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Whimsical Baby Shower Decoration Ideas for Mommy-to-be and the Little One!

Are you an expectant new mommy? Do you want to celebrate your new arrival but would want to keep the gender secret? We bring to you this amazing catalogue of baby shower decoration ideas with a blend of elegant and whimsical themes that come along with gender-neutral colors and pleasant hues like greens, yellows, browns, and whites. These baby shower decorations come with fun little patterns, original right from their inception, and eye-catching elements like invitations, balloons, centrepieces, and banners. These baby shower party decorations are sure to make planning as much fun as your party.  Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

You don’t need to compromise on your style and uniqueness while planning your extra-special baby shower just because you don’t want to reveal the gender. There are plenty of gender-neutral baby shower decoration ideas that we bring to you in creative ways to honour the beautiful and glowing mama-to-be. Right from sophisticated themes, to colorful and playful ideas, we bring to you the perfect baby shower ideas to welcome the new baby. Make it a cheerful day for mommy-to-be as she witnesses a baby shower party that is truly out of the world.

Whimsical and Elegant Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Mix some vivid shades of navy with gold and make a stunning representation with accented moon and stars. Fill the world of mommy-to-be and the new arrival with a starlit sky and take them over-the-moon. The twinkling stars’ baby shower decorations containing star garlands, metallic balloons, etc., are just perfect as an illuminating sky to welcome both, a baby boy or a baby girl. Wishing upon stars, every mom would want her baby to be as beautiful and bright like a star! Just style your event with these pretty baby shower decoration ideas with accentuating gold and silver stars for the perfect star-themed party.

Funfari – Fun Safari Jungle –Funfari

Let the adventure hit in with these fun-filled baby shower party decorations that will get all of your guests roaring with excitement. The colorful caricatures of giraffes, monkeys and other playful safari animals will bring in a whimsical jungle effect to your baby shower party. You will have personalised safari supplies like invitations, customized banners, party favours, and tableware. Get everything to be perfectly coordinate with the colour shades of browns and greens in the backdrop. Let the ‘FUNFARI’ begin with charming and cute jungle animals!

Baby Elephant Shower –Baby Elephant Shower

Keep the gender of your baby a surprise with these cute little elephants as baby shower decoration ideas. These adorable baby shower ideas come with mommy elephants holding tusks with their baby. A nice little way to pay tribute to the amazing and very special bond a mother shares with her child. Show your guests how happy you are with this cuteness overloaded baby shower party decorations featuring bright-eared mama elephants and her little one on lovely pastel colored balloons and banners.

Sweet As Can ‘Bee’ – Honey Bee Theme –Honey Bee Theme

Is your baby going to be a spring or summer baby? Let your baby shower party be a really sweet one, and obviously, nothing tastes sweeter than honey. And, since you plan to keep your baby’s gender a secret leave your guests to guess what is it going to ‘BEE’. Share this excitement with family and friends with these baby shower decoration ideas that are as sweet as can ‘Bee’! Make your baby shower party ‘Buzz-tastic’ as you welcome your baby on the way in style. Coordinate the entire party with baby shower ideas in the colors yellow and black. Personalise everything in your event space with the perfect bee decor and leave all your guests to bee glad.

Hi To The Little One – Yellow & Grey Theme –Hi To The Little One - Yellow & Grey Theme

A yellow and grey baby shower party theme is just perfect to honour the new mommy and her little one. Get the perfect glitter in your baby shower party decorations with modern yellow hues in grey backdrops. Make this baby shower to be really unique with festive decors with a classy twist in pairs of yellow and grey – the classic hues. This modern combination will give you eye-catching party supplies like baby shower invitations, favors, and decors to suit your style.

Duck Ducky Bubble Bath Theme –Duck Ducky Bubble Bath Theme

Use these baby shower party ideas of a bubble bath duck to style an adorable event. The duck ducky’s used in bright yellows and blues will add color and brightness to your event and make it fun. Accentuate the decor with yellow and blue bright balloon bouquets and let all your guests adore your baby shower party. Make bathtub displays in a cute manner for your guests and top the foods with ducky toppers that make more than just bath time fun. You can make your own homemade baby shower decorations with printouts of ducklings strung into cute garlands.

Story Book Theme –Story Book Theme

Make your baby shower party a literary affair, the one with a juvenile kind. Create a magical land with your baby shower decorations that is universal for both, boys and girls. Focus on bringing in baby shower decoration ideas from the best and most favorite children’s books to create something memorable. Create a menu that is inspired by must-read stories for your little one. Use storybook classics and make it a fantasy land to welcome your baby! Use gender-neutral colors that are completely adorable, like soft yellows and greens. Bring in party favours in accordance with your favorite childhood stories and bring your book characters to life. Baby shower party ideas that are themed from storybooks can spark up your creativity for some brilliant homemade baby shower decorations!

