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Fantastic Gift for Raksha Bandhan 2019 for a Sister with Easy DIY’s and Ideas.

Raksha Bandhan, also known as Rakhi, is a huge tradition in India. It is more a feeling than to be a festival. So gift something really wonderful to your sister this Rakhi with different ideas on the gift for Raksha Bandhan.Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in the month of August which is also known as Shravan according to the Hindu religion. This festival falls on the last day of Shravan. And happens to be celebrated to cherish the bond between a brother and a sister.Gifts for Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi is generally a sacred string of thread that is tied to a brother on his right hand’s wrist. This string is a symbol of protection and sanity. And then followed by this is the tradition of gifting something to the sister as a token of appreciation and love.  Raksha Bandhan is a Sanskrit term which basically means “ to protect” and just to oblige with this term and as his duty towards his sister, that is what a brother does. This festival is celebrated in many different ways in different parts of the country.

But it is the northern part of India which celebrates this festival on a grand scale. Festivals in India are generally accompanied by a huge gathering with many relatives buzzing around, kids running helter-skelter, elders sitting and mocking around, the smell of fresh sweets being prepared in the kitchen, the fresh aromas of the delicacies, and happiness making its way through the complete house.

No doubt that they named India as the “Land of Festive Celebration”!


  • The tradition of Raksha Bandhan
  • The natural bond! – The sibling bonding
  • Gift For Raksha Bandhan
  • Gift For Raksha Bandhan – Rakhi Gifts For Married Sisters
  • Gift For Raksha Bandhan – Raksha Bandhan Gifts For Brother
  • DIY Rakhi For Brother

The tradition behind Raksha Bandhan

Like I already mentioned that Rakhi is celebrated in the month of August. There is a significant reason behind this tradition of tying a string on your brother’s wrist. It is celebrated early in the morning like any other Indian festival.

Traditionally, the complete family is dressed up with their utmost classy apparels and then brother is made of sit on the floor, facing the east side, or the side at which the sun rises, this is considered as very significant to Hindus, after that, the sister prepares a tray consists of a betel leaf and betel, water, lamp, Tilak ( red crimson powder mixed with water), grains of rice, and of course sweets.The tradition behind Raksha Bandhan

The tradition goes like, the sister first wipes her brothers’ eyes with water, then applies tilak on his forehead followed by sticking few grains of rice. Then she gives him the betel leaf and betel into his hand and ties a rakhi around his wrist.

Then finally she makes him eat the sweets and then follows the ritual of doing aarthi. The brother out of his own happiness and according to the tradition places money in the tray and this ritual is complete with the tradition of touching the sister feet to take her blessing being elder or younger.

Traditionally, as a return gift, the bother used to give their sister money, but with the change of trends and time these days they also prefer to give gift for Raksha Bandhan.

The natural bond!

Everybody is aware of the cats and dogs fights that happen every day between a brother and a sister. They leave no stones unturned to take over each other. The shady comments that they keep passing on each other. Oh, Lord!

There is never a day that would pass without they arguing over something and your mother, poor thing, happens to act as a referee, and eventually, she also tends to give up looking at the tone and heights the argument has reached. Finally, you get a verdict for getting back into your rooms.

This a common scenario and happens every other day. Well, I can say this with utmost assurance that this is a definite case at my house. There is isn’t a single day when I do not argue or quarrel over with my brother.

I named my brother “Dracula”, I don’t know why and I do not remember when, but all I know is that I named him that. Yeah, but he eventually is one, although not sucking the blood out of me but then he sometimes really gets on my nerves.

We often keep fighting, the most recent fight was when he changed the Netflix password and said he would not share it with me. Upon hearing this, like every other sister does, I went to the all mighty, the majesty, my Dad!

One shout out from my dad’s mouth and there I had a Ping! Message received saying the “password:********* ”.  How I like troubling him!

Usually, I call him Dracula, but the moment I call him “Bhaiya”, the next thing that spills out of his mouth is what do u want now?

