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Creative Gift Ideas to Impress Your Dear Ones With – A Gifting Cheer!

It is a well-known fact that a handmade gift carries a great deal of importance and meaning. It reflects the love you have for the recipient and shows that you have taken the time and effort to make something special for them all by yourself. Creative gift ideas that you come up with yourself can sometimes turn out to be the best gift ever. Making a gift on your own is the best way to show your love to your dear ones. Show them how special they are and get started to create some of the most beautiful and creative gifts that are easy to make and inexpensive as well. These innovative gift ideas are something that your friends and family are going to love.creative gift ideas


Check out our list of creative gift ideas to please all of your near and dear ones on their special days and gather some great love and impressiveness. We have for you plenty of creative gifts that will leave the recipient with a feeling of ‘Awe’. With the best of creative gifts being things that are unique and personalized, our impressive and innovative list is truly something extraordinary.

Creative Gift Ideas – The Best Gifts That You Can Create Yourself!

Be it the holiday season, festive occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, or any ‘just because’ occasion, there are a lot of opportunities that we have in our daily lives to give thoughtful and creative gifts to the people we care about. Browse through our amazing list of creative gift ideas for all occasions and seasons and let your dear ones know that you have put in some special time and effort to create a beautiful gift for them.

DIY Flower Chandeliers –DIY Flower Chandeliers

Create something mesmerizing with fake flowers, so that it lasts for a lifetime. This gorgeous looking DIY flower chandelier is one of the most creative gift ideas that are perfect for home decor and ideal as creative gifts for her. The ladies are sure to be charmed with these lovely looking flower chandeliers. The steps mentioned below will help you make this beautiful creation –

Things You Will Need –

  • Colorful Artificial Flowers
  • A wreath frame made of metal
  • A thin wire
  • Needle and Thread

Procedure –

The first thing to do, to begin with making these creative gift ideas is to spray paint your metal wreath in a color of your choice, go with a color that is well contrasting your flowers. On the first layer of the chandelier put flowers that have stems. Attach them to the wreath base by wrapping them up with a wire first and then covering the outermost ring of the wreath with it. For the next layer, you can evenly space out different colors of flowers going from the largest flower to the smallest one. Attach these to the chandelier by initially cutting out a piece of thread and tying a knot at its end. String the flowers on to it by leaving a knot between each flower. As you reach the end of the string double knot it on to the second ring of the metal frame wreath. You can repeat the same procedure with a different set of flowers for the third layer of the chandelier. For the final layer as well, you need to follow the same process of threading/double knotting. Seal all of this in place with keeping the tops from moving with a strong adhesive.

There you go! You have now successfully created one of the most creative gifts for friends that are apt to spruce up their living space with the beauty of flowers. Wrap it with a creative presentation and present it to your friends!

Homemade Soap Recipe –Homemade Soap

Make these cute looking pink heart soaps as creative gifts and let the recipient enjoy their bath-time session like never before. Give their skin a fragrant and nourishing treat with this homemade soap recipe that is definitely going to be their next favorite. You can also present these heart-shaped soaps as creative gifts for him on your special day of love like your anniversary or an occasion like Valentine’s Day. These pink soaps are scented beautifully with peppermint oil and are dyed with the help of a colorant of red soap.

Things You Will Need –

  • A base of premade soap.
  • Fragrance
  • Soap colorant
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • A Spray Bottle
  • Soap Mold
  • Bowl And Spoon

Procedure –

Make small chunks of your soap base and gather all of them in a bowl. Melt the soap by placing it in the microwave for 30-40 seconds. Add soap colorant and the fragrance of your choice and stir it well with the help of a spoon. Pour the soap into a heart-shaped mold. Use a molding tray that is soft and flexible. Spritz the top of the soap with some rubbing alcohol to remove the extra air bubbles from the soap. Leave it to let it harden for sufficient time depending on how solid you want your soap to be. Now remove the soap from the mold and wrap it using a creative presentation.

These creative gift ideas girlfriend is something that they will instantly fall in love with. Also, it is a great idea of creative gifts for men on special days of love.

Washi Tape Mirror –Washi Tape Mirror

If you have someone in your list of friends who thinks of themselves to be their favorite person, then this is just the ideal choice of innovative gifts for them. Make an ordinary mirror turn out to become colorful and extraordinary simply by using colorful washi tape. Make them fonder of themselves with these creative gifts for friends. Add some personality and drama quotient in the way that they look at themselves with this beautiful layer of washi tape around an ordinary looking mirror.

Things You Will Need –

  • A mirror frame
  • Colorful Washi Tape. Lots!