Ready To Pop Baby Shower IdeasReady To Pop Baby Shower Ideas

If you are looking for baby shower decoration ideas at home that do not need much things to do then this Ready to pop baby shower theme ideas are just perfect for you. All you need to do for these baby shower decorations is to keep ready on you food table some fizz and popcorn that come along with the cutest cups and popcorn tubs. Make sure that you have the sign ‘Ready To Pop’ printed across all your homemade baby shower decorations to enhance the cuteness quotient. You can also get made a colorful bunting banner that reads this sign to be left hanging over from your food table to match precisely with the pun. include some colorful balloons to go along with these baby shower ideas and add little interesting sets of toppings that guests can have along with their popcorn.

Let’s Be Mermaids Baby Shower Party IdeasLets Be Mermaids Baby Shower Party Ideas

Let all your guests feel like they have arrive straight into thee bright and shining sea as soon as they get to witness your baby shower decoration ideas with the mermaid theme. Make a mesmerizing celebration to honor the arrival of your to-be mermaid princess with these cute little elements and baby shower supplies that associate well with the sea, like colored shells, starfish cut outs, etc.. Have a delightful shimmering mermaid tail hanging from the ceiling to give inspiration to your mermaid themed homemade baby shower decoration ideas at home. This theme is a truly versatile way to add a whimsical touch to your baby shower party that will leave all of your guests with a ready to dive in feeling of fun!

Airplane Themed Baby Shower Ideas For BoysAirplane Themed Baby Shower Ideas For Boys

If you are looking for baby shower ideas that will instantly enhance the cuteness quotient in your baby shower decorations then these airplane themed ideas are simply perfect. With the sky being the limit for these cute and adorable airplane baby shower themed for boys, you can include some fun and lovely looking fabric buntings in bright hues of blues and browns. You can also bring in a fun looking diaper cake with an airplane theme to be decorated smartly on the food table. Also, you can add to the fun factor with a color coordinating clothespin line that is made out of the cutest onesies for your handsome boy that match well with the color palette of your baby shower decoration ideas.

Owl Themed Boy Baby Shower IdeasOwl Themed Boy Baby Shower Ideas

Are you planning on a baby shower party that features some delicious finger-licking food along with highly charming decoration ideas of colorful owls, then you are absolutely at the right place. All of these darling and multi-colored owl themed boy baby shower ideas are simply adorable in the form of banners and owl printable posters and food labels. You can place a highly attractive and colorful owl topper made of fondant on your baby shower cake to accentuate the cuteness of your cake and thee food of  your baby shower party can be perched down beautifully in the form of some lovely snacks, salads and desserts to go with. You can keep these baby shower decoration ideas at home really simple with some colored tissue balls hanging overhead and a beautiful looking congratulatory banner to welcome your baby boy with warmth and love.

Paris Themed Baby Shower Party DecorationsParis Themed Baby Shower Party Decorations

Bring out the elegance and charm in your homemade baby shower decorations by building up a Paris theme. Let each one of your guests know that your little one is going to be a lady of poise and elegance. Place soft pinks and stylish looking black decoration elements with a few topped cut outs of thee Eiffel Tower to enhance the effect of the Paris baby shower theme ideas. Bring in the perfect inspiration to your baby shower party with personalized Paris themed invitations that carry the fragrance of fine French perfume. In these homemade baby shower decorations you can include pink and black accents of decorations and also make some DIY paper bows to make the decoration look even cuter. You can top off your baby shower decoration ideas with a cute Paris themed photo booth that will make your baby shower party one truly memorable get together of family and friends.

Train Themed Boy Baby Shower IdeasTrain Themed Boy Baby Shower Ideas

One of the most intelligent food displays for a baby shower party can be done with this train themed boy shower ideas. Just imagine your entire house having a train running around carrying amazing and finger-licking good food. These baby shower ideas for boys with a chugging train are truly out of the world and incredible in a unique manner. You can also include a cake that is the shape of a train and make cute little printed bunting banners that ready Arriving On Time and place it as an overhead banner to look adorable. You can also make cupcake liners in the form of a train for a scrumptious display topped with some lovely icing. Enhance the fun of festivities with these lovable baby shower themes for boys via a toy train and a cute bridge display.

Umbrella Themed Baby Shower Ideas For BoysUmbrella Themed Baby Shower Ideas For Boys

Let the new mom-to-be sprinkled with love from above with a sweet little umbrella themed baby shower party that include a list of classy decoration elements and ideas. Everyone loves clusters of clouds floating above their head, so why not use this idea and make some tissue paper clouds to hang overhead along with some cute real umbrellas to hang from the ceiling. Make a fun visual display with raindrops that are cut out from card stock and sewn together to form a string and leave them to hang from the edges of each umbrella to look like real rain. Use blue and white colored paper to make a cute baby boy bunting banner that can be hanged using twine and some clothespin. A highly budget-friendly option of baby shower decoration ideas. Isn’t it?

