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An Exclusive Range of Ideas for a Birthday Gift for Brother

A brother is always a sister’s best buddy, better than any superhero. Sharing umpteen number of childhood memories and dreams as you grow up together brothers are always possessive and protective of their sisters. Year after year, watching your brother grow to be a gentleman is sheer pleasure. So why not cheer him up this birthday and make it count with some exclusive ideas on birthday gift for brother? Surprise him and make him happy on this very special day with unique gifts for brother that are personalised and made to order suiting his tastes and style.Birthday Gift for Brother

Elder or younger, your brother always has your back in tough times. So for a day as important as his birthday, you too should put in some effort in showing him that he is priceless and irreplaceable in your life. Show your brother how lucky he is to have a sister like you by choosing him the best gift for brother anyone might have ever received. Gift ideas for brother that he will treasure forever, we’ve got all of it amazingly wrapped up in the list below.

Find the Best Birthday Gift for Brother from this Brilliant List of Ideas!

Experience Day Pass :

If you are on the lookout for the perfect birthday gift for brother this year then there can be nothing better than the gift of experience. Get him a day pass to have an experience like never before; like enjoying the day out at a top attraction in the city or a chance to learn a new skill or an opportunity to try something new and exciting. These birthday gift ideas for brother are sure to give them fun experiences that they will remember lifelong.

Supercar Driving Experience :Supercar Driving Experience

Get the thrill going with this exclusive birthday gift for elder brother. If he is an ardent car enthusiast, then this treat to the drive of his life will be one amazing birthday gift for brother. Having an experience of driving the best of supercars of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi, and Nissan will give him an out of the world feeling.  

Comedy Night Tickets for Two :Comedy Night Tickets for Two

Let him have the night of entertainment accompanied by his best mate or even by you, as you get comedy night tickets for two as birthday gift ideas for brother. Let him laugh his heart out with some of the best stand-up comedy artists in town. Whether he has his own favorites or he is interested in listening some new humour, this voucher for two is the ideal gift to do so.

City Break Trip :City Break Trip

If your brother is a great fan of wanderlust then set him to discover a new city. This idea of sending your brother to enjoy a weekend in a new city or a historic location to explore the place is the best birthday gift for brother. Let him have a stay at the interesting hotels of beautiful cities and enjoy a completely different taste of life. This could make a great choice of gift for elder brother who is always surrounded by many responsibilities.

Personalised Duffle Bag :Personalised Duffle Bag


Every guy needs a cool duffle bag to carry to work or to hit the gym. Chose his favorite color according to his style and give this as a birthday gift for brother that is both, durable and stylish. Get it personalised by getting his name or initials embossed and make this as the best birthday gift for brother.

Fitbit Smart Fitness Watch :Fitbit Smart Fitness Watch


If fitness is of top priority to your brother, then this Fitbit smart fitness watch will be very well appreciated gift ideas for brother. These gifts for brothers from sisters comes with several useful and hi-tech features and functions that include simplified heart rate zones and monitoring of the heart. It lets your brother keep track of specific workouts with a built-in GPS function.

Star Wars USB Car Charger :Star Wars USB Car Charger


These make it to the list of unique gifts for brother, something that he might have never seen before. Having it’s looks inspired by Star Wars, it is similar to a gizmo stuff with sound effects and rotation movements while it is charging. This charging device can be used to charge almost any other device.

Foosball Table :Foosball Table


Let your brother have a fun and leisure time with his friends with this exciting and best gift for brother. This classic table game loosely based on association football, sometimes known as table soccer, has gained a lot of popularity among the guys of various age groups.

Branded Polarised Sunglasses :Branded Polarised Sunglasses


This pair of polarised sunglasses could be the best birthday gift for brother. Whether he loves to play outdoor sports, or go fishing, or driving around the city in broad daylight, this cool pair of sunglasses will keep him protected from the harmful UV Rays. Be an adorable and concerned sister and use these gift ideas for brother to keep him safe and stylish.

Lifting Dumbbell Beer Glass :Lifting Dumbbell Beer Glass

Perfect for a gym fanatic brother, these lifting dumbbell beer glasses are awesome gifts for brothers from sisters on their birthday. Shaped like a dumbbell and made from high-quality glass they can fill this to gulp down their favorite drink and ideal to add to their gym routine to have their energy boosting drinks.

Personalised Football :Football


Score a goal! You can use this idea of a personalised football as gifts for younger brother and help him develop his passion and skill in the game Having their very own soft-touch training personalised football will increase their confidence to a whole new level. Great for everyday use, this is a fantastic birthday gift for brother who is a lover of this beautiful game.

