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Corporate Diwali Gifts – Delight Your Customers and Employees

Take the opportunity and celebrate the festival of lights this year by lighting up the world of your employees, clients, and other staff members with our versatile list of corporate Diwali Gifts. Let all these people know that you care for them in the most heartfelt way. Make your employees, colleagues, and customers feel valued with some unique corporate Diwali gift ideas that you can choose from. We have a wide range of sweets, combinations of nuts, personalized office supplies, and much more to choose from as Diwali gift items.Corporate Diwali Gifts

Express your gratitude to your employees and staff members and show your love for them with our unique Diwali gift ideas. All your employees who form a crucial part of your organization need to be treated well this Diwali, so that they can enhance the progress of the company. Perform this sweet gesture by coming up with thoughtful corporate Diwali gift ideas that will make them feel valued and appreciated.

The festival of Diwali is well known for everyone to extend sweetness in their relationships, be it professionally or with family and friends. Coming up with thoughtful Diwali gift ideas can be a little tricky sometimes because one has to keep in mind the abundant quantity of gifts and the costing parameters. Today, we have for you a list of reasonable, yet wonderful and unique Diwali corporate gifts that include idols, sweet boxes, office stationery, gift vouchers, Diwali gift hampers and much more. Choose from our list of recommendations and spread joy this festive season.

Corporate Diwali Gifts – Special Treats For Your Valuable Human Resources

With employees being the foundation of every organization, our list of corporate Diwali gifts will make them feel loved and appreciated. Also, pamper your clients with these corporate Diwali gift ideas and build for your organization some great future prospects.

Miniature Idols :

Present miniature idols of the Goddess Laxmi or Lord Ganesha and wish your employees and clients health, wealth, and prosperity for the coming year. These Diwali gift ideas are considered as sacred symbols and mark the recipient with good fortune. Let your employees and clients get bestowed with blessings and gather positivity in their lives with these sacred miniature idols. Represent your good wishes for the people who keep your organization strong and going with these corporate Diwali gifts.

  • Chowki With Ganesh And Diya –Chowki With Ganesh And Diya

This small marble stand that is beautifully decorated and containing a miniature idol of Lord Ganesha in red and gold artwork is simply charismatic. This aesthetic and unique Diwali gift ideas with a tinted marble diya only add to the grace of the occasion.

  • Oxidised Peepal Leaf Ganesh And Laxmi Designer Portray –Oxidised Peepal Leaf Ganesh And Laxmi Designer Portray

Miniature idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi come beautifully adorning themselves on a peepal leaf shaped plate completely oxidised to make this to be one of top 10 Diwali gift ideas for corporate purposes. It also has a cute little diya attached to the tip of the leaf.

  • Blissful Buddha –Blissful Buddha

Beautiful crafted in black and fold, this blissful statue of the Buddha sitting in a straight posture blends in the perfect amount of serenity and peace in the house of the recipient. Add a touch of divinity to their homes with this wonderful gift idea.

  • Prosperity Gift Hamper –Prosperity Gift Hamper

Present your employees with Diwali gift hampers that come loaded with prosperity and let them know that you think of nothing but the best for them. This prosperity gift hamper comes inclusive of a cute little Ganesh idol and a money plant, along with a box of sweets and nuts. Let them seek the blessings of this deity and bring the new year with good luck.

Personalized Stationery :

Let your employees and clients show off their love for their organization with personalized stationery items that you present to them as corporate Diwali gifts 2018. Emboss beautifully your company name and logo on these stationery gifts and get them delivered to all your employees and clients, who will be delighted for sure looking at this Happy Diwali Gift. Not only will these gifts promote your organization, but will also increase your good will in the market for being thoughtful and considerate.

  • Personalized Pen And Stationery Holder –Personalized Pen And Stationery Holder

These elegant little pieces of office supplies that have the name of the recipient beautifully engraved are sure to make one delightful choice of corporate Diwali gifts.

  • Personalized Name Plate And Visiting Card Holder –Personalized Name Plate And Visiting Card Holder

Let them flaunt off the name of your firm stylishly with this wonderful Happy Diwali gift that is personalized with their name and designation on it. Nothing brings more pride than to have a lovely name plate of your own.

  • Executive Stationery Box –Executive Stationery Box

Get engraved in an artistic manner an executive stationery box that contains a stylish pen, a lovely personalized dairy, a card holder, and a few other office essentials. All of this presented to your employees and clients in the form of Diwali gift hampers is sure to make this festival all the more special for them.

  • Sovereign Table Clock –Sovereign Table Clock

Thank your staff members for dedicating their valuable time for the progress of your company with this thoughtful and symbolic corporate Diwali gifts in the form of a sovereign table clock that is elegant and stylish.

Gold Or Silver Coins :

With almost all people taking part in buying gold on the occasion of Diwali, it is obvious that people would also love to be gifted with gold and silver coins as a mark of recognition. Make use of this tradition and present your employees gold/silver coins as corporate Diwali gifts and make them happy. These gifts as considered to be one of the most royal gifts on the occasion of Diwali. You can use these as special Diwali gift items for the best performers in your organization for that term. Present him/her with a gold coin and claim that employee to be the most resourceful resource, while you can present the other staff members with silver coins. These corporate Diwali gift ideas will bring in a sense of healthy competition among your employees and will make them want to be better to earn themselves a gold coin for Diwali next year.

