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Mind-Blowing and Creative Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents from Kids!

Incredible Wedding anniversary gifts for parents

“Parents were the only ones obligated to love you; from the rest of the world you had to earn it.”

~Ann Brashares

If it wouldn’t be our parents, we wouldn’t be here. They are our first school, our doctors and our first teachers. They teach us how to get along with the most basic thing i.e., coping with the world. It isn’t easy for them to teach us all this with the same passion and grace. They do everything they can for us and expect nothing in return. So just to celebrate their togetherness and their landmark, here are a few best wedding anniversary gifts for parents.

Marriage anniversary gifts for parentsanniversary gifts for parents

A set of different anniversary gift for parents who have everything, yet deserve the best gifts. Few of these ideas on wedding anniversary gifts for parents could be a little tricky to find and execute but not at all impossible. And as we all know, where there is a will, there’s a way! And if you think that your parents deserve the best anniversary gifts of all times, the following are a few suggestions. And these could make a perfect anniversary gift for your mom and dad.

I categorised these wedding anniversary gifts for parents into three different categories of anniversary gifts for couples; so just hop on and read on

The best sellers – anniversary gift ideas for parents

Mr & Mrs right Mugs:Mr & Mrs right Mugs

This mug set is of the most perfect kind of gift material for your parents, after all, they are for sure your worlds Mr & Mrs Right! Giving such a pleasant present with such a pleasant title will definitely make their day pleasant. You can choose from a wide variety of mug options, with various colour combinations and little funky titles. With the availability of magic or colour changing mugs these days, you could set out things where the mug could just have a title before you add water and later when they add hot water or coffee to that magic mug would display their pictures.  If you are bored of the regular ceramic mugs then the stainless steel coffee mugs could be another alternative. They just suit a perfect wedding anniversary gifts for parents

World Best parent frames:World Best parent frames

Now you could add another frame to the photo wall in your parents master bedroom. And guess what?! They are just going to love it. This is going to be the best compliment they ever received. It is just going to be the centrepiece of that beautiful wall and you are just going to add a lovely glory to it. A huge fame lined with all your family pictures on the corner and an anniversary message on the centre would be just perfect as wedding anniversary gifts for parents. It is just going to startle your parents! Just sit back and wait for that lovely smile to come on their face.

The good luck Chinese Bamboo:The good luck Chinese Bamboo

I know that your parents are a big blessing for you, but then you could always wish them luck and hope for their prosperity. Wish for their love towards each other to just keep growing and adore their togetherness (touch wood). Wish them all of this without even saying a word by giving the good luck Chinese Bamboo, they are easily available in the market as well. This present could count on the anniversary gift for parents who have everything, and also some good luck.

Customised wine glasses:Customised wine glasses

 Looking for a classy and handy marriage anniversary gifts for parents, then customised wine glasses with their initials or your personal wishes and messages could be engraved on them. This could be a very interesting idea as an anniversary gift and falls on the very classy side. It will show how rich your choice is. Your dad is just going to love that customised glass wine glass set!

The Mr and Mrs Pillow set:The Mr and Mrs Pillow set

This pillow set could just do wonder in their master bedroom and they are just going to love them. Make their wedding anniversary a memorable one with the help of these pillow sets and add personal and customised messages on the other end of the pillows. You could add your parent’s pictures on the rare side and add some nice catchy titles on the other, isn’t it a simple and creative anniversary gifts for parents from kids.

An leather case journal:An leather case journal

It is the older generations habit to write a journal at the end of the day. There never call it a day until and unless they finish writing a journal. So give them a fine leather covered journal and a fine ink pen as wedding anniversary gifts for parents. They would really appreciate this noble thought. Even if your parents do not have a habit of writing a journal, then they could use this journal to write down or make a note of all the important dates.  

The Do-it-Yourself gifts : handmade anniversary gifts for parents

DIY scented Candles:

If you plan for a homemade anniversary gift for mom and dad, then these DIY scented candles could do wonders, you can also add a very rustic look to these candles. You can make these all by yourself and exhibit your creativity to your parents.
All you need to make these DIY scented candles are some basic scented candles of various heights, cinnamon stick( these better be the old and not used ones), glue and a jute thread (to fasten your work). The procedure goes like, take a scented candle and apply glue on the outer surface and then start sticking cinnamon sticks all around the candle, let it dry. After the glue dries completely, with the help of jute thread or string fasten it and secure them in a knot.  There you go you could make your own homemade anniversary gifts for mom and dad. I’m sure they just going to be so proud of you.

Customised body rejuvenation hampers:Customised body rejuvenation hampers

These hampers are going to be a great relief for them. You can make your own personalized gift hampers or buy one. If you are planning to make your own personalized gift hamper then look for some natural and pure extracted essential oils like lavender and sandalwood with which they could massage over and also include a fine range of bathing and toiletries in that hamper, which they could use in their day-to-day life. A rejuvenation gift hamper could also have a spa treatment for them where they could just relax and spend a little time looking after themselves (the best Wedding anniversary gifts for parents).  

A Decade book:A Decade book

The best and the most creative anniversary idea could be a decade book. You could put together all your parents’ pictures on the scrapbook and then write a message on the other side. You could also add why do you remember clicking that picture or ask your folks the story behind that picture. Try being as creative as you can and open your heart and write whatever comes to your mind for Wedding anniversary gifts for parents. Try including all different pictures right from their childhood to their recent day picture. Tell how have things changed over a few decades and how despite all these changes they went through,  they held onto each other through life’s thick and thin. This should be another amazing wedding anniversary gifts for parents if you are already making notes.