Flamingo Themed Baby Shower Party DecorationsFlamingo Themed Baby Shower Party Decorations

A flamingo baby shower party is just the ideal choice for mommy-to-be and her soon to be arriving little lady. These baby shower decoration ideas can include lovely lady like elements that are perfect for the little one’s arrival. The pink Flamingos, pineapples and sweet palm fronds will help you create some magical looking baby shower ideas at home for an adorable baby party. Make this occasion to be unique and well-remembered for the new mother-to-be and her cute daughter with some festive balloon bouquets in pink color and fill the food table with cute cupcakes with a delectable pink icing. These baby shower ideas are sure to be loved by one all leaving everyone with an Awe feeling. Make a style statement with a table runner of cute printed flamingos and white balloons to complement them.

You Are My Sunshine Baby Shower Decoration IdeasYou Are My Sunshine Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Whether a girl or a boy, you know that your newborn baby is surely going to be your sunshine and your biggest source of happiness to make your world a happier and brighter place. Flaunt the love for your little one with cute and adorable baby shower decoration ideas that are themed around the idea ‘You Are My Sunshine’. For these baby shower ideas you can make marquee letters to spell out a baby shower wish or greeting. These marquee letters can be well color coordinated to enhance the over all vibe of celebration and festivity of welcoming the newborn. Make colorful cut outs that read ‘Li’l Sunshine’ with an adorable fabric piece and dimensional paint with cute button details. This is surely one of the most adorable and cute looking gender-neutral baby shower decoration ideas.

Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Decoration IdeasHot Air Balloon Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Make an incredible baby shower party with some wonderful looking hot air balloon elements that are filled with fun and color. Bring out the fun in your baby shower decoration ideas ideas at home by making printable cut outs of hot air balloons and sticking them randomly on a lovely piece of fabric to create an enchanted decorative piece. Also place some cute little hot air balloon centerpieces as wonderful food displays keep your guests with the wow factor up and going. These tiny and miniature hot air balloons look really out of the world and make up for some baby shower ideas that are sure to leave the guests spell bound. Let your guests know that your little one is welcomed with an adventurous spirit in the air filled with love and care.

Rainbow Unicorn Themed Baby Shower Party IdeasRainbow Unicorn Themed Baby Shower Party Ideas

Loved by all girls is a cuddly and colorful whimsical creature, The Unicorn! A magical looking rainbow unicorn is a lovable creature that mommy-to-be is sure to fall in love with and will treasure having this colorful creature around. The rainbow unicorn themed baby shower ideas come with elements in cute pastel colors that comes with a stylish banner and hanging decorations. You can also include a stylish unicorn themed photo booth in your baby shower decoration ideas at home that gives your guests cute photos with colorful photo props. Again, after the party is done with, you can also give each one of your guests a Rainbow unicorn as a baby shower party favor. These party favors can be sweet little treats like candies and cookies that are always a favorite with the crowd.

Playful Butterfly And Flowers Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For GirlsPlayful Butterfly And Flowers Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For Girls

Let the new mom-to-be prepared for all the love and joys that her baby girl will bring with just stepping into her world with this playful butterfly and flowers baby shower decoration ideas for girls. This theme is unique in a manner that is modern yet inclined to be girly and features the most vibrant colors of butterflies and flowers in the combination of pinks, greens, and yellows. This trendy theme of baby shower decoration ideas at home can include banners, table decorations, flowers with whimsical swirls and anything girly that you can actually think of. These spring and summer baby shower party ideas add plenty of cheer and vibrant sunshine feels to your gathering. Have food decorations that coordinated with this colorful and eye-catching theme. Make your baby shower party to be coordinated with the ever lovely butterfly and flowers theme right from the beginning till the end to leave your guests truly enchanted.

Volleball Bump And Set Baby Shower Party IdeasVolleball Bump And Set Baby Shower Party Ideas

Set everyone in the mood to welcome the new star-player of the league with these cute Volleyball bump and set baby shower decorations to honor the arrival of your baby. These fun baby shower theme ideas with a classic volleyball set up is something that will be loved definitely by all your guests and most importantly by mommy-to-be. You can begin with these baby shower decoration ideas with lovely looking volleyball like invitations to impress your guests. You can complete the theme based baby shower ideas with a decor of custom and DIY volleyball elements and favors. With the bump set and the spike this volleyball themed baby shower party of yours is sure to be a big hit and will leave all your guests making it the talk of the town for quite a long time.

Dashing Little Mustache Man Baby Shower PartyDashing Little Mustache Man Baby Shower Party

If you are in love with the idea of a mustache themed baby shower party but you want it to be different from the cliche ones, then you are reading the right space. Make your mustache themed baby shower party to be totally unique and one-of-a-kind with our baby shower decoration ideas that are loaded with the cutest elements for your dashing little man. Featuring a classy color scheme of black, grey, green, and baby blue, you can make an array of mustaches to be placed whimsically along the phrase bunting banner ‘Little Man’ and you can make matching invitations and party favor bags. Trendy and fun, all of the elements relating to these baby shower decoration ideas right from the plates, cups, and napkins can be well coordinated with this theme. Use these baby shower party ideas as a unique way to celebrate the arrival of your newborn in true style and elegance.

Whether you are looking for something playful and silly or classy and elegant, our baby shower decoration ideas have