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Send your sweetheart cute Valentine’s Day cards and make their heart melt.

Love… They say that love is the most powerful emotion in the world. It is the beginning and end of everything, in the literal sense. Love is a feeling that is worth celebrating in the grandest way possible. With the season of love coming around it and Valentine’s day just around the corner, why not find some adorable ways to express your love to your someone special. Let’s get back to good old times and find some cute Valentine’s Day cards to tell your sweetheart how much you love and care for them. Find the most romantic Valentine’s Day cards for your better half that has sweet sayings and delightful wishes to melt their heart.

cute Valentines Day cards and make their heart melt

Need the perfect pick of Valentine’s day card ideas to go with your perfect Valentine’s gift? Get creative and take inspiration with our cute Valentine’s Day cards as the perfect idea to impress your love. These crafty and unique ideas will surely bring a smile to their face. Get over the regular love themed cards and look out for our incredible collection of ideas on the cutest Valentine Day greeting card.

Your choice of Happy Valentine’s Day cards says a lot about your relationship with your romantic partner. Whether the two of you are the lovey-dovey couples, the cheezy and mushy ones, the practical ones, or lighthearted, keep your relationship strong and going with an exclusive Valentine’s Day card. Choose the special Valentine love cards that reflect your love story just perfectly and portrays it to your partner in a unique and romantic manner. Browse through our collection of cute Valentine’s Day cards and make an excellent statement of love to match your story. The different themes of Valentine’s Day cards that we have for you will surely be a treasured keepsake for your love.

Cute Valentine’s Day Cards To Express Your Love For Your Sweetheart!

Valentine Love Cards :

Love Pie Chart Card –

Love Pie Chart Card

Present this beautiful Happy Valentines Day card to the love of your life and let him/her know that they occupy the largest room in your heart that no one or anything else in the world will be able to replace. This Love Pie Chart Card is a cute illustration of how important your significant other is to you in the form of a colorful pie chart.

Conversation Hearts Card –Conversation Hearts Card

These cute Valentine’s Day cards are the most romantic thing you can gift your Valentine on this special day of love. Make sweet talk to your love with these adorable conversation hearts with cute little sayings inside each heart, like ‘Be Mine’, ‘Only You’, I’m Yours’, etc..

Multiple Choice Valentine’s Day Card –Multiple Choice Valentines Day Card

One of the best Valentine greeting card to tell the love of your life that out of all the given options in your life, their love is something that tops your priority list. Make your love feel super special with your love and this cute greeting of love. These Valentines Day card ideas are a creative way to show the love of your life how important they are to you.

Kiss Me Under The Stars Card –Kiss Me Under The Stars Card

A starry night brightened by the light of the moon is one of the most romantic visions. Enjoy your celebration of love with these cute Valentine’s Day cards that will give all the romantic feels to your partner. Enjoy a passionate kiss under the stars and make your Valentine’s Day utterly memorable.

My Heart Beats For You Valentine Greeting Card –My Heart Beats For You Valentine Greeting Card

Tell the love of your life that your heart beats exclusively for him/her and no one else with these cute Valentines Day Cards. Make them feel on top of the world and lucky to have your love with this Valentine greeting card. The heartbeat illustration on the card is sure to make them believe every single word that you say with conviction.

I Love You To The Moon And Back Happy Valentine’s Day Card –

Express to your significant other that the love between the two of you is beyond infinity. Show that the love for them in your heart is much more than what the entire universe can encompass and that you will always love them so much. Make a stylish statement of love with this Valentine Card and give them a sweet surprise.

Funny Valentines Day Cards :

There Are A Minion Reasons Why I Love You Card –There Are A Minion Reasons Why I Love You Card

An adorable Minions theme Valentine Day greeting card is just perfect for your celebration of love. Tell your romantic partner about all the minions of reasons as to why you love them and overwhelm their heart with blissful joy. The cuteness of the minions along with your wonderful reasons of love for them will surely make these cute Valentine’s Day Cards the best gift of love for them.