The Rocher Tree:The Rocher Tree

One for chocolate and chocolate for all! I mean to say who does not like chocolates. These are just dive-in delicacies and people of all age groups just love chocolate. A Roacher Tree could be a perfect gift for them. It is very easy to make a Rocher tree. All you need is a flower pot or a container which is decorated, an 18 inches wooden rod, golden paint, styrofoam ball,  golden tissues which are used for wrapping, toothpicks, ready to use cement or Plaster of Paris and of course, lots and lots of Rocher chocolates (In case you just get tempted and eat them all).

Procedure –

  • Seal the bottom of a flower pot with the help of a tape and then paint the wooden rod with gold metallic paint.  Now mix the cement or POP powder with water. Do not add too much of water at the beginning, add a little water at a time and mix them gently, to avoid the mess spread newspapers on the table top. Now pour in all the mixture into the pot and then place the stick right in the centre. Let that mixture dry through the night, tie a rope on the top of the stick and tie it to some object high; so as to keep the rod right in the centre.
  • Drill a 3 inches hole into the styrofoam ball with the help of a kitchen knife. Cut the golden wrapper in a circular form with the diameter appropriate to cover the ball and stick it with the help of a glue. Now place the ball on to the stick and coat the ball with a thin coat of the glue and let that dry. Pierce the toothpick at the bottom of the chocolate and the rear end of the toothpick into the ball. Decorate the rod with different ribbons and there you go. You could make a lovely rocher tree.
  • It is going to a great successful idea! They are going to rejoice their treat with such a yummy marriage anniversary gifts for parents.
    **If you’re a kid, my advice to you is to do all of these under the guidance of adults. I hope you do not want to spoil your parents  surprise ending up getting wounded.

Experience Gifts for wedding anniversary gifts for parents

A recreational photoshoot:A recreational photoshoot

Recreate your parents lovely moments from their wedding, engagement, to all their fun trips and events and try and recreate all of those golden memories that they almost forgot. Revive their memories with a present photo shoot of the olden days as wonderful wedding anniversary gifts for parents. Add magic to their life and repaint and recreate all their olden memories! This probably should top your tip for best mom dad anniversary gift idea.

A romantic dinner for two Romantic wedding anniversary gifts for parents:A romantic dinner for two

Give them some time on their own and let them enjoy each other’s presence by organizing a romantic dinner for the two. Look for a fine dining restaurant which has some pleasant music and the finest dining area and food. Plan a surprise cake cutting and a candlelight dinner. If your parents do not prefer such kind of dinner dates then you can plan for something similar to this on your own terrace and decorate the place with some fairy lights, set up a table with some fine scented candles, cook some lovely and mouth-watering food and give them their own romantic dinner at their place. Another perfect anniversary gift for mom and dad and a lovely mom dad anniversary surprise idea.

Gifts to Impress – best anniversary gifts for parents

Table clock with picture frame:Table clock with picture frame

Another interesting idea for your mom dad anniversary surprise ideas could include a picture bedside table clock. You could put in an interesting picture of your parents or a family picture in the photo frame, looking at which could just be a good beginning of the day. If your parents are too fond of wooden artifacts, then you could also look for such an anniversary present for them. It is also very easy for you to add a personalized message on a wooden gift.

Couple watches:Couple watches

It is all about time and if your parents are just into the world of business, then there could be nobody better than them to understand how important is time for them. Look for fine designed couple watches for him and her and make their anniversary an all-time hit with these watches. Time is precious, if you cannot gift them your time, you could at least present them a watch!
Buy the brand that your parents prefer the most. It is just a perfect mom dad anniversary gift.

Leather accessories:Leather accessories

Pure leather is the sign of being wealthy and royal. These days you could easily fine leather accessories for a couple like wallets or a fine leather covered diary, that could just give a look of superiority and at the same time is very trendy and unique. I would personally suggest you buy such things only in two colours being that black or brown and no other colour. I think the other colours would just lower the values of such gift. A lovely parents wedding anniversary gift.

Personalized keychains:Personalized keychains

Just imagine you dad flaunting his keys with the personalized anniversary keychain that you gave him on his wedding anniversary. These keychains have now become a trend. On one face of this keychain try adding your parents best picture together and on the other face add some nice personalized message wishing then anniversary and all the luck. If you do not want to add any picture, then you can skip it simple and think of something more innovative than a picture. Like you can make a new symbol with initials of your parents’ name and there you go, it would just look very beautiful. Haven’t you heard that saying which says “keep it simple!”. Do not overdo it, just a simple message would also do. This is one good suggestion as wedding anniversary gifts for parents

Personalized brooches for him and her:Personalized brooches for him and her

Another fantastic idea on wedding anniversary gifts for parents includes personalized brooches with your parents’ initials. Now brooches fall under the category of jewellery. There you go you have one more add on to them, you could choose from a wide range of antique to modern day jewellery. If your parents are fond of antique jewellery then try looking of a pair that is antique and compliments each other just like your parents. And if they like the modern look over jewellery then well and good. Modern jewellery brooches are easy to spot as well. And if you do not like the old and regular designs than you can always select a design of your choice and get one pair done. This way they turn out to be more personalized ones. Just the perfect wedding anniversary gifts for parents.

Customized infinity bracelets:Customized infinity bracelets

Another gift to impress your parents on their wedding anniversary is a customized bracelet with an infinity symbol with your parents’ name on either side of the infinity loop and their names engraved on this bracelets. This bracelet is customized at the same time falls under the personalized category. You can choose over from a myriad of symbols and then add your own personal touch. Or come up with your own personal symbol to make their day special day more special. Make these in a pair and it to both of them. If you have no idea of what kind of a symbol to opt then you could use there initials and join them to form one letter and there you go, you have an amazing gift for your parents.

So when are you starting your hunt for the perfect anniversary gift for your parents?