Diwali Gift Hampers And Bouquets :

Customized gift hampers and bouquets are corporate Diwali gifts seem to be highly classic and traditional. Make an incredible impression on your staff and clients with these unique Diwali gift ideas that come in a cute packaging. These Diwali gift hampers presented with a little greeting card of best wishes and good luck will sweeten your professional relations and get over previous grudges. These bouquets and gift hampers are said to be one of the most traded Diwali gift items.

  • Luxury Chocolate Bouquets –Luxury Chocolate Bouquets

Make a beautiful looking bouquet of some delicious gourmet chocolates and present them to your officials as a lovely happy Diwali gift.

  • Fresh and Dry Fruit Diwali Gift Hampers –Fresh and Dry Fruit Diwali Gift Hampers

Treat your staff to a delightful treat of fresh fruit and some healthy nuts. These are the most thoughtful corporate Diwali gift ideas that show that you care for the ones who keep your business up and running.

  • Basket Of Love –Basket Of Love

Make an attractive looking hamper that contains the goodness of nuts, the deliciousness of chocolates, and the blessings of Lord Ganesh and present it as a basket of love to show your employees that you have in your heart some great love and respect for them.

  • Silver Dry Fruit Box –Silver Dry Fruit Box

These cute looking Diwali gift hampers are sure to make your customers and staff members feel cared for. These are one of the top 10 Diwali gift ideas that come in the form of a nice decorative box of rich dry fruits like Almonds, Raisins, Pistachios, etc., that people love to relish together with friends and family.

  • Basket Of Prosperity –Basket Of Prosperity

This Diwali, wish all your professional colleagues a year that is filled with health, wealth, and prosperity with this wonderful Diwali gift hampers. This basket of prosperity comes inclusive of thoughtful goodies like sweets, chocolates, a Ganesh Idol, a money plant, and a mix of healthy dry fruits. Add sweetness to their life with this basket of goodness.

Serving Specialities :

Serving Diwali gift items are another popular set of ideas on the list. All people love to receive serving specialities as Diwali gift items that lets them welcome and serve their guests with utmost royalty. These serving Diwali gift ideas are surely loved by all homemakers and are the most trendy ones of the entire range of corporate Diwali gifts.

  • Dinner Set –Dinner Set

A beautifully designed dinner set is one of the most loved Diwali gift ideas by all family people. Made of fine porcelain detailing for a luxurious dining experience, a dinner set is something that carries timeless appeal and contains 6 dinner plates, 6 bowls, 6 side plates, 2 oval shaped platters, 2 serving bowls, and 1 turine.

  • Cup & Saucer Set –Cup & Saucer Set

A delicately designed cup and saucer set is sure to be loved by your clients and staff members as corporate Diwali gifts. Let them enjoy a wonderful high-tea experience with their family with these cute gifts from you on the occasion of Diwali.

  • Golden Bowl Set –Golden Bowl Set

This intricately designed corporate Diwali gift ideas make the perfect presents that contain a gold plated designer bowl and a decorative spoon with it. Add to the decor of the recipients home with this wonderful and sparkling gift set that comes in a lovely velvet box. Grab this pretty gift and spread some joy.

  • Silver Tray –Silver Tray

Add sparkle to this already glowing festival with this silver tray as one of the most unique Diwali gift ideas. You can simply present this tray with a beautiful packing or even fill it with mix nuts to add to the charm of this lovely looking gift. Create an impression of love and care on the mind of the recipient with this wonderful gift idea.

  • Set Of 2 Personalized Whisky Glasses –Set Of 2 Personalized Whisky Glasses

Give your customers and staff members this set of 2 personalized whiskey glasses with your company logo and let them be reminded of you on all special occasions that call to raise a toast. They will surely love and appreciate your choice of corporate Diwali gifts for them.

  • Personalized Sipper Bottles –Personalized Sipper Bottles

These thoughtful Diwali gift ideas are unique and lovely to be presented to clients and employees. Remind them to always stay hydrated and that health comes before work with this superb personalized sipper bottle of their own. You can get these sipper bottles to be personalized with their respective names and your company logo. Anyone who gets to have a look at this lovely Happy Diwali gift will give an impression of you being a very caring boss.

Other General Corporate Diwali Gifts –

When you want to think out of the regular and plan for some creative Diwali gift ideas, this list of ours is sure to help decide on something that the recipient will love and appreciate. Our unique and one of a kind corporate Diwali gifts ideas are sure to grab your attention. So, check out our brilliant compilation and get your Diwali gifts on the go.

  • Personalized Square Keychain –Personalized Square Keychain

Present all your corporate associates these personalized square keychains that have your company logo on it. Let them carry along the love for their organization anywhere that they go and be reminded of your care and concern for them. This cool and funky keychains are a great idea for Diwali corporate gifts.

