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C’mon Get Happy with Whimsical Balloon Decoration Ideas for Your Next Party

Balloons – Whimsical And Fun; Torn Straight Out Of Fairy Tales

Such small and inexpensive things, as humble as balloons can work wonders for your next birthday celebration. They are the simplest of all decoration elements and yet they mark their significance. All of us love balloons! Don’t we? A bunch of balloons can instantly uplift your spirits and make you feel joyous. They are lovable little things that can be incorporated into your birthday party for some magical balloon decoration ideas.Balloon Decoration Ideas text

Coming up with birthday party balloons can add spruce to your venue, making it look eye-catching and stylish. Decorations in any birthday party are very crucial as they can either make or break your party. Why not use some whimsical balloon decoration ideas and accentuate the element of fun in a creative way? Today, we have for you some really awesome balloon decoration ideas that are innovative and inexpensive and will make your birthday party stand out.

Awesome Balloon Decoration Ideas

Create a Balloon Chandelier Over Your Table

Just by using some tape and long-tailed balloons you can come up with these brilliant balloon decoration ideas lovely chandeliers over your center table. You enhance its look, you can add a photograph to each balloon at its tail. These birthday party balloons will make the birthday boy/girl even more special and happy.Create a Balloon Chandelier Over Your Table

Alternatively, you can hang the balloons upside down too, instead of leaving their tails to hang, let the head of the balloon hang to form a bright and colorful wall ceiling.

Take Home Balloons; Everyone Wants OneTake Home Balloons

A clean and creative idea to make your party favors look tempting is to make them appear to be as balloon gifts. There’s no one who will not like to have a balloon. You just need to tie a colour pop balloon to each favor back and turn these party favors into amazing balloon gifts.

Fun Lighting Balloons with Glow Sticks

A super cute idea to make your guests go ‘Awe’! Just put a glow stick into each balloon before inflating it. All these lit up balloons put together make excellent balloon decoration ideas for outdoor venues. Nowadays, there are a wide variety of LED balloons available in the market which you can directly use for lovely birthday balloon ideas.Fun Lighting Ballons with glow sticks

Another way to use these lit up birthday party balloons is just inflating them with glow sticks and placing them to float in your pool. So cool, right!

Confetti Balloons That Are Dreamy

Kids will love to watch a large confetti filled balloon to rain confetti sprinkles upon them on their birthday. An instant way to add a wow factor to your birthday balloon ideas. Transparent balloons filled with a confetti of different color pallets is simply one of the most breathtaking balloon decoration ideas.Confetti Balloons That Are Dreamy

Alternatively, for a more classy look, you can use silver or copper transparent balloons and fill them with glitter confetti. Create an artistic ambiance for your guests!

Balloons with The Pearl EffectBalloons with The Pearl Effect

Use these balloon-play ideas to create an illusionary effect with balloons, like there are pearls on your walls. These balloon decoration ideas are a setting beyond belief. You can pick colors of balloons resembling pearls like white, copper, silver, or gold. Just blow all of these into different sizes and stick them on the wall.

Heart Balloons For The One Having Your Heart

Fill your heart with love and your space with love balloons. Create a balloon surprise box for a love that pops out some balloons as soon as he/she opens it. This idea of using balloons to express your love to the one you love is just perfect to melt their heart.Heart Balloons For The One Having Your Heart

You can also use some beautiful love balloons as a brilliant proposal idea. Let your love open the balloon gift box to find a cute heart-shaped balloon that says ‘Pop Me’. Let them find to their surprise a sparkling ring. It will surely make her go weak in the knees.

Cute Pom Pom BalloonsCute Pom Pom Balloons

Cute balloon decoration ideas for your little girls next birthday party. All you need to do is get a pack of mini pom poms from your local party store and stick them with glue onto some transparent balloons. These colorful mini pom poms will add color and pop to your birthday party balloons making the place look colorful and stylish.

Tulle Balloons With Felt Flowers

Just wrapping your balloons with a colored net cloth and adding pastel colored flowers will make your birthday balloon ideas stand out. These could be the perfect balloon designs for birthday parties with a girly theme; something referring to a fairy/princess party, or an outdoor tea party.Tulle Balloons With Felt Flowers

You can also use double balloons and tulle as an alternative idea where you have some clear transparent balloons on the outside and bright colors on the inside that are tied with tulle or cute ribbons.

Giant Number BalloonGiant Number Balloon

The most popular balloon designs for birthday parties of kids is a giant number balloon that depicts their age. You can use these balloon decoration ideas with bright colors to make them look all the more attractive. Shape the age of your little one with their favorite colors and let them find it fun and amusing all along.

Paper Balloon Farm AnimalsPaper Balloon Farm Animals

Have a super adorable and fun-filled party with these super cute balloons that are turned into cute farm animals. These paper balloon animals are great ideas for birthday parties as well as craft ideas to keep the little ones busy. Just take some free cut files of different colors and make cutouts of beautiful farm animals and stick them on the balloons.

Balloon Arch – Floral or Rainbow

A magical backdrop of balloon decoration ideas that are so much fun! For a rainbow balloon arch backdrop, pick colors of various shades of the rainbow and make them into a beautiful rainbow or mini rainbow that the kids will love.Balloon Arch

You can also use pastel shades of birthday party balloons and blend them with some really pretty flowers to make an amazing balloon arch.

Hot Air Balloon Ideas 

A creative way to incorporate balloons in any celebration is by converting them into small little hot air balloons that can be placed as centerpieces for your table containing party favours or the party food. These remarkable constructions of hot air balloons will look extraordinary!Hot Air Balloon Ideas

You can also use this hot air balloon ideas for a stunning photoshoot of your baby on his/her first birthday. Use this cute idea to forge a memory that the two of you will never forget. Again, another idea is to make a hot air balloon basket that can be used as a photo booth for your guests to click some amazing pictures.

So go ahead, have some fun with balloons and transform your next birthday party or celebration with the creativity of colored balloons and sheer beauty.