You Are ROARsome Dinosaur Valentine Greeting Card –you Are ROARsome Dinosaur Valentine Greeting Card

Make a roaring declaration of your love with this ROARsome Dinosaur Valentine greeting card and let your partner know that the two of you make an awesome pair! The cutely fierce looking dinosaur will surely leave them stunned with delight and they will be impressed with your unique thought of expressing love on this special day.

You’re So Appealing Valentine Card –Youre So Appealing Valentine Card

A cheeky banana that is presented as if it is undressing from the skin is a cute tease for your love on Valentine’s Day. This fruit themed card is one of the cutest Valentine’s Day cards that you can present your beloved with. A silly pun of love with a fun element is the sweetest way to say I LOVE YOU to your darling.

Hate You The Least Love Card –Hate You The Least Love Card

This Valentine greeting card is for those people who hate just about everyone. So, if you are someone who falls under this category, let your partner know how lucky they are with these funny Valentines Day cards. Make that special someone in your life realise that he/she is the least hated person of your life. This funny Valentine’s Day card is sure to tickle their funny bone and hit them with some good sense of humour as well.

Heart But Not Chips Valentine Card – A cheeky little Valentine Day greeting card that tells your partner that he/she can have your heart, but the chips are all yours. This sneaky little statement about your food for love is just the perfect thought for funny Valentines Day cards that will surely make them smile.

Valentines Day Photo Cards :

To The One I Love Photo Valentine Card –To The One I Love Photo Valentine Card

Open your heart out to your someone special by letting them know that some of the best times of your life is one spent with them. A trio of heart-shaped photographs on the outside of the Happy Valentine’s Day card will leave them touched with delight and love. Choose your best pictures to make these cute Valentine’s Day cards look even more adorable.

Sweetheart, Be Mine –Sweetheart Be Mine

Send a beautiful heart-shaped greeting with a stunning picture of yours with your partner and ask your sweetheart to be yours forever. These sweetheart Valentine’s Day photo cards are the best way to express your love on this special occasion. Fall in love even more with your sweetheart by presenting him/her this lovely greeting of love.

Other Cute Valentine’s Day Cards :

Quirky Valentines Day Card Ideas –Quirky Valentines Day Card Ideas

Go above and beyond your average lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day Card Ideas and present your love with these quirky illustrations of love.

A few sayings that you can pick for these cute Valentine’s Day cards are –

  • Peas Be Mine
  • My Heart Loves Your Heart
  • We Blend Together Like Peanut Butter And Jelly
  • You Light Up My Life
  • I Love You From My Head To-Ma-Toes

Printable Valentine’s Day Cards –Printable Valentines Day Cards

Use clever sayings to charm your love with your wit. Take your regular Valentines greeting card a little off the edge with these printable and cute Valentine’s Day cards. For the hidden realist in all of us, these Valentine love cards are simply appropriate.

  • I’m really glad that you settled for me.
  • All I need in a good relationship is someone to binge-watch Netflix with me.
  • I hate the Valentine’s Day industry, but I am truly, madly, and deeply in love with you.
  • You are pretty much my favorite Valentine.
  • I’m obsessed with you in a non-creepy way.
  • You are my good ending to a bad day and the best start to a new day.
  • Turns out that I liked you more than I originally planned. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thanks for putting up with my unpredictable moods, cold feet, and some completely justifiable freak outs. Please don’t leave me.

DIY Valentine’s Day Cards :

Make attractive and cute Valentine’s Day cards to let your special someone know that they have your heart. Follow some simple steps to create lovely masterpieces of love.

Origami Hearts Card –Origami Hearts Card

Classy and cute Valentine’s Day cards are a unique way to express your love. Fold your own origami hearts and glue them onto a blank sheet. To this, add a lovely and sentimental Valentine’s Day message and present this little origami treat to your romantic partner. Leave them impressed and surprised with these adorable Valentine cards handmade!