  • Pure Kalamkari Print Copper Water Bottle –Pure Kalamkari Print Copper Water Bottle

These traditional looking lovely copper water bottles are very thoughtful Diwali gift ideas to be presented to your staff members and associates. Help them to take a chill drink break through their hectic work schedules with this cool looking water bottle as corporate Diwali gift items.

  • Personalized LED Crystal Cube –Personalized LED Crystal Cube

Enhance the look of the interior of the homes of your business associates with this classy looking personalized LED crystal cube. Spruce up their living space by giving them this Happy Diwali delight and take them by sheer delight on this Diwali. Get it embossed beautifully with your company logo and let your staff members and clients use it as a cool accessory for their side table.

  • Ganesh Night Lamp –Ganesh Night Lamp

Showcase the love of the favorite God of Hindu religion with this cute looking Ganesh Night Lamp as corporate Diwali gifts ideas. Known to bring good luck and prosperity, this Diwali gift item when presented to your associates will make them glee with joy and make the occasion of Diwali even more happy and bright. Made from a recycled bottle, this lamp comes with a lovely fitted wooden base along with a holder that makes it look divine when it glows.

  • Silk Single Bed Quilt –Silk Single Bed Quilt

A shiny quilt made of silk is the perfect choice of corporate Diwali gifts that you can give to your staff members and business associates to make good use of. This light-feather silk quilt with high grade cotton filled inside is a beautiful looking Diwali gift item that is sure to be loved by one and all. Make them happy with this pretty pink quilt gift on the occasion of this Diwali.

  • Scented Candles Set Of 4 –Scented Candles Set Of 4

A premium set of lovely fragrance filled candles is what is sure to be adored by each and every person on the occasion of Diwali. Along with brightness, add fragrance to this beautiful day with these cute looking candles that emit a lovely scent when lit. Help all your employees and clients create a soothing ambience for themselves in their house with your lovely Diwali gift ideas.

  • Ethnic Design Wall Mount –Ethnic Design Wall Mount

Give your business associates and staff members a ravishing focal point in their homes with these ethnic and lovely looking wall mounts as corporate Diwali gifts. Delicately matched with 9 pots made of madhubani style art, these modern, yet traditional artefacts will make just the most adorable ideas on Diwali gift items for corporate purposes.

  • Floating Candles Set –Floating Candles Set

Aroma candles are the most suitable corporate Diwali gifts to make the occasion even more brighter. These exquisitely hand-crafted candles set emitting a lovely aroma is just apt to make your clients and employees even more happy and joyful on the day of lights. Let them enjoy a lovely fragrance and be delightful with joy on this special and happy occasion in their life.

  • Truffle Chocolates In Jute Bag –Truffle Chocolates In Jute Bag

Make a bag of delicious chocolates of tasteful truffles and place them in a lovely looking jute bag in a bright hue. Present these as corporate Diwali gifts ideas to all your business associates and staff members and make the occasion of Diwali sweeter for them. Show your love and care for them with these tasteful Diwali gift items.

  • Logo Chocolates –Logo Chocolates

Add to the sweetness of the occasion and present your staff and customers with customized logo chocolates. This special offering is surely one of the top 10 Diwali gift ideas as it comes with a box of deliciousness with your firm’s imprint. Highlight your brand in a lip-smacking manner and present these logo chocolates as lovely corporate Diwali gifts.

  • Holy Ganesha Wall Painting –Holy Ganesha Wall Painting

One of the best choice for tapestry presented in the form of a Happy Diwali gift is this lovely looking holy Ganesha Wall Painting. This laser engraved and elegant looking Ganesha on wood gives it a really life-like look to the holy deity. Coming in a sophisticated looking wooden casing, this wonderful looking Diwali gift ideas is sure to please the recipient and make them happy from the bottom of their heart.

This Diwali, make the festival of lights even more bright by showing concern to your employees and business associates. Let them know that they occupy a special place in your heart with these thoughtful Diwali gift ideas that we have for you today. Appreciate their contribution and commitment towards your organization and nurture them to let your employees know that you care for them. All of our customized corporate Diwali gifts ideas are sure to give your employees and customers a beautiful glimpse of your caring nature.

Well planned and executed corporate Diwali gifts when presented to show your love and concern become a lovely tool to enhance productivity among employees and build up the good will of your firm. By exploring our unique Diwali gift ideas you can get the flexibility to pick the right choice of a happy Diwali gift to please your associates. Based on your budget and preferences we have a wonderful list to browse on and get hold of the perfect souvenir as an excellent gift. Bring a fresh perspective to your professional relationships with these wonderful utility gifts and items that are of aesthetic appeal to suit the occasion. Giving gifts to associates need to require you to spend a fortune on, you can also plan according to your budget and the scale of your business.

Our varied range of corporate gift ideas is present for any budget. Diwali is the most common festival that requires exchange of gifts, so just try out our mind blowing gifts and please your business associates with our curated collection of corporate Diwali gifts. Choose appropriate gifts based on thoughtful parameters. This Diwali, do something different and send unique Diwali gifts to build a strong and trustworthy bond with your staff and customers.