Philips Multimedia Speaker SetPhilips Multimedia Speaker Set

For your music lover brother, gift this Philips Multimedia Speaker Set as birthday gifts for brother from sister and let him enjoy listening to his music in rich, loud, and clear quality. The uniqueness of this birthday ideas for brother lies in the fact that it can play multiple devices with versatile nature. Your brother can vary the audio output from this speaker depending on his mood and the flavor of the music he loves listening to. Having an easy installation and set up procedure, he can carry this speakers and connect them to his party venue to enjoy an amazing musical dance party evening.

Adventurer Radar WatchAdventurer Radar Watch

Use this rugged Adventurer Radar Watch as a birthday present for brother that has military radar screens and a great functional quality. This birthday gift for brother is stylish and has a hardcore look that is designed to last. It has an elegant face that is digitized and is encased with a precision analog movement in a vacuum-coated alloy body. If your brother is a history geek or has a drawing towards the details of the World War II, then this is the best birthday gift for brother.

Joker Action FiguresJoker Action Figures

Why so serious bro? Let’s just put a smile on that face! Give your Joker fanatic brother these Joker Action Figurines and bring a smile to his face literally. This birthday gift for brother in the form of 5 action table top figures from the Dark Knight series makes just a perfect desktop accessory. So if you are looking for a gift for elder brother on his birthday then these little jokers will earn just a rightful place on his shelf. All of these figurines depict scenes that would remind him of the legend Joker from the best Batman Movie – The Dark Knight!

Star Wars Construction KitStar Wars Construction Kit

Just imagine the look on your brother’s face when he gets to construct his very own C-3PO. There are no special equipment like soldering materials, glue, scissors, or anything else that he will require to do so . Just give him this Star Wars Construction Kit as unique gifts for brother on his birthday and watch him enjoy putting these pieces of the fussy droid in their right place. Once he is done personally making this marvelous creature he will make it stand with pride as a display. Let him experience this out-of-the-world feeling with your birthday gift for brother.

Travel Scratch MapTravel Scratch Map

If your brother is someone who loves to travel frequently, then this birthday ideas for brother in the form of a Travel Scratch Map is simply wonderful. Let him record all of his adventures and experiences in the different cities that he has visited and has all the details about; like it’s population, density, and other things. When this World Map is scratched on, it reflects the names of various capital cities around the world in different colors. Let him make a scratch and make a mark on the places that he has visited. This is surely one of the best birthday gift for brother, especially if he is a hardcore travel junkie.

Land Rover 5-Piece SetLand Rover 5-Piece Set

For your little car-fanatic who has a strong fascination for the best cars in the world, this 5-piece miniature set of die cast models of the Land Rover would make a simply fantastic choice. Give this big Land Rover vehicles gift set as one of the best gifts for younger brother and let him live his dream of owning the Marine Blue Canvas-Back Land Rover 88, the Long Wheelbase Limestone Series 11 Land Rover, and others of the same genre.

3D Plush Frog Eye Mask3D Plush Frog Eye Mask

If your brother is the one who can slip into hibernation mode just anytime and anywhere, then there could be no better bday gift for brother other than this plush frog eye mask in 3D. Made in a art form that is sluggish and having an ultra perfect 3D effect, these eye masks effectively block light letting your brother enjoy that little extra sleep. Its soft material is soft the eye as well and is also portable so that he can enjoy his power nap sessions even while he is traveling. It is simply the most appropriate birthday gift for brother, the sleepy head brother!

Microwave Popcorn PopperMicrowave Popcorn Popper

For your elder brother who stays away from you because of his educational prospects or if he is working in a different city, this microwave popcorn popper is the right gift to remind him of how much the two of you enjoyed watching movies together with some freshly made popcorn. Remind of the fun times that he has shared with you with this lovely and thoughtful gift for elder brother on his birthday. Let him not miss out on his favorite popcorn while enjoying watching his favorite movies!

Thor Hammer KeychainThor Hammer Keychain

The most recognizable weapons of the Avengers is Thor’s Hammer! Give this Thor Hammer Keychain as a birthday gift for brother and let him adorn it on his keyring or backpack and make them stand out. This metallic keychain inspired by the Thor symbolizes strength and power of indestructible nature. Let your brother enjoy the pride of having this metallic Thor Hammer Keychain and flaunt it off among his friends.

On-The-Go Espresso MakerOn-The-Go Espresso Maker

Your coffee-lover brother is sure to fall in love with your excellent choice of gifts and will just not be able to stop singing praises of you when you give him this Espresso Maker of portable nature. This coffee maker would give him authentic espresso coffee anywhere and anytime with just a simple squeeze. It is light weight and hand held which makes it great to carry around when he is camping or traveling around for his work. An authentic brew just anytime he wants gives him the pure blissful taste of his coffee!

