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Engagement Gift Ideas Listed Down with a Brilliant Categorization.

A gift that you intend to carry for your friend at his/her engagement party need not be something flashy all the time. Engagement gift ideas that describe the love story of the couple or are of significant meaning to the to-be bride or groom can make some wow gifts! The best engagement gift is the one that is personalized and presented with best wishes for the couple. Congratulate the couple with our creative engagement gifts and leave them impressed with your choice. Give your friends something extra special to match the mood and something to toast to.

Engagement Gift Ideas


We have done all the legwork for you to find the perfect engagement gift ideas. Rounded up for you is a brilliant list of this year’s top engagement party gifts for engaged couples. Right from monogram and personalized engagement gifts to the kitchen and home decor essentials, we have some of the most gorgeous and best engagement gifts that will be loved by any couple-to-be.

Engagement Gift Ideas – For Couples and His & Her Gifts!

Engagement Gifts For Couples –

If you are friendly with the bride or the groom and you are about to meet their fiance for the very first time at their engagement party, it would be the best thing to carry a lovely engagement gift for him/her to show your love. Finding the best engagement gift ideas for the new couple in town can sometimes be a little tricky, especially when you do not know their significant other quite well. The best engagement gifts at such times would be something that the two of them can enjoy together. Some of our favorite engagement gift ideas for the lovely couple are –

For The Foodie Couple –

  • Mini Waffle Maker – Mini Waffle Maker

Present to the new to-be couple a mini waffle maker as engagement gifts for couples that will let them enjoy a delectable weekend breakfast treat together. The compact size of this engagement gift doesn’t even take up too much space in their kitchen cabinet and is totally adorable. Present this miniature- totally functional waffle maker as engagement gift ideas for couples is just perfect.

  • Retro Style Two-Slice Toaster –Retro Style Two-Slice Toaster

Help them jazz up their kitchen counter with a shiny looking retro style toaster as engagement gift ideas for couples. Pick a multi-functional toaster that not just lets them toast a crispy slice of bread but also has a reheat and defrost option.

For The GlobeTrotting Couple –

  • Personalized Couple Passport Holders And Luggage Tags –Personalized Couple Passport Holders And Luggage Tags

End the confusion as to which luggage is whose and who has whose passport with these creative engagement gifts of personalized couple passport holders and luggage tags. Printed in an adorable looking print of gentleman and lady respectively and made of faux leather, these engagement party gifts are just apt for the couple that loves to travel.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Jet Set Travel Kit –Mr. & Mrs. Jet Set Travel Kit

Gift the future-to-be Mr. and Mrs. creative engagement gifts in the form of this unique Mr. and Mrs. matching travel sets that they can happily use for their very first adventure together and from then on. These engagement gift ideas are sure to be loved by the couple wholeheartedly and they will thank you enough for this thoughtful gift when they return absolutely refreshed and well-rested from their trip.

For The Fun-Loving Couple –

  • Whatever Clock –Whatever Clock

These engagement gift ideas make a hilarious style statement on their own. Having a goofy background of jumbled numbers and the wall-clock losing its meaning altogether, this engagement gift is just perfect for the couple who never follows a strict routine and goes as per their hearts saying. Present this lovely battery-operated wall-clock to them that can be personalized with a lovely picture of them as well.

  • I Do Mugs –I Do Mugs

A cute alternative to the regular personalized mugs as engagement gift ideas for couples, these mugs come with one saying ‘I Do’ for the bride and the groom’s mug reading ‘I Do Whatever She Says’. Present these quirky set of mugs as engagement gifts for best friend. Let her know that she should be the one who has the hold in her marriage through these hilarious and fun-loving best engagement gifts.

  • Don’ts For Husbands And Don’ts For Wives –

Give the new to-be couple, these humorous rule books for the husband and wife that have stood the test of time since ages. These creative engagement gifts are sure to top your list of gift ideas. The advice that has been doled out in various chapters is simply mind-blowing and can help them create their bond to be cute and fun-loving.

The Artsy Couple –

  • Love Birds Leather Wall Art –Love Birds Leather Wall Art

Personalize the names of the couple along with their engagement date coming along with two love birds and present it to them in the form of this artistic wall art. These engagement gift ideas are simply adorable for a couple to tweet their love for each other with a gift that they can cherish forever. The classy look and texture of leather in an elegant and exquisite background that is inspired by nature and lovebirds is just perfect for them to enjoy a heartfelt celebration of their romance.

  • Summer-Love Tree –Summer-Love Tree

A beautiful looking rustic-art canvas that comes in the form of a lovely tree with the name of the couple beautifully etched on it is the one of the best engagement gifts that you can present on an engagement party. It is known for generations, that lovers love to carve their names on to the bark of trees so that they can be remembered till eternity. Present to them these engagement gift ideas as an expression of love and let them treasure it for many years to come.

