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Birthday Card Ideas for the Special People in Your Life to Know You Care!

Presenting your friends and family with a birthday card on their birthday is always counted to be as a nice gesture. It sometimes turns out to be more meaningful if you consider making creative birthday cards all by yourself. These birthday card ideas can be really simple to make, but it shows the recipient that you care for them. With one of the latest trends being social media shoutouts that are fun and easy, there is nothing more valuable than a cute looking handmade birthday card design for someone you love. There is a different feeling altogether about birthday cards that are made with a personal touch. It is something that you have invested your time in, to make your loved ones feel more valued.

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Today, we bring to you birthday card ideas that are super easy to make and are highly inspirational when paired with a lovely birthday gift. Peruse these lovely birthday card craft ideas with easily available objects and make your dear ones feel loved. Create these works of art in literally no time at all to make cute looking DIY birthday cards and we assure you, you will never have to buy one again.

Get your creative juices flowing with these crafty little projects in the form of birthday card ideas to show the special people in your life that you care for them. It is surely fun and easy to make these DIY birthday cards, especially when you know how to make one.

Fun And Crafty Birthday Card Ideas

Paper Doily Cupcake Cards –Paper Doily Cupcake Cards

This brilliantly coordinated paper bag idea with a doily and a few polka dot craft papers and a cute looking cupcake cutout is one of the easiest birthday card ideas that you can come up with. All you need is a brown paper bag, card stock paper printouts of Happy Birthday, a cupcake cut out and a sheet of a doily. Stick all of these together in a perfectly color coordinated manner and present your dear ones with DIY birthday cards. After all, a cupcake is a mini celebration in its own way!

Pop Up Balloon Card –Pop Up Balloon Card

A cute balloon design is loved on the occasion of birthdays and any occasion that calls for a celebration. Let your dear ones open up these creative birthday cards for a fun surprise of colorful balloons popping up to wish him/her a very Happy Birthday. You can use a fun stamp to get your birthday wish printed on the inside of these Happy Birthday card ideas. Mount colored strips of paper for a captivating visual interest and make balloons out of colorful cardstock. Vary the height of the balloons and watch the happiness on the face of your friends and family when they open these birthday cards popping out with balloons.

Birthday Card Candle –Birthday Card Candle

This birthday card candle is a lovely choice of birthday card ideas for friend with a very simple process. For this cute looking birthday card design you need just a few adorable looking candles, a few stamps, and brown paper bags. Cut out equal portions of a brown paper bag and stick one candle each on the middle of the cutout. The number of cutouts can vary depending upon the number of wishes you want to write for your friend. Now, below each candle, beautifully stamp a birthday wish and a Happy Birthday message and present this birthday card candle to them in a colorful envelope.  

Classic Birthday Card –Classic Birthday Card

Mix and match a cute looking bunch of colorful and pop cardstock with copper foil accents to come up with a classic birthday card in your completely own style. These birthday card craft ideas can be made by cutting shapes and adhering them beautifully to the birthday card. Use foam squares to make a happy birthday sticker that is bright and colorful. To add to the embellishments on these classic birthday card ideas you can also make use of colorful washi tape, glitter pens, stamps, and stickers.

Kissing Button Cards –Kissing Button Cards

These birthday card ideas are the cutest ones for someone special in your life. It is very easy to make this visually appealing birthday card design to present to someone you love deeply. Made from contrastingly colorful buttons and simple lines of stick drawing in black ink makes these birthday cards totally adorable. The kissing is shown with two cute and colorful buttons. Just draw a few love elements around these cute drawings and present it with all your heart to the one you love.

Leafy Card –Leafy Card

A cute looking gender-neutral card made with different shades of green is a birthday card design that will be liked and appreciated by one and all. Just gather for yourself some cardstock in any shade of green that appeals to you. Draw wavy lines with acrylic paint or crayon to look like branches of a tree. Cut leaf shapes with paper or fabric and stick them at the end of your branches to look like a tree. Glue all your leaves and leave it to stick well for a while. Now write down your birthday wish and message artistically and present it as one of the most beautiful and easy to make birthday card ideas.

Ice Cream Cone Card –Ice Cream Cone Card

Made from the cutest sherbet colors and the 3-D effect of ice creams, these birthday card ideas is surely a delectable treat for someone special on their birthday. Make use of different colored papers and make cutouts of layers of ice cream and place them in a cute and colorful manner on an ice cream cutout. Also, make a cutout of a cherry on the top to make it look even more beautiful. Place a Happy Birthday stamp beautifully at the bottom of the cone and write a lovely birthday message inside. You can also place this ice cream cone structure on different colorful cutouts to make it a lovely visual treat in the form of birthday card craft ideas.