Super Mario Brothers Plush SlippersSuper Mario Brothers Plush Slippers

Super Mario and Luigi – The most famous Italian Plumbers and the childhood favorite for just all of us. Just like Mario Bros. let your brother too enjoy running, flying, and jumping with these plush slippers through all of his life’s hurdles and obstacles to finally reach his goal. Just let him slip into these little guys and enjoy the beginning of the games that come in form of these super comfortable slippers. With one size fitting all, you will not have to worry about it fitting it to your brother. Go let him find his princess in the right castle!

Handmade Gifts For Brother – Nothing Works Better Than A DIY Birthday Gift For Brother!

With handmade gifts being just the perfect way to show someone how much you care and some some money as well, use these ideas to make handmade gifts for a brother that are personalized in the most lovable manner. Coming up with a DIY birthday gift for brother is a very challenging thing to do because if the gift is not of much use to them, then they would just put in a corner of their cupboard shelf and forget about it. So here we have for you a list of brilliant homemade gifts for brother to let him enjoy celebrating his birthday.

Fabric Memo BoardFabric Memo Board

For a brother who is always having quite many things on his mind and tends to forget the most obvious things, make him this fabric memo board as handmade gifts for brother. This bulletin board can be made with a funky fabric that is stuck on cardboard with a matching ribbon. All you need to do for this DIY birthday gift for brother is secure together two pieces of cardboard to give stiffness to your memo board and cover it with a funky fabric of your choice. Pin a colorful ribbon and glue the ends of it down to the cardboard. Once ready, this memo board can be used to display lovely pictures or stick notes of important things to do.

Clever Charging Station And OrganizerClever Charging Station And Organizer

Living in a world of electronics makes this DIY charging station and organizer the perfect choice of handmade gifts for brother on his birthday. Give him a secure place to store all of his essentials like smartphone, chargers, tablets, watches, and just about anything else. With most of these items needing to be put to charge on a daily basis this best birthday ideas for brother can be doubled up into a charging station from a neat organizer. This two way handmade and unique gifts for brother will not just keep his work space tidy, but will also keep those hanging and pesky chords in place.

Mosaic Picture FramesMosaic Picture Frames

A lovely birthday gift for brother that is made by recycling Styrofoam plates is this mosaic picture frame. All you need to do to make these handmade gifts for brother is wash and dry out your Styrofoam plates. Paint them in colors of your choice and let it dry. Create a frame of the required size that should be slightly larger than the size of your photograph. Paint the frame and let it dry. Cut our your mosaic tiles and place them all through your frame playing with different designs and ideas. Tape your photograph to the back of your frame and lastly create a simple stand and tape it to the back of your frame.

DIY Block Name StampDIY Block Name Stamp

A fun to make and cool gifts for younger brother on their birthday. Just print out the letters of your brother’s name and trace a cut out in block letter font on craft foam. If your brother’s name has duplicate letters then you can stamp that side twice and if you have some free spaces in between then you can fill the gap with fun designs likes hearts, stars, or anything else. Trace the letters on to the craft foam and cut them out. Give it time to dry before you use it as a stamper. Glue each letter to the block backward and leave it overnight to set. You can either use finger paint or stamp with a stamp pad to write your letter and make this beautiful block name stamp as birthday gift for brother.

Wool Laptop SleeveWool Laptop Sleeve

Make this super easy wool laptop sleeve as handmade gifts for brother and let him use it as great accessory when he doesn’t wish to carry a whole laptop bag. Easy to sew and easy to make, this birthday gift for brother is something that he will love. If you are good at sewing or just have some basic idea on sewing, all you need to do is grab a piece of bright and colorful fabric in woolen texture and sew it according to the dimensions of your brother’s laptop. Making this wool laptop sleeve could be the best gift for brother that even a kid would be able to easily make with his eyes closed.

Personalized Birthday PostersPersonalized Birthday Posters

Let your brother celebrate his birthday in a fantastic way while you give him these handmade gifts for brother in the form of personalized birthday posters. You can fill these posters with the highlights of that year that he will admire fondly. Use colorful and funky font to add to the appeal of your personalized birthday posters. You can also fill in some other details like the milestones that has achieved so far, or the dates of best times that you and brother have spent together. Give your brother a gift of remembrance on his birthday this year and make it special for him with your birthday ideas for brother. If you are running out of time, then there is an easy way out to make these lovely posters. Use an online poster app that makes it easy for you to format as per your choice. Make the required changes, download, and print this frame at home. There you go, your personalized birthday poster as a birthday gift for brother is ready!