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Birthday Gifts for Kids – Make Their Birthday Celebrations Extra Special.

 Be it a budding artist, an athlete under training, an animal lover, a vars enthusiast, a princess lover, or just anything. For all these kids, their birthday is the most important and exciting occasion that they look forward to in the year. The very thought of their birthday fills their mind with super enthusiasm and excitement. Today, we have for you some of the most wonderful birthday gifts for kids such as plush animals, mini furniture and decor items, dolls and toys, customized playspace items, and much more. Our kids gift ideas are sure to excite kids of all ages and are sure to catch their interest on their big day.

birthday gifts for kids


We have for you some of the cleverest ideas and inspiration for birthday gifts for kids that are both, thrilling and affordable. Delight all the little ones in your shopping list, especially if it is their birthday with our kids birthday gift ideas. You are just reading the right space if you have a little one’s birthday coming up and you are not sure about what gift items for kids are suitable.

Kids love anything and everything that is made exclusively for them. More so, if it has their very own name on it. So why not give the kids some personalized gifts as the best gifts for kids on their birthday? Watch the look of pure excitement and happiness on their faces and become their favorite person.

Birthday Gifts For Kids – Bring Them Happiness On Their Special Day!

Birthday Gifts For Kid Boy –

Personalized Game Day Duffle Bag –Personalized Game Day Duffle Bag

Your cute and cool athlete in the making will look even more stylish as he heads out for a game day. Let him stand out amongst his friends for possessing this smart personalized duffle bag. These birthday gifts for kids are unique and cool for them to carry all their sports equipment and gear. With their name appearing in big felt applique these gifts for kids on their birthday become even more special.

Build Your Toy Car Kit –Build Your Toy Car Kit

Keep your kids away from becoming YouTube Zombies with these kids birthday gift ideas that they can make themselves. These finger-powered toy cars are just the right tools for your little boy to engage himself in a little creativity. These battery-free cars come with high-quality parts, which, when coupled together, give them a feeling of an ardent cars fan.

Harry Potter Cape Towel –Harry Potter Cape Towel

Let every single person at Hogwarts envy your little one as he roams around with this cool Harry Potter cape towel. These gifts for kids on their birthday is something that they would never imagine. For the die-hard Harry Potter fan that your kid is, this cape towel is one of the best gifts for kids that has a striking print of the Gryffindor logo.

Superheroes Chilling Poster –Superheroes Chilling Poster

These amazing looking superheroes chilling posters with each one of them munching on their favorite sandwich atop a skyscraper is one of the best gifts for kids. Let them know that no matter how strong and enthusiastic they are, just like their favorite superheroes, they need to sit down for a healthy meal. These birthday gifts for kids honouring the brave superheroes is going to be the best piece of art that will be cherished by both, DC and Marvel fans extremely.

Electric Light Blocks –Electric Light Blocks

Let these glowing creatures catch the attention of your little man as you present him with these unique kids birthday gift ideas. These electric light blocks are said to light up as he will begin to play with them. Let him engage himself in building some bright ideas with an interlocking set of construction blocks as gift items for kids. He can now build his own glowing robot, or skyscraper, or just anything that can light up his imagination with these unique birthday gifts for kid boy.

Build Your Own Robot Kit –Build Your Own Robot Kit

Let your little man get his creative skills up and going to build his own robots that are friendly and filled with geekiness. If you have your little one inclined towards being a geek then these robot kids could be the best gifts for kids. The parts of these lovable robots are made with high-quality steel and are painted in a non-toxic fashion. This lets your kids enjoy their own homemade creation of a robot with these birthday gifts for kids.

Remote Control Wall Climbing Car –Remote Control Wall Climbing Car

Let his birthday gifts for kid boy drive him right up to the wall with this remote control wall climbing car. Let him enjoy racing his friends and beating them all along the ceiling and right back. This dual-stick remote controlled car can easily dodge any object that comes in its way and is surely going to be one of the best kids gift ideas ever for boys. Let him enjoy impressing his group of friends with these cool gift items for kids.

Rocket Thermos Bottle –Rocket Thermos Bottle

Let your little scientist enjoy sipping his favorite beverage from a Rocket Thermos Bottle as special birthday gifts for kids. This unique bottle that comes in a rocket-shaped design with a gold colored payload system will make a brilliant choice of kids birthday gift ideas for your aerospace enthusiast. Keep him ready to take off with this stainless-steel vacuum flask that keeps hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold for about 12-24 hrs.

Solar System Magic Mug –Solar System Magic Mug

How about letting your little boy enjoy some star gazing while he sips onto his favorite hot chocolate? This magic mug, when presented as birthday gifts for kids first, depicts a clear view of the starry night. When a piping hot drink is added to it, it magically brings up the magnificent solar-system. Your star watcher is sure to enjoy these kids birthday gift ideas to the fullest. These starry nights solar-system mugs are also great to be presented as return gifts for kids. Let them indulge in some tasty star gazing!