Procedure –

Just take an ordinary looking mirror frame and wrap it up evenly at the edges in a consistent pattern of washi tape. Choose colors that are contrasting with each other and are of bright hues to give that extra look of drama to the mirror. Let the recipient enjoy admiring themselves in these innovative gifts.

These creative gift ideas are one of the quickest and simplest things that you can come up with at the eleventh minute. Present these creative gifts to your self-obsessed friends and watch their face beam with joy.

DIY Mason Jar Candles –DIY Mason Jar Candles

Who would not love to own a set of beautiful, vintage-inspired mason jar candles? The warmth and glow of these candles are sure to brighten up their lives and make them feel really special. These creative gift ideas are the perfect choice for someone who has just about everything. Making these mason jar candles is easier than you actually think and they tend to burn for a long time as well.

Things You Will Need –

  • Mason Jars, Set of 2 or set of 4, depending on the number you wish to present.
  • Waxed Wicks, 6 inch tabbed.
  • Candle Wax
  • Aluminum pot with handle, to melt the wax in
  • A Large pot of water
  • Scissors

Procedure –

You can start making these creative gifts by melting the wax in the aluminum pot. Use the double-boiler method to melt the wax. Preferably use soy wax as it is non-toxic and also burns for quite a long time. Meanwhile, wash the mason jars with some soap and warm water and leave them to dry completely. On your countertop, place some paper or mats that you don’t mind ruining. Once the wax is melted keep the pot on a plate next to the mason jars. Pour the slightly cooled down wax and dunk the wick into the mason jar. As the wax cools down, the wick will glue down. Make sure the wax is at the right temperature before you pour it into the jar. Cut out a beautiful piece of fabric for the decoration of the lid. You can further decorate the jar with gift tags, yarn, colorful stickers, ribbons, or anything of your choice.

How easy it is to make your own candles, right? These brilliant creative gift ideas will never let you buy the ones in the store anymore.

Love Map Wall Art –Love Map Wall Art

This beautiful illustration for the one you love is one lovely choice of creative gift ideas. If you are celebrating a special day of love or the birthday of your boyfriend, present this love map wall art as creative gifts for him and let him know of the special place that he occupies in your heart. This creative presentation of your love for him is sure to leave him impressed.

Things You Will Need –

  • A heart shape cutter
  • Map printouts of the important locations of your life.
  • A canvas frame
  • Glue
  • Sheets of cardboard

Procedure –

Cut shapes of the important locations in the city, where you remember having a great time with your boyfriend. These locations can be the place where you and your significant other met for the very first time, the place of your first official date, where you had your first kiss, etc.. Stick these map cutouts on heart-shaped cardboard cutouts and stick them onto a canvas frame. You can also label each location with a beautiful memory along with the date.

These creative gifts for him will make a beautiful keepsake of your love story and is surely one of the most romantic and innovative gift ideas for your significant other.

Gold Champagne Flutes –Gold Champagne Flutes

A set of two chic looking classy champagne flutes makes the perfect choice of creative gifts for friends. If you have someone on your friend list who has recently got hitched, then these creative gift ideas make a perfectly fine gift for them. Give them a reason to celebrate and raise a toast to their new life with new beginnings with these gold champagne flutes that they will love with all their heart.

Things You Will Need –

  • Adhesive Vinyl with a mirror finish in reflective gold
  • Champagne Flutes, Plain
  • Scissors

Procedure –

Decide on the kind of pattern that you would love to create on your champagne flutes. Tailor the size of the design pieces such that they don’t ripple or bubble. Begin with cutting pieces of your desired pattern from your adhesive vinyl. Leave the backing on the pieces. Now, slowly peel the backing of the vinyl adhesive one by one and start applying the design on the glass starting from the center. Smooth down each vinyl piece with your thumb as you apply it to ensure that there are no air bubbles. Finish up your pattern and fill in the gap with some last-minute custom cutouts. It would be better to leave the top inch of the glass free from vinyl to facilitate the ease of drinking from the champagne flute. Repeat the same process with the other glass and make one striking set of champagne flutes and say cheers!

DIY Essential Oil Perfume –DIY Essential Oil Perfume

Create your own signature fragrance and make unique and creative gifts. Made with the goodness of essential oils, this DIY perfume is sure to be something that the recipient will add to their list of daily essentials. Present these DIY essential oil perfumes as creative gifts for friends or as creative gift ideas for girlfriend and make them happy.