Pinks And Pearls –Pinks And Pearls

For a girl who is all about pinks, flowers, and pearls, you can uses this birthday card design as a lovely gift idea. This stylish but simple birthday card ideas is the perfect choice for girls. Made from punched out flowers with small pearls stuck at their center, these pretty DIY birthday cards are an outstanding choice. To add to the beauty of these creative birthday cards, you can also use warm purple shades to be perfectly complemented with the pinks and the pearl embellishments. Make this fancy little card for the pretty girl in your life and make her happy.

Dip Dyed –dip-dyed

Write a lovely birthday note for the favorite person in your life and give this creative birthday cards to them on the occasion of their birthday to make them feel utterly special. All you need to do to make these dip-dyed birthday cards is, cut your cardstock to fit into an envelope of your choice. Now, take steaming hot water into a stainless steel bowl and mix some fabric dye into it. Test the color with some extra pieces of cardstock. Once you get the right shade of your desired color, dip your card into the colored water. Remove it quickly to get a lighter shade and if you want a darker shade, keep it longer. Remove your card and dab the excess dye with the help of a paper towel and hang it to dry. Once it is completely dry, write your message in an artistic manner on the inside and present it as cute birthday cards. The recipient will surely fall in love with its simple and elegant look.

Paint Layered Birthday Cake Card –Paint Layered Birthday Cake Card

Bring out the painter in you and use it to come up with fantastic birthday card ideas. Make a beautiful looking festive birthday greeting with a painted layered cake with just a few painting stripes and black line drawings that are easy. Use your favorite colors to make paint stripes forming a nice and cute layered cake. Now with a black pen draw a candle or a string to make it look even more beautiful. Allow it to dry for a while. Now write down a special message for the recipient and present it as the easiest DIY birthday cards. These delicate birthday cards that are handmade are fun to create with series of the easiest steps ever. Happy Painting, guys!

Colorful Cupcake Liner Card –Colorful Cupcake Liner Card

Use a real cupcake liner that is bright and colorful to come up with this strikingly cute birthday card ideas. The idea of a cupcake for DIY birthday cards is perfectly fitting for the occasion of celebration. This super cute and fun birthday card is made by cutting out cardstock of your choice and cutting a cupcake wrapper into half. Now cut out a matching cupcake top from colored paper. Use a double sided tape to attach the cupcake top and bottom to the cardstock cutout along with some cute decorations of your choice. Place a cute looking candle on the top of your cupcake t make it look cuter. Tada! Your cutest DIY birthday cards are ready.

Sequins Glitter Card –Sequins Glitter Card

If you and your friend is someone who is deeply fascinated with sequins and little things of glitter and sparkle, then this sequins glitter card is the best choice of birthday card ideas for friend. Use differently colored sequins to come up with a design of your own to get started. Head over and play with birthday elements like balloons, cakes, candles, and other fun designs to incorporate in your birthday card ideas. If you are not good at drawing, you can simply trace out the designs of your choice on cardstock and using hot glue, cover it all around with sequins. Write your birthday message on the inside of the card and present it as creative birthday card ideas for friend. All of your friends will surely be impressed with your creativity and birthday card ideas.

Washi Designs And Sticker Cards –Washi Designs And Sticker Cards

Get some colorful washi tapes to play a starring role in creating a stunning birthday card design. Use a variety of color combinations and height and width variations, make different cutouts of birthday elements and place them with simple craft ideas on your birthday cards. You can create the perfect layered cakes and cupcakes with these colorful washi tapes. Again, you can also make lovely happy birthday card ideas by playing with fun and quirky stickers. Grab some fun inspiration from stickers with a variety of happy birthday messages coming in different moods to make simple birthday cards come to life.

I Love You This Much Birthday Card –I Love You This Much Birthday Card

For someone special in your life, whom you love more than anyone in the world, these birthday card ideas are simply perfect. All you need for these birthday card craft ideas is a black marker and a few basic drawing skills. In beautiful calligraphy you can write on the card ‘I Love You This Much”. Now draw a cartoon character with its arms wide open and stretched out till almost the end of the paper. Write a lovely Happy Birthday message on the inside of it and present it. The recipient will fall in love with you and go head over heels for sure with these cutest Happy Birthday card ideas.

