love to have them as Friendship Day gifts for best friend.

Show Your Besties That They Are Important To You With Friendship Day Gifts For Best Friend!

Girl Squad – Friendship Day Gifts For Best Friend

Love You To Pieces Photo Puzzle –Love You To Pieces Photo Puzzle

Let your bestie know that your life would be incomplete without her and she completes the puzzle of your life with these wonderful Friendship Day gifts for best friend. Thank her for always being there and solving all the complications and puzzles of your life with these cute puzzle photo puzzle Friendship Day gift ideas.

Ice Cream Luggage Tags –Ice Cream Luggage Tags

The perfect choice of best friend gifts for your globetrotter and ice cream lover friend, these luggage tags will never get their luggage misidentified ever again. Let them carry their luggage with some unique flavor with these cute little Friendship Day gifts for best friends. It is nearly impossible to find a girl who would not love to travel and gobble on some yummy ice cream!

Photo Collage Star –Photo Collage Star

Tell your best friend that she is the star of your life with this Happy Friendship Day photos that come in the of a Star Collage. Let her know that she is truly special and the brightest star in your galaxy. Make this friendship day special with these thoughtful gifts for your best friend, something that will take her down to memory lane and cherish all the beautiful times the two of you spent together whenever she happens to look at this star collage.

High Heels Mobile Stand –High Heels Mobile Stand

Give your fashionista friend this cool high heel stand as the best Friendship Day gifts for best friend and let her make an exclusive place for the most important thing in her life, her phone! Just like high heels, this mobile stand will hold her phone high and tall and add style to her personality, be it home or office!

Best Friends Tassel Personalized Keychains –Best Friends Tassel Personalized Keychains

These personalized heart tassel keychains are the most suitable choice of friendship day gift ideas for your very chic friend. If she is the one who likes everything to be chic and girly then these two identical handmade keychains with ‘BFF’ and your choice of initial charms could just be a perfect choice.

Best Friend Wine Glass Set –Best Friend Wine Glass Set

Raise a toast to your special and unique friendship with this sparkling wine glass set as one of a kind Friendship Day gifts for best friend. Enjoy this special occasion with a celebratory gift that honours your friendship like no other. Say cheers to your bestie with these unique best friend gift ideas!

BFF Puzzle Necklace –BFF Puzzle Necklace

The most adorable of all the Friendship Day gifts for best friend, this puzzle piece necklace for BFF’s can have each of their initials engraved on it. Show your care for each other with these wonderful gifts made of gold or silver, depending on your budget, for it is the thought that counts, not the cost of the gift.

Stud Boys – Friendship Day Gifts For Best Friend

Inverted Bottles Shot Glass Set –Inverted Bottles Shot Glass Set

A classic set of Friendship Day gifts for best friend, these shot glasses are made from bottlenecks of repurposed beer bottles that have been smoothened to finish. These glasses can be personalised with an initial etched on each one of them to make up your gang name or representing the initials of your group of friends. After all, your friends just need your best shot!

Table Tennis Rubber Pad Notebook Set –Table Tennis Rubber Pad Notebook Set

If you and your friend are always on the lookout for some fun, be it in class or at work, then this set of Friendship Day gifts for best friend would suit your taste just brilliantly. They have inbuilt rubber bats and a table tennis net that comprises the game as a whole. Refresh yourselves with this quick ping-pong game just anywhere with this extraordinary best friend gifts.

Dumbbell Water Bottle –Dumbbell Water Bottle

Give your fitness freak friend this dumbbell in the form of best friend gift ideas and help them stay hydrated as they achieve their fitness goals. This dumbbell shaped water bottle will suit their needs aptly for a quick workout at home or at the office. Give one of these thoughtful gifts for your best friend in their favorite color and let them know that you care for them.

Superhero Socks –Superhero Socks

Gift your superhero friend superhero feet with these cute socks as best friend gifts. Watch them feel the superpower in their feet once they put on this cute pair of socks. These cute and funky pair of socks are simply appropriate for Friendship Day gifts for best friends.

Batman Night Light –Batman Night Light

Give your bestie a chance to rise like the dark knight with this Batman night light as Friendship Day gifts for best friend. This gift would rescue them from the darkness and give support as a lending light for all those workaholic friends who stay up late at night to work. Let them put this portable night light to some good use and get done all their pending work for the day.

Football Beer Mug –Football Beer Mug

Enjoy your deep fascination for this sport along with your best buddy by presenting him this special football beer mug as Friendship Day gifts for best friend. This classy choice of Friendship Day gift ideas gives authentic sports feel to an ardent fan of the game.

Celebrate Friendship Day this year and make it special with the most wonderful Friendship Day bands, Friendship Day greeting cards, and Friendship Day gifts for best friend. Show them that they are important to you. Let them know that you cannot survive in this dreadful world without them being by your side. Give Friendship Day gifts for best friend that define your bond perfectly! Have fun and live life to the fullest!

There are certain people who make the world to be a better place by simply being there, for your world, it is your friends who make it a better place. So cherish them while you have them!

That’s all Folks, Happy Friendship’s Day!!