Electric Monster Truck –Electric Monster Truck

A remote controlled monster truck that is highly durable is one of the best birthday gifts for kid boy ever. With these kids gift ideas they can enjoy smashing into the walls and trees to all their glory. Without a single worry, they can go dashing into and breaking into just anything and everything that they like. Present these electric monster trucks as gift items for kids and let them enjoy a fun blast!

Sock-A-Saurus –Sock-A-Saurus

Cute looking dino socks are little gifts for kids that they would love to own. With dinosaurs being the masters of the earth for a long time, your little guys will find these cool socks to be the perfect birthday gifts for kids. Let the little kids enjoy their dino fever! This sock-a-saurus can be also presented to them as return gifts for kids and add to their collection of all things Dino!

A Pocket Microscope –A Pocket Microscope

For his little inquisitive mind in this big world, this pocket microscope is one of the most ideal birthday gifts for kids. Let them enjoy learning about the many microscopic organisms around them with this fun and best gifts for kids. They can enjoy looking at leaves, their hands, their skin, and anything else in such and fun and learning manner. Let them have a great learning experience by exploring the world around them with this cool and unique pocket microscope.

Personalized Photo Football –Personalized Photo Football

For your little one to enjoy this passionate sport with a difference, this personalized photo football is the best birthday gift for kids boy. You can add an image and a message on a super cool football to make it unique for your little man. This full sized football with his picture on it is sure to blow his mind and get him out and playing almost instantly.

Astronaut Duvet And Pillowcase Set –Astronaut Duvet And Pillowcase Set

Make his bedtime routine a fun and adventurous aeronautical experience with this unique birthday gifts for kids. These whimsical kids gift ideas that help them suit up in the best aeronautical suit in the form of their bedding is sure to be their favorite. These unique gift items for kids will let their bedtime become a moonwalk that they will look forward enthusiastically to every night.

Illuminator Drone –Illuminator Drone

Your little kid will surely enjoy taking it to the skies with this excellent illuminator drone as birthday gifts for kids. This drone that brilliantly lights up the sky is sure to fascinate the boys enough to make it unique gifts for kids. Coming with an intuitive remote control that takes commands from the ground, this illuminator drone ensures hours and hours of fun for the boys.

Birthday Gift For Kid Girl –

Personalized Treasure Box With Lock And Key –Personalized Treasure Box With Lock And Key

Your little princess surely has some of the most precious treasures that she would love to keep secured. Let her have a special place to keep all her little treasures in the form of this girl gifts for kids under 5. Personalized with her name on it, she will surely love this keepsake birthday gifts for kids to keep her favorite jewellery and mementoes.

Princess Play Castle –Princess Play Castle

Let her enjoy transforming any corner of her house into a princess play area with this fairytale kingdom pop-up tent. These gift items for kids, especially girls are sure to be loved because it gives them all the necessary princess feels. Let them enjoy with their girl gang thoroughly feeling like royalty in this princess play castle.

Magical Fairy Garden –Magical Fairy Garden

It is said that little girls are fairies sent from heaven above. Why not help your fairy make her little world even more magical with these whimsical birthday gifts for kids. This magical fairy garden kit has just everything that she will need to make her very own fairy oasis. With the given instructions in this birthday gift for kid girl she can enjoy making her own little cottage and stunning fairy garden. Sprinkle a little fairy dust on her imagination with these kids gift ideas and help her make her magical dreams come true.

Yarn Unicorn Kit –Yarn Unicorn Kit

This adorable crafty kit that helps your little daughter make cute little colorful unicorns is something that she will love to receive as kids birthday gift ideas. She will love to make these colorful one-horned horses with her most amazing gifts for kids. Make your unicorn-loving crafter even happier on her special day with this cute and colorful yarn unicorn kit.

Star Lamps –Star Lamps

We are sure that your little girl is the brightest star of your sky. She leaves you spellbound with her beauty as well. Give her these birthday gifts for kids that she can feast her eyes upon. She is sure to enjoy these star lamps as much as she loves her favorite rhyme. Make her room filled with a captivating gaze with this girl gifts for kids under 5 and teach your little girl how to reach for the stars.

Name Plate Birthstone Charm Necklace –Name Plate Birthstone Charm Necklace

Level up your little girl’s fashion game with this super sweet name plate birthstone charm necklace as birthday gifts for kids. No matter what attire she is adorning, this cute looking necklace that is personalized with her name and a birthstone charm will only add to her beauty. Present to her this elegant looking jewellery piece made with sterling silver and make her special day happier. She is sure to love this kids birthday gift ideas.

