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Set the Stage for Your Party With Some of the Best Wedding Reception Ideas!

Are you looking out for wedding reception ideas that won’t make your reception seem like a regular cookie-cutter wedding?

Here we are, to help you with our top ideas on how to make your wedding reception an outstanding celebration. We have for you some really awesome wedding reception themes that allow your guests to let themselves loose and enjoy your wedding reception. Our wedding reception ideas contain some out-of-the-box inspirations that will suit your style and preferences perfectly.Wedding Reception Ideas

As it is very well known that the venue of your reception sets the stage for your entire party, right from wedding reception themes, to wedding reception decorations, and not forgetting the most important wedding reception dances, use some of our best tips on planning a reception that your guests would love and not stop talking about.

As they say, it all lies in the details, the more innovative and unique, the better!

We have some distinctive wedding receptions that you can put your own spin on. We have everything that comes under unique wedding reception themes like wedding reception decoration ideas that can be personalised as per your taste, bouquet ideas, and some fun and involving wedding reception entertainment ideas that only the bride and groom but all the guests too will love to participate in.

Distinctive Wedding Reception Ideas That Do All The Thinking For You!

Have A Warm Welcome And Break The Ice Creatively:

Let your wedding reception be unique in a way that your guests feel comfortable with some classy arrangements made by you. Let your wedding reception theme contain a sitting arrangement that is pleasing, but not too stuffy. Let your space be filled with chairs and couches that your guests can sink into while they enjoy the wedding reception dances and activities. Let this space be more-so like a lounge area that gives your guests space to mingle around in between the party.Warm Welcome

Welcome your guests giving them a VIP like feeling with some wonderfully designed and well-contained welcome bags. You can make these bags to be personalised with some mini beverage bottles, a welcome note and some yummy edible goodies.

Serve Them With Some Pre Ceremony Cocktails:

Obviously, your guests would not be expecting any drinks until your reception commences. Bring to them a pleasant surprise by setting their table up with some refreshing and light beverages. Let them sip into these cool drinks before they set ahead to take their seats. Ceremony Cocktails

As they move forward to be seated, let them be delighted with playful elements on their tables as some fun wedding reception ideas. You can keep them entertained with some colorful placements like blooming flower lollipops or sweet souvenirs of your wedding dinner made from dark or milk chocolate.

Distinctive Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas That Accentuate The Element Of Fun:

One of the most trending wedding reception ideas these days to include a DIY Flower station in your elements of wedding reception decoration. Make your guests feel special by setting up creative flower centrepieces for their own tables. As your florist to set up a Make-Your-Own-Flowers station and let your guests enjoy using their creativity to come up with some beautiful wedding reception decoration ideas!Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Using the same DIY idea you can get your guests to customise their own champagne. Have dishes filled with fruit purees, citrus twists, and a number of flavored ice cubes; let them spoon all of these into a glass of bubbly toast for themselves.

Lighting Effects That Add To The Grandeur:

Play with lights and use them innovatively to come up with a brilliant set up of surprise wedding reception ideas. Revolutionise your wedding reception themes and venue with creative lighting. For this you could have a projection of falling leaves, or add funky geometric patterns, include dramatical wordings that would pop up on a boring wall, or simply get some basic up-lighting to instantly transform your wedding reception venue. You will surely have your guests super impressed.Lighting Effects

Make some stunning first impressions to your guests with wedding reception ideas that form a spectacular and decked up entryway for the bride and groom. Use creative wedding reception decorations such as colorful floral arrangements and some soft and subtle accent lighting for the newlywed couple to walk in gracefully.

Surprising And Fun Wedding Music:

Imagine your guests having fun and a gala time with a jazz trio or a brilliant guitar player. Get the party upbeat and going to keep all your guests entertained as they enjoy their cocktails. Have surprise wedding reception dances that include some fun dance forms like tango to have an instant energy swing in your wedding reception ideas.Surprising And Fun Wedding Music

Include an element of surprise in your wedding reception dances and get your dad and grandpa to be a part of your first dance. Let them break into a hip-hop routine suddenly and enjoy the look on your guests’ faces as they watch them with amusement.

Also, you can make your first dance as the highlight by including it as one of the very special surprise wedding reception ideas. Add this extra touch to the wedding reception entertainment ideas and arrange for flower petals or fun confetti fall from the ceiling as you and your partner enjoy a slow romantic first dance.

A Memorable Guest Book And Thoughtful Valet Gifts:

Level up your creative skills and think of some wedding reception ideas beyond a typical guest book. You can make a jigsaw puzzle out of a picture of you two and let each of guests sign on each piece. You can go the Dutch way and get your guests to write best wishes for the couple and hang them on a wishing tree.A Memorable Guest Book

While your guests have thoroughly enjoyed all of your creativity in putting up a good show of surprise wedding receptions that was way beyond their thinking, send them home with a feeling of being taken care of. You can do so by having your valets place small gift baskets as favours that contain some mid-night snacks and a bottle of water.

A Stunning Exit Ceremony:

Stage your own mini parade as you make your exit. Make it  be one of the most beautifully photographed moments of the day by jazzing up your exit as a newlywed couple. Make this wedding exit to be the one that your guests won’t be tired of talking about. You could incorporate mini beach balls, paper aeroplanes, and colorful confetti for everyone to toss your way and arrange for some excellent noisemakers to escort you to your getaway car.A Stunning Exit Ceremony

Alternatively, you can gracefully walk through your way out and make a remarkable exit with a glow of beautiful LED balloons or brilliantly light up the night sky with some gorgeous sky lanterns as you make your grand exit.