  • Love Frame Print –Love Frame Print

This artistic looking love framed print is one of the most creative engagement gift ideas for couples who love art. Each letter of the word ‘LOVE’ is represented in a lovely art-inspired background with a different black and white photograph print. These engagement gifts for best friend are simply superb to let them know how happy you are for them. This lovely looking gift can be personalized with the names of the couple and comes protected under glass in a beautiful black frame.

  • Marble Wall Art –Marble Wall Art

These engagement gift ideas are lovely looking wall art frames that you can create all by yourself. All you need to do is create a marbled design on and absorbent paper with some colorful oil paints and make a lovely frame for your artsy friends to hang on their walls as pleasant looking home decor pieces. Frame your own piece of art and present to your friends these creative engagement gifts to proudly flaunt.

  • Potted Succulents –Potted Succulents

Add a hint of greenery to the couple’s living space with these cute looking potted succulents as engagement gift ideas. All you need for these engagement gifts for couples is small mason jars into which you can plant these lovely succulents. They can easily put these beauties on their windowsill or in a nice little corner of their house to make their home decor ideas taken to a whole new level. Illuminate their home with these brightly colored succulents.

The Netflix & Chill Couple –

  • Smartphone Projector –Smartphone Projector

For the couples who have the perfect weekend idea of chilling at home and enjoying a perfect movie date-night together, this smartphone projector engagement gift ideas is something that will be grateful for. In today’s world of smartphones, who really needs an actual TV? This compact-sized smartphone projector helps them screen just anything directly from their smartphone and enjoy a movie theater effect right in the middle of their own home.

  • 100 Movies You Must See Before You Die Poster –100 Movies You Must See Before You Die Poster

For a couple is madly a movie-buff, present to them these 100 movies you must see before you die poster in the form of creative engagement gifts and let them be totally excited. Let them enjoy watching these best movies ever and let them cross mark each one after they are done with it. This poster is just their ticket to the list of the best movies ever. There is a sweet little illustration of the movie behind each movie name like a small ‘tear-off’ window.

  • Date Night Cookbook –Date Night Cookbook

A date night need not be of the stereotyped form of always getting decked up and hunting the town for a romantic set up restaurant. For a couple who loves to spend time in their very home, this date night cookbook is one of the best engagement gift ideas. This cookbook is loaded with plenty of ideas that will help them to make the most of their time of staying at home. Let them enjoy some fun and cooking and a great deal of quality time together.

The Entertaining Couple –

  • Set Of Cocktail Recipe Glasses –Set Of Cocktail Recipe Glasses

Give these engagement party gifts to a couple who loves calling over their friends for a party every single time. Let them make their mixology skills perfect with this set of cocktail recipe glasses. Each of these glasses comes inscribed with some tasteful formulas that will make one aspiring bartender. The recipe of Mojito, Salty Dog, Bloody Mary, and Whiskey Fix come beautifully etched on these glasses to make the perfect drink.

  • Sangria Kit –Sangria Kit

Let all the essentials and requirements of making the perfect Sangria be thrown into a large pitcher or a jar and give it away as classy engagement party gifts. A bottle of wine, lots of fresh fruit and a stirring spoon, just put all of these in a pitcher that a couple can reuse for many years to come. These creative engagement gifts are surely the one that the couple will remember each time they have a fun-gathering.

  • Herbs And Spices Containers –Herbs And Spices Containers

Use engagement gift ideas and fill up the spice cabinet of the new couple. Blend homemade spices for them of special mixes for tacos, meat seasoning, vegetable roasting, and all of their other cooking ideas. These decorative tins and containers of herbs and spices is going to be their favorite of all best engagement gifts and they will thank you from the bottom of their heart for this lovely choice. You can also top the containers with some fun and decorative labels each.

  • Homemade Liquor –homemade liquor

Celebrate the happy occasion of the engagement of your best friend with the spectacular taste of some homemade liquor. These engagement gifts for best friend is a fabulous idea to carry for their engagement party to raise a toast. Make your own limoncello, amaretto, or coffee liqueur and raise a taste to the lovely couple and celebrate their togetherness. This homemade liquor is one brilliant idea to celebrate the coming together of two beautiful people for a life filled with love and happiness for many years together.

The Fancy Couple –  

  • Personalized Set Of 2 Champagne Flutes –Herbs And Spices Containers

Just perfect for the occasion, these engagement party gifts for the couple are a beautiful way for them to celebrate their lives together. Present them this personalized set of 2 champagne flutes in a luxury box as a lovely idea of engagement gifts for couples that is just apt for a nice and chilled glass of cold and bubbly champagne. Each of these champagne glasses is professionally etched with their names in an attractive font to appear beautifully on the front. This unique and stylish engagement gift will be something that they can use for any kind of celebration time and again.