Unicorn Light Up Slippers –Unicorn Light Up Slippers

Let her take stride like a beautiful unicorn and impress her little friends with these unicorn light up slippers. These birthday gifts for kids that are plush-lined and super cuddly are sure to add life to her feet when placed on the ground. Let her light up the neighbourhood with this LED slippers that she receives as birthday gifts for kids. It is a great choice for her great adventures.

Elephant Table Lamp –Elephant Table Lamp

Blended beautifully with the softness and elegance of a plush toy and the warmth of a lovely lamp, this elephant table lamp is something that she will instantly fall in love with. Present this quintessential bedside lamp as a birthday gift for kid girl and make her room illuminate to glory. This resplendent elephant lamp is sure to be her bedtime favorite for many years to come.

Personalized Quilted Purse –Personalized Quilted Purse

For the sweet and frilly girls in your life, these very cute personalized quilted purses are birthday gifts for kids that they will make good use of. Apt for the little lady on the go, these quilted purses come with comfortable compartments in which they can store all their essentials. The cute applique designs along with their name written in hues of brightly colored embroidery will make it their favorite companion. This quilted purse can be personalized with a name of up to 9 characters. It comes in designs of Mermaid, Butterfly, and Owls, and it makes one of the cutest return gift ideas for kids.

Mini Jellyfish Tank –Mini Jellyfish Tank

Let her heart jump with joy as she watches this pair of cute jellyfish jumping in their mini adobe. This birthday gift for kid girl are a great way to add to the mood and ambience of your little daughter’s room. This mini jellyfish tank containing two mini jellyfish swooshing inside it acts as a great night light and is ideal for your little girl’s room. Present this best gifts for kids to her and let her be in awe of the cute and alluring jellyfish.

Ballerina Musical Globe –Ballerina Musical Globe

If you have your little girl who always dreams of becoming a beautiful and stunning ballerina, then this is sure to be the ideal of all birthday gifts for kids to present her with. She will be left stunned and enchanted by the elegance and beauty of this glittering ballerina musical globe. The swirl of glitter that surrounds the pretty ballerina as she gracefully takes her final bow is something that will keep her dream alive every single time that she looks at this birthday gift for kid girl. Personalize it with her name beautifully and let her enjoy her birthday even more.

Donut Coffee Mug –Donut Coffee Mug

Treat your princess to this sumptuous donut in the form of a cute looking coffee mug and leave her drooling with joy. Let her enjoy wonderfully sipping on her favorite cuppa in this adorable donut shaped mug as kids birthday gift ideas. This cute tankard is a great way to motivate your munchkin to finish up her milk. The unique look of these gifts for kids and the choco dropping effect of it is sure to captivate the kids. Help them fulfil their donut fantasy with these lovely kids birthday gift ideas.

Animal Cuties Backpacks –Animal Cuties Backpacks

For your little girl who goes bananas over little monkeys and loves playing Doctor Dolittle with the animals around. This adorable backpack made of reflective material is something that she will adore out of all her birthday gifts for kids. Let her enjoy filling up these best gifts for kids with all her little treasures and daily essentials and flaunt it with pride. Coming with comfortable compartments and side pockets to hold a water bottle that will keep her hydrated on the go, this cute backpack can be personalized with a name of up to 9 characters. These animal cuties backpacks come in funky monkeys and owls designs.

Sparkling Sequin Notebooks –Sparkling Sequin Notebooks

A little glitter and a little sparkle, this is all that little girls are made up of. Present your sparkling beauty with this sparkling sequin notebook as kids birthday gift ideas and add a little glitter to her stationery collection. Coming with a charming illustration this birthday gift for kid girl is sure to leave her dazzled. She can now plan her day-to-day work in an easy manner. Right from things-to-do, notes, her ideas, her thoughts, and drawings, she can enjoy filling this sparkling book and adding some glitter to her imagination.

Minnie Personalized Fleece Blanket –Minnie Personalized Fleece Blanket

A luxuriously soft blanket with the print of her favorite Disney character on it will make her bedtime ritual even more fun. These unique birthday gifts for kids is one of the most popular choices of parents to give their children a comfortable time of rest and relaxation. Coming with an option to be personalized, this fleece blanket is a one-of-a-kind gift that the kids can use for many years together. Give your little girl her perfect snuggle companion in the form of these lovely gifts for kids. She can also proudly carry it to her friends for sleepovers without having the fear of her blanket being exchanged with someone else.

So, the next time you are headed to a kids birthday party and are clueless as to what to gift him/her, then our list of birthday gifts for kids is sure to come to your help. Pick the best from our brilliantly compiled list of kids birthday gift ideas that include return gifts for kids as well. Bring a joyful cheer to their faces on their special day!!