Hanging Bunting Pop Up Card –Hanging Bunting Pop Up Card

These hanging bunting pop up cards are one of the easiest DIY birthday card ideas you will ever come across. For these DIY birthday cards you will need two contrasting colors of cardstock, colored twine, and hot glue. Cut small triangles of colored cardstock and on each of them write a letter to spell out Happy Birthday. Now, cut the other colored cardstock in the shape of a greeting card to open like a book. Using hot glue, stick the Happy Birthday cutouts on colored twine and let it dry and stick completely. Tie the ends of the twine to make it look like a hanging bunting. Take the ends of the bunting and stick it on the greeting card in a way that the bunting pops up when the recipient opens the greeting card. Present it as birthday card ideas for friends and family to make them feel extra special on their birthday.

Paper Cutout Age Card –Paper Cutout Age Card

A surprisingly beautiful way to wish your dear one on their birthday is by presenting them with these cute and adorable birthday card ideas. This chic looking paper cutout age card can be made from almost any kind of scrap paper whose pattern you really love. Just cut out numerals of the recipient’s age and place it on a shape of your choice. You can make the shape in the form of a heart, star, or just a simple circle from cardstock of your choice. Place the numerals on it with the help of glue and write your special birthday message on the inside of it. There you go. Your one-of-a-kind creative birthday cards are ready and all set to be presented.

DIY Letter Board Birthday Cards –DIY Letter Board Birthday Cards

With the letter board design being the latest trend, use them as an inspiration to come with lovely birthday card ideas for your near and dear ones to feel extraordinarily special. Use a personalized sentiment to create this birthday card design that the recipient can relate to and wish them a happy birthday in the cutest style ever. For this, you will need white cardstock, a black marker, colored cardstock, double-sided tape, and an envelope to put your greeting into. Fold the colored cardstock to form the base of your greeting. Now, using the white cardstock make letter cutouts of your birthday message, you can also make some letters black with the help of the marker to create a contrasting effect. Stick the letters and position them to beautiful write your birthday message. These fun birthday card ideas can be customized in any way that you like.

Black And Gold Modern Happy Birthday Card Ideas –Black And Gold Modern Happy Birthday Card Ideas

If you are short of time and you still want to make your dear one feel special on their birthday, then these black and gold modern happy birthday card ideas are simply apt for you. To make these birthday cards you simply need white cardstock, black satin ribbons or black washi tape, gold colored cardstock or colored paper and white paint or a marker. Cut the white cardstock to form the base of your greeting card and stick on it horizontal lines of black satin ribbon or washi tape to create a zebra effect. Cut a circle of the golden cardstock or colored paper and write in beautiful calligraphy a Happy Birthday message for the recipient. Stick this in the centre of your card and on the inside of it you can write a special note for the recipient. This is one hell of sophisticated looking creative birthday cards that everyone will instantly fall in love with.

Mini Birthday Album –Mini Birthday Album

These are the most creative birthday card ideas that double up to make a mini album for the recipient. These birthday card craft ideas present the recipient with a keepsake that he/she will treasure for years to come. Take two sheets of cardstock in contrasting colors of your choice Fold the strips of it to create a zig-zag look. Draw elements of celebration for a more appealing look to the mini album. On alternate flaps, stick photographs of the birthday boy or girl and on the other flap, write down birthday messages for them. You can also give a relating memory of the picture pasted to make it a memorable experience. Place a little satin ribbon in the form of a loop so that the recipient can hang it beautifully on their wall. Also, you can make a glitter cut out of the age or the initial of the recipient and stick it on the face of your mini album.

Rainbow Birthday Cake Card –Rainbow Birthday Cake Card

These artistic and creative birthday cards require no art and craft skills to be made, and this is the best part about it. When you are looking for impressive birthday card ideas but are pathetically poor at art and craft, simply make this rainbow birthday cake card and wow the recipient with your thoughtfulness. To make these birthday cards all you need is a set of glitter paper in different colors. Cut out thin strips from each color and stick them on white cardstock to look like a layered rainbow. For the frosting of the cake, you can use thinner strips of watercolor paper. Paste this like a vanilla frosting in the shape of a rounded triangle and vertically on the edge of the layered cake. Spread some white embossing paste on the outside strip and the triangle top and let the paste dry. Voila! Your tall piece of rainbow cake is ready in the form of the most colorful and cutest birthday card ever. Write down your special message for the recipient and present it to him/her to watch them get the widest smile on their face. Gather appreciation your birthday card design and enjoy a happy celebration!

DIY birthday cards are the one thing that a birthday recipient will love and will keep it for a longer time with him/her than the gifts received. So, why not go that extra mile to make them feel special and make for them something spectacular with our creative birthday card ideas? Almost all of our birthday cards are simple to make, and indeed fun and stylish with a lot of room on the inside to write down your special birthday message for the recipient. Present your near and dear ones with these adorable and amazing gift cards and show them your love and care!

Happy Crafting! Enjoy!