  • His & Her Robes –His & Her Robes

There is nothing to get much more comfortable in than slipping into a luxury plush bath robe. Embroidered beautifully with the initials of the bride and groom-to-be these bathrobes are made exclusively of high-quality turkish cotton. Let the couple enjoy a comfortable slip on as soon as they step out of a hot shower for some relaxed time ahead with these beautifully embroidered ‘His’ and ‘Her’ bathrobes as engagement gift ideas.

  • A cute Baby Elephant Ring Holder –A cute Baby Elephant Ring Holder

This is the cutest option of engagement gift ideas for the bride-to-be. Present this cute baby elephant ring holder in the form of engagement gifts for her as a logical partner to help her remember where she put her ring. It is said that the elephant never forgets, so this would make this silver-plated elephant to be the perfect guard to her engagement ring. Artfully designed and personalized with her name, these engagement gifts for her will make a beautiful addition to her bedside table.

  • Locket Silver Cufflinks –Locket Silver Cufflinks

Even though he might be always on the go, let him keep an eye on the ones that he truly loves. These lovely looking locket silver cufflinks are just the ultimate choice of engagement gifts for him that he will be bound to love. These unique locket cufflinks come with a rectangular locket to accommodate a beautiful picture of his lady love and comes engraved with a single initial. Made of high-quality sterling silver, these engagement gifts for him will always keep his heart in the right place.

  • Canvas & Leather Collection Of Bags –Canvas & Leather Collection Of Bags

Let the couple hit the road in a stylish manner with these engagement gift ideas that come with a canvas and leather collection of bags. These handsome pieces will be of great help for them to carry all their essentials in an organized manner for their next adventures or romantic trip together. Made with class and elegance, keeping in mind comfort and smart organizational features, these bags make just the perfect tools as engagement gift ideas for couple to help them with smart travel and commuting.

The Crafty Couple –

  • Molecular Mixology Cocktail Kit –Molecular Mixology Cocktail Kit

Help the cocktail crafting enthusiasts elevate their skills with this extraordinary molecular mixology cocktail kit as lovely and enjoyable engagement gift ideas. They can simply impress their friends or just one another with this new acquired knowledge on how to make the perfect drink with the latest gastronomy techniques. These new techniques will help them transform their ordinary drinks into lovely looking foams and shapes that create a different level of excitement altogether.

  • Globe Decanter Set –Globe Decanter Set

This crafty looking globe decanter set coming with two matching glasses is a cool engagement gifts ideas. The decanter shaped in the form of a the world and containing a glass ship and the glasses featuring map style markings makes one stunning piece to carry as engagement gifts for best friend that they will instantly fall in love with. Create a long-lasting impression on them with these engagement gifts that are loaded with style and elegance.

  • A Personalized And Chic Cutting Board –A Personalized And Chic Cutting Board

With both of them getting brand new titles in front of their names, present them with something brand new and personalized for their kitchen as well in the form of this chic and personalized cutting board with their new monikers. Get their letters calligraphed in a beautiful way to add a whimsical touch to these creative engagement gifts. You can either choose a rectangular or a round-shaped cutting board and etch their names with the titles Mr. & Mrs on to it in a creative looking fashion.

  • Crystal Glass Vase –Crystal Glass Vase

One can never go wrong with these staple engagement gift ideas that comes in the form of a stunning and strikingly beautiful crystal glass vase. These best engagement gifts are the best way for the couple to spruce up the interior of their homes and elevate the stylish look of everyday flowers. These engagement gifts things that couples do not tend to buy for themselves, but love to receive as engagement party gifts. The modern look of these crystal vases accentuates the beauty of any kind of flowers placed in it. You can also personalize these vases by etching the initials of the couple on it in a lovely manner.

For The Couple Who Has Everything –

  • Lavender Relaxation Gift Box –Lavender Relaxation Gift Box

A highly pleasing fragrance of lavender bottled up beautifully in a set of toiletries is a beautiful engagement gift for the couple-to-be.  This gift box contains just about everything that the couple needs to relax and rejuvenate themselves. The abounding scents of lavender complemented with sweet treats and some calming English Tea is one of the best engagement gift ideas for couples who have everything.

  • Where It All Began Wall Art Frame –Where It All Began Wall Art Frame

A gift that reminds the couple about the place where their fairytale romance began is a timeless engagement gift that you can present them with. Whether it was in one of the locals, a fancy restaurant, or just anywhere in between, a gift that comes in a beautiful wall art commemorating the memories of that special moment is something that the duo will surely love. These beautiful and creative engagement gift ideas for couples is just appropriate for the celebratory occasion at hand to level up the joy and happiness of the lovely couple.

Here we are guys, with the best list of engagement gift ideas for every kind of couple in your list. Celebrate the coming together of two people who are meant to be with just the perfect choice of engagement gift for the duo as a token of your love and happiness for them.