Yeah, but this same Dracula helps me with the food craving in the middle of the night when both of us sneak out of our rooms into the kitchen and order food online….after about an hours discussion we return to the same thing that we discussed earlier. And then keep wait impatiently for our food to be delivered.

I also remember how one day dad woke up in the middle of the night and saw us watching a movie and munching on something. We thought that was the end of life, but then Dracula as usual with his cool and frenzy attitude managed things out!

My brother is the first person who comes to my mind when all I think about is food, friends and fun! He is the perfect combination of friend and a brother.

This was my story, do you also trouble you brother in a similar manner?  

If you happen to be looking for a gift for Raksha Bandhan, then I have some really nice and easy ideas.

Gift For Raksha Bandhan

Wondering what could be the best gift for sister on Raksha Bandhan? Then here I have a few suggestions on what kind of Rakhi gifts for sister could be given. And also many sisters out there could be looking for rakhi return gifts for brothers or Raksha Bandhan special gifts, then I actually have some interesting ideas.  

Here are some simple and amazing ideas on Raksha Bandhan gifts for sister:

  • Money:

Money is the oldest and the traditional kind of gift given on the eve of Rakhi. But if your sister is way too fond of collecting currencies of different countries, then try gifting her currency of various other countries rather than the regular currency of your country as a gift for Raksha Bandhan.Money

It isn’t very difficult to find currencies of different countries, go to the nearest money exchange and ask them to do it for you. It is also that you can find currencies of different being sold at various prices and all you need to do is look for a store which sells currency and then go there buy something that she already hasn’t collected and use a nice envelope and just gift it as a Raksha Bandhan gifts for sister.

I think this should be a pretty good thought for Raksha Bandhan gifts for sister ideas because it does satisfy both the things, the traditional way and the modern way of Raksha Bandhan gifts for sister which is something different and out of the box.

  • Give her a grooming kit:

Let your lovely little sister groom herself with the help of a grooming kit as a Raksha Bandhan gift and feel loved and happy. Now here you have an option of buying a grooming kit that is already made and could be store-bought or something that could be made more of the things of your choice.Give her a grooming kit

You could add all kind of things related to her cosmetics, nail, hair, or skin products. Or you can give your kit a little twist with adding all stationary and crafts products if your sister is more fond of those rather than any skin or health line kind of things. This could be made more interesting by adding all kinds of material required for craft starting for the simplest glue to the most expensive paint brush set.

Isn’t this a simple and at the same time thoughtful rakhi gifts for sister.

  • Give her a gift voucher:

Another amazing Raksha Bandhan gifts for sister ideas include buying her a gift voucher for any of her favourite brand or restaurant. You can buy these vouchers which are very easily available these days and also are way too simpler to gift than going around for looking for some Raksha Bandhan special gift.Give her a gift voucher

Gift for Raksha Bandhan could include anything that you would like to gift your sister. So why not a gift voucher. Yeah, it is in one manner a good deal.

If you are just going crazy thinking what could you gift your sister, then this might as well be a nice gift at the same time, we aren’t restricting her choice, with the help of these gift vouchers she could buy anything of her choice. It could be a great deal of happiness for her.

Gift For Raksha Bandhan – Rakhi Gifts For Married Sisters

If your sister is elder to you and married and at the same time earning, then there is a lot of scope for confusion and commotion in your head as to what could be given as rakhi gifts for married sisters.

So here I have a few ideas on the best gift for sister on Raksha Bandhan who are already married.

  • A laptop bag:

Like already we said, if your sister is married and working at the same time and if you happen to be looking for some kind of gift the fits into her lifestyle, and which also should be very useful for her. Then you could give her a laptop bag. After all, your nerdy sister is always hidden behind that portable screen and needs to commute with her laptop to her work and back with that. Reduce the pain of her carrying the laptop with the help of a laptop bag that suits her style.A laptop bag

This bag could be a great source of help for her and at the same time, this could be very handy for her. This could also be a great deal for you if you have a little fewer savings than you expected to save.