Things You Will Need –

  • A roller bottle
  • Essential oils of your choice. We have used grapefruit essential oil, vanilla essential oil, and ylang ylang essential oil.
  • A carrier oil, Almond oil, here.
  • Pipette or Dropper
  • Dried petals of flower, like lavender or rose.

Procedure –

Begin making these creative gifts by starting to combine your fragrances. In a roller bottle combine about 8-10 drops of all the three above mentioned essential oils. Swirl and mix the oils together to create a combination fragrance of the essential oils. Now add the carrier oil. It can be either coconut oil or sweet almond oil. The carrier oil helps to dilute the essentials oils before they get in contact with your skin. They are light and free from any sort of fragrance. Add a few drops of the carrier oil and fill the remainder of the roller bottle with dried petals of the flower of your choice. Give the scents some time to combine perfectly to create a beautiful fragrance.

This custom made perfume in the form of creative gifts can save you a lot of money and is a health-friendly choice when compared to the store-bought perfumes.

Homemade Soup Mix In A Jar –Homemade Soup Mix In A Jar

Gift your dear ones with these healthy and creative gift ideas and let them know that you care for them. Make this homemade soup mix in a jar as thoughtful and innovative gifts for someone who is sick and let them know that you wish them with good health and happiness. Make a bunch of these lovely gifts and stand out among all the gift givers.

These thoughtful gifts that think of the holistic wellness of the recipient are sure to uplift their spirits.

Recipe Rings –

If you are all a fan of your grandma’s cooking in your family and if you wish for your mom to follow her recipes and cook delicious meals for you then these recipe rings as creative gift ideas are just apt for you. Use this DIY idea for innovative gifts and surprise your mom with the best of all creative gifts for her.

Things You Will Need –

  • Blank Note Cards
  • Colored Paper
  • Laptop/Computer
  • Silver Ring
  • Hole Punching Machine
  • Laminator

Procedure –

Begin working on these creative gifts by typing out all your favorite recipes based on their section, like, appetizers, main course, sides, desserts, etc.. Make sure that you type the recipes to be shorter than 6 inches so that you can easily take printouts and glue them on note cards. Print these recipes onto different colors of paper to distinguish the type of recipe it is. This will make it easier for you to find a particular recipe. Now cut out these recipes and glue them to the index cards. Laminate them to avoid wear and tear of this thoughtful and creative gift ideas. Hole a punch to them and add a ring.

The best part about these creative gifts is the practicality that they bring in to the art of gifting. Pass down this memorable gift to generations and enjoy the deliciousness in every dish that you make.

Rocher Sparkling Pineapple –Rocher Sparkling Pineapple

A wine bottle presented in the form of a pineapple is one of the most beautiful creative gift ideas that gives the recipient the best of both the worlds, wine and chocolate. This DIY and creative presentation idea is suitable to present to someone as a housewarming gift that is lovely looking and to please their senses.

All you need for this creative gift ideas is many Ferrero Rochers Chocolates, a bottle of classy wine. Glue these chocolates to form a beautiful gold covering on a wine bottle that looks like a magnificent pineapple. You can do this with the help of a glue gun. Begin from the bottom and place the chocolates till the neck of the bottle. You can make the leaves of the pineapple with the help of a dark green colored paper. Cut long and short strips of green paper and stick them onto the top of the wine bottle to look like artificial foliage. The pineapple is now ready and appears to be in its full glory of shine and sparkle.

Wrap it up with a creative presentation idea and present it as creative gifts for friends. They will surely be impressed with your creativity skills and will be delightful to receive this royal looking pineapple with a combination of wine and chocolates.  

Personalized Coffee Mugs –Personalized Coffee Mugs

No gifting idea can get as easy as this. All you need to do is write a lovely personalized message or a motivational quote on a classic white ceramic mug and present it as creative gifts for friends. You will have an inexpensive and creative gift idea in just no time at all, something that is sure to be loved by everyone on your gifting list.

Things You Will Need –

  • Permanent Markers of the color of your choice
  • Plain white cups

Procedure –

With the help of permanent markers write whatever your wish is for the recipient. It can either be a special message or a motivational quote, or just anything else. Place these mugs on a cookie sheet and put them in your oven. Before doing so, set your oven to 350 degrees and set the timer for upto 30 min. Let the oven get preheated with the mugs inside. The mugs might tend to break if they heat up too quickly. After 30 min, turn off the oven and leave the mugs inside to cool, may be overnight.

There you are with your finished products of lovely and creative gift ideas.

Present your friends and family and give them a pleasant surprise on their special day. Show them your love and affection with these lovely and creative gifts with a creative presentation. Impress them with your gift giving skills and make their special day even more special.