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10 DIY Home Decor Ideas that are Interesting and Affordable to Enhance the Look of Your Home!

There is no place like HOME… Period!!

We all know that the feeling of coming back home is like no other. In today’s world where we are all too caught up in chasing our dreams, home is our place of comfort, a place where we relax and soothe ourselves. It’s good to be home. And all of us would want our homes to be as beautiful as ever. Having a pretty home to live in is every person’s dream. It is a way in which we impress our friends and family, with exquisite decor that leaves everyone wondering how we managed to build such a beautiful place for ourselves. Coming up with DIY home decor ideas gives your home a warmer appeal that people would love to keep coming back to.DIY home decor ideas

The cost of decorating your home can be invariably high because we all want a house that is similar to the ones that we see on TV or in magazines. So if you want your home to be the prettiest place on earth but you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket in that process, then you are just at the right place. Our DIY home decor ideas are unbelievably inexpensive and have the capacity to make your homes look wonderful. Our DIY decor for home are just the apt place to have fun and relax at the same time is the perfect solution. All of our DIY decor projects have a fantastic end result that makes the most inexperienced home decorator to be a pro and even more creative.

Today we have gathered for you DIY Home Decor Ideas that are simply genius. We guarantee you that there is no way better than these DIY ideas for home and enhance your interior. Why wait then, whip up your own DIY decor with just a few supplies and in no time at all!

DIY Home Decor Ideas And Projects To Make Your Space Interesting!

1. Butterfly Cloches – Butterfly Cloches

Butterflies are most often said to be associated with a deep and powerful facet of life. Though these butterfly cloches of DIY home decor contain faux butterflies, they bring in a wonderful vibe. To create this beautiful vignette you need a nice little glass dome, a circle of styrofoam, and a thicker circle of black velvet. Affix the fabric over the styrofoam with straight pins and cut pieces of a 22 gauge wire into different heights. Using superglue slide down a butterfly body onto each one of them and insert these wires into the styrofoam base. Top it with the glass dome. And there you are, a DIY home decor project with colorful butterflies!

2. Hand-Dyed Napkins –Hand-Dyed Napkins

If you are a fan of sparkling white dishes then these DIY home decor ideas are just perfect for you. A pretty nice way to dress your plain white dishes is with ombre shaded linens. Give your napkins a fresh look that can be doubled as placemats too with this hand-dying DIY decorating ideas. Just soak the napkin in water, squeeze to remove excess water, and lay it on a flat surface. Begin at the bottom by brushing with paint. Keep adding a few drops of water to dilute the paint as you go up. You can use different colors. Iron the fabric to set the paint. Place them on your table. Oh, how lovely they look!

3. Candle Lampshades –Candle Lampshades

Let your dinner table shine a little brighter with these serene lampshades as exquisite DIY home decor ideas living room. Just the simplest kind of thing to do here put a LED tea light into a wine glass and cover the top with a paper shade. Give your dinner table a cheery feel with these very cleverly made table lamps that are quick and easy to assemble.

4. Personalized Handwritten Canvas –Personalized Handwritten Canvas

If you are wondering what to do with the empty wall spaces in your house then this DIY home decor ideas living room is just what you are looking for. Make your empty walls personal by jotting down your favorite quotes, or lyrics of your favorite song, and expressions on a blank canvas, and hang them as beautiful and motivational wall pieces. Give your home a personal touch of your expression with these quirky set of handwritten canvas DIY ideas for home.

5. Reading Nook –Reading Nook

A more than pretty DIY bedroom decor it yourself. Make a stylish reading nook for yourself in a cozy corner of your bedroom just with a curved curtain rod and a few cheap curtains. Set this up as a private reading corner, throw in a rug, and a few cushions that will inspire you to read on and enjoy your new comfortable space. Grab a cuppa and your favorite book. Get inside and we guarantee you will not feel like coming out of your brand new reading nook!

6. Washi Tape Picture Frames –Washi Tape Picture Frames

Gather up some colorful washi tape and bring in your favorite pictures, use them for your DIY home decor ideas and come up with cute and snazzy little frames for yourself. Make your home instantly fancier with these beautiful frames to adorn your walls that are unbelievably inexpensive. Buy washi tapes of one or more kinds and begin by taping one image at a time. Mix up the tapes with different colors and textures for your frames and fill in your walls as per your liking with your favorite memories. Ta-da! Your easy-peasy DIY room ideas have made your room a lot more inherent and sophisticated now.  

7. Heart Shaped String Wreath –Heart Shaped String Wreath

Fun DIY room decor ideas that come into play with skinny balloons. Blow them to equal sizes and knot them to the end to create two loopy balloons. Cut yarn into pieces of 2-3 ft lengths. Keep some glue that is thinned with a little water, drop the pieces of yarn one at a time into the glue and start wrapping around the skinny balloons. Leave little gaps in between wrapping and leave them to dry overnight. The next day prick the balloons and gently remove their carcasses. Join the yarn wreath to make a heart shape. Strengthen the joints of the heart with lots of glue yarn and let them dry again. Next morning you will be awestruck by your creation and perfect usage of DIY decorating ideas. String this with a ribbon and hang it beautifully!

8. Cross-Stitch Wall Art –Cross-Stitch Wall Art

Exchange a needle and thread with a brush and some paint for this creative DIY home decor ideas. Recreate a riff that is oversized on a lovely embroidered rose with a cross-stitch stencil. Attach this stencil with a tape to the wall you desire to beautify with this DIY decor and trace the crosses that need to be painted. Work with one color at a time and let the paint dry for about 24 hours.

9. Painted Twig Bouquet –Painted Twig Bouquet

Pick up some stray twigs from your backyard and get them together for this fun and quirky DIY home decor ideas living room. Just take a mason jar and remove its head. Create colorful twigs by painting them in your favorite colors. Just place these color popped twigs randomly into the mason jar to create this unique display of DIY decor. So pretty, isn’t it?

10. DIY Floating Shelf –DIY Floating Shelf

Just hang a floating shelf in your living room or kitchen for simple DIY decorating ideas. All you need is a round wooden plate, scissors, and some yarn. Cut as many pieces of yarn as you can and tie a knot to their center, to make it the centerpiece of your hanger. Now divide this into 4 equal sections of 12 and divide each part into 2 sections of 6. Twist them together or simply braid them. Hang it to someplace high and tie a knot at the top. A few inches below, tie a knot at the bottom and slip in your wooden plate. There you go, your floating shelf is ready!

Go ahead then, use your creativity to make your home refreshing and interesting with these DIY home decor ideas.

Have Fun!