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Add Some Fun to the Holiday Season with Our List of Cool DIY Crafts.

It is that time of the year which children look forward to the most – Summer Holidays!!

After a long year at school filled with tedious schedules and brain burdening exams, every child eagerly awaits the period of summer holidays. As excited as they seem to be in the first few days, the scorching sun makes it difficult for them to enjoy to the fullest. Why don’t we, as parents, come up with some fun DIY crafts that they can do indoors and have a great time during their holidays?DIY Crafts

So if you are one of those parents who doesn’t want your children to miss out on their share on enjoyment during their summer break, then you have surely landed at the right place. Our cool DIY crafts to do at home will make sure that your kids enjoy their best even as they stay indoors. This list of art and craft ideas will see to it that your children engage in some fun creating and you will never let you run out of ideas to keep your kids busy. You can also use these fun DIY craft ideas to keep your kids at bay from the television and playing their favorite games on the mobile!

And don’t you worry about the mess. The very look of accomplishment on your child’s face will leave you feeling proud of the creative DIY art and craft ideas.

Bring Out The Creative Juices Without Technology With Our Cool DIY Crafts!

Crystal Names –Crystal Names

Give your child a twist on the very traditional science fair exhibit that they witness in school. All they need to do is bend pipe cleaners into their names or random names of things that they love. Dissolve borax in hot water and add food coloring to it. Dip your pipe cleaner words into the mixture and leave them still for a few hours. These fun DIY crafts will bring out the letters to sparkle.

Stamped Shirt –Stamped Shirt

Let your child use his favorite vegetables sliced in half for these colorful DIY Crafts like Bell Peppers, Potatoes, Lady Finger, etc. Let them dip these vegetables in paint and come up with their own intricate designs. Give them a plain color-blocked t-shirt on which they can have their own floral garden or shamrocks.

Family Tree –Family Tree

How about teaching your children to stick to their roots? Chalk out a nice little story and get the kinds hands on making a lovely family tree. They can work out these craft ideas by leaving their thumb impressions in the form of leaves named after family members and relatives.

Soap Boat Racing Track –Soap Boat Racing Track

This DIY crafts for home is one of the most genius parenting hacks. Bring some rain gutter pipe from the local hardware store that you could put to good use. This very equipment will be converted into a race track when poured water on. Make an adorable soap boat to go wild racing!

Foam Paint –

A funky 3-ingredient recipe of fun DIY crafts to do at home that brings in an element of science too. This foam paint that can be squeezed easily out of plastic bags –Foam Paint

Ingredients –

  • Shaving cream
  • Glue
  • Food color of your choice

Mix the glue and shaving cream into equal parts, and add your favorite food color. Mix them in a ziplock bag. There you go, your foam paint is ready.

Let out the foam paint in the form of icing from the piping bag and use this DIY and craft ideas for home.

Mini Kitchen Volcanoes –Mini Kitchen Volcanoes

Totally disguised as a huge mess these DIY art and craft ideas are explosive and fun science experiments. You need to set up glasses of vinegar as the base for your volcanoes (you can use paper cups). Place all of these glasses in a large tray to cut down on the mess. Add a few drops of food coloring and glitter (optional). Lastly, be ready to witness some colorful and sparkly volcanoes by adding a scoop of baking soda to each glass. Enjoy the Lava happen!

Story Stones – Rock Painting –Story Stones - Rock Painting

Make the characters of your story come to life on some beautiful rocks. Pretend play with them so that you can make storytelling even more of a fun activity.

Fireworks In A Glass –Fireworks In A Glass

This fun DIY crafts to do at home are amazing to watch. Just mix some food coloring in olive oil and watch your kids stare with wonder and amaze. The fireworks that will appear in their full glory contained in the glass will leave the children mesmerised and make the children do it over and over again.

Bubble Wrap Prints –Bubble Wrap Prints

We all love bubble wraps!! Don’t we? Why not make use of them to indulge in some fun art and craft ideas. Make the bubble wrap even more fun. What you need is just bubble wrap, watercolors, paint brushes, and any container on which you can fold the bubble wrap. Paint the bubble wrap with some water colors and give the kids to make some colorful and fun stamps.

Cute Fruits –Cute Fruits

Create some shelf-worthy prints as you teach your toddler to identify, draw, and cut fruits. These DIY crafts are simple and colorful that can teach your child something interesting.

Watermelon Cones –Watermelon Cones

These DIY craft ideas are the simplest of their forms. Just print, cut, and wrap. Make some fruit-inspired ice cream cone wrappers. They will make the perfect addition to your fruit-themed summer party!

Familiar Faces –Familiar Faces

These fun DIY crafts to do at home just require you to make some colored wooden disks and bring out your family album. Get the liberty of cutting these precious photographs for your kids to identify and remember all the family members. Celebrate the pride of your family and get them introduced to your child with these art and craft ideas.

Princess Wand –Princess Wand

Help your little girl play pretend with beautiful DIY craft ideas to make princess wands. Let her be the princess she is and enjoy the royal accessory when the mood strikes.

Fun Handprint Canvas –Fun Handprint Canvas

An adorable DIY crafts for home that even toddlers can enjoy doing. Let them use their hands to come up with design prints of their favorite animal or insect. Dip their hands in paint and let their imagination soar as they stamp their love for animals.

Squirt Gun Painting –Squirt Gun Painting

A challenging game for your kids to enjoy some DIY art and craft ideas. Let them bring out their squirt guns and go shooting to make a artwork on a blank canvas. This could be the creation that you would proudly display as the messy, yet fun art design of your child.