  • A classy and stylish handbag:

And the same story repeats, I think this could be the best gift for sister on Raksha Bandhan. Now, this bag could fit in both the categories, i.e., it doesn’t matter whether your sister is working or not. You can always prefer to give her Raksha Bandhan gifts as a handbag.A classy and stylish handbag

Make sure you buy something that isn’t high on the colour side and is more of a leather thing rather than the regular ones which we find. Look for colours that a little subtle and elegant with lots and lots of storage compartments.

These ideas could be a nice kind of Rakhi gifts for sister.

Gift For Raksha Bandhan – Raksha Bandhan Gifts For Brother

I know by now you must be wondering as to why did I mention Raksha Bandhan gifts for brother,  but let’s see it from a different angle. My perception here is that when that poor little brother of yours could go to a beauty store or is looking over websites for a smacking gift for you then isn’t it your duty to look for rakhi return gifts for brothers. Isn’t that a valid point now? What, did I say something wrong?

So here I have a few suggestions regarding rakhi gifts for brother.

If you are wondering what could you include as a rakhi return gifts for brothers which should be a Raksha Bandhan special and at the sam time the perfect Rakhi gifts for brother.

  • An Amazing watch:

My brother is just crazy about watches. He just likes collecting watches of various styles and watch dials with various kinds and types of watch straps. He never gets bored of buying watches, every second shopping trip that he goes, he definitely has a watch on his list.An Amazing watch

Similarly, if your brother is just crazy about watches then this should be the best Rakhi gifts for brother. As far as I am concerned I am sorted for the day, I’ll just give him some latest edition of this watch Fitbit, he has been drooling over it ever since the latest model was launched.

So yeah, you can also buy a watch for your brother as a return gift.

  • A dry fruit box:

Add an amazing dry fruit box to the list of return gifts list for brothers and see how they would love it. You could buy already store-bought gift boxes or you can make your own dry fruit box. It shouldn’t be a big problem to make one.A dry fruit box

Let me help you make one, okay so the things that you will require is a cardboard box with sections, few things to decorate that box, sticking tape, a gift wrap, a cling wrap and of course you also need dry fruits. Now, the number of different types of dry fruits depends on the number of sections on that cardboard box.

Okay, ready?

    • Now first make sure you clean that box properly with the help of a dry piece of cloth.
    • Now start filling those sections off with all different kinds of dry fruits like almonds, cashews, raisins, etc.
    • Make sure you fill the correct quantity, do not overfill or underfill the dry fruits as it could cause you trouble when you wrap them
    • Now try wrapping the opening of the cardboard with the help of cling wrap to make sure they are in place and do not fall.
    • Seal it properly
    • Now wrap it or decorate it with a beautiful wrapping paper.

There you go, you could make your own return for your brother.

  • Prepare his favourite kind if sweet:

Another interesting idea for a return gift for Raksha Bandhan could include preparing his favourite sweet. Let’s say for instance your brother likes ladoos or halwa, then you can definitely plan on making those.Prepare his favourite kind if sweet

I hope you know all about cooking. And if you do not, then there is no harm, you can ask your mom to help you out and make something delicious for you brother this rakhi!

DIY Rakhi For Brother

Raksha Bandhan is all incomplete without a rakhi. You can buy a rakhi for your brother from a store or you can try this interesting DIY rakhi for brother.DIY Rakhi For Brother

All that you will need is a string preferably red in colour, a few beads which have a hole( so that you can weave them into a chain), a pair of round tipped safety scissors.

***** if you are a kid, then please do all of these under the guidance of your elders.

The procedure is quite simple.

    • First and foremost, cut a piece of the string, cut it long enough so that you can tie it around your brother’s wrist.
    • If you do not know his size, then use your own wrist and take the length double of what you require to tie it around your wrist.
    • Now carefully start weaving all those pearls into the string.
    • Fasten with a knot on either side so that you secure your work.

There you go, a simple and easy DIY rakhi is ready!

All these ideas of gift for Raksha Bandhan are very simple and easy. So you can try and apply it this year!