Handmade Stamped Cards –Handmade Stamped Cards

Make your own set of heart and love stamps and show your love for your partner with some cute Valentine’s Day cards that have your personal touch. Go stamping colorful hearts on your little Happy Valentine’s Day card and express to your partner that being in love with him/her makes your life colorful.

We Just Fit Valentine Cards Handmade –We Just Fit Valentine Cards Handmade

In the whole wide world, finding someone you perfectly click with is really big deal. Show your darling how proud you are to be their perfect fit with these cute Valentine Cards handmade. Just take two old puzzle pieces and make sure they fit together. Place the puzzle pieces aligning with each other and write “We Just Fit” below them. They will surely agree with this statement and be impressed with your creativity.

Wood You Be Mine –Wood You Be Mine

Travel to old school times when lovers carved their initials on wood. Make these cute Valentine’s Day cards by finding a little wooden birch. Draw a little heart with an arrow on it and place it on the center of the cardstock using hot glue. Above and below it write ‘Wood You Be Mine”. Ask out your love in the most creative manner ever with this adorable Valentine card.

Key To My Heart –Key To My Heart

Show your love that your heart is exactly where it belongs, with the love of your life and only they have the key to open your heart to happiness. Make a vintage looking red key to look exceptionally pretty and paste it on the front page to look creative. Write with a red marker in a beautiful style “You hold the key to my heart.”. Celebrate your love in the sweetest manner.

Won My Heart –Won My Heart

There are only winners in the game of love. Remind your sweetheart of how they won your heart with these playful and cute Valentine’s Day cards. Create a little game of tic-tac-toe with a red fine-tipped marker along with some heart stickers. Win over your Valentine by winning the game of hearts.

King/Queen Of Hearts –King Queen Of Hearts

Get your cards straight and make a good deal, win your king/queen of hearts and captivate your significant other in your love. To make these Valentine Cards handmade just take a King card or a Queen card and glue it to blank cardstock. Write below it “King (or Queen) of my Heart. I Love You!”

Nuts For You –Nuts For You

If your significant other is someone who really cracks you up sometimes, then these funny Valentine’s Day Cards are simply the best choice for you. All you need is a few unshelled peanuts and glue two of them on some cardstock. Write above and below it “I’m Nuts For You!”. Present him/her this creative and cute Valentine’s Day card and leave them in splits.

Realist Valentine’s Day Cards :Realist Valentines Day Cards

For the lovers who have been in love with each other for a very long time and have now embraced the monotony of it, these realist Valentine’s Day cards are for the ones who are quite practical. Present to your practical partner these cute Valentine’s Day cards as a token of your love, something that they can totally relate to.

  • I love you enough to have learnt to tolerate your snoring.
  • You are the reason I wake up each morning, early!!
  • You make me so happy when you do the laundry and the dishes.
  • I love you, our small stupid conversations mean much more to me than you’ll ever know.
  • I’m so glad you seduced me with your charming awkwardness.

Food Pun Happy Valentines Day Cards :Food Pun Happy Valentines Day Cards

For all the foodie lovers, these food pun cards will be a treat to their heart. Right from cheese, to tacos, to tea, coffee, fruits and vegetables, or just any other food item that you can think of. These cute Valentine’s Day cards are sure to make an extra special gift for your food lover.

  • You are my one in a melon.
  • We were mint to be.
  • There is so Mush-room in my heart for you.
  • You make my heart skip a beet.
  • Olive You Very much.
  • Lettuce grow old and wilted together.
  • I’m nuts about you.
  • We make a beautiful pear.
  • I love you Berry much.
  • You’re my butter half.

There you go. We have made it easy for you by categorizing cute Valentine’s Day cards for your sweetheart with a little known secret of your love to suit your style. These sweet little ideas of Happy Valentine’s Day cards will tickle the funny bone of your significant other and also give them a treat of creativity showing them how much you love and care for them. Our entire range of ideas on Cute Valentine’s Day cards from flirty to fun are sure create an impression. Pick your unique Valentines Card to tell your Valentine how you feel and get inspired with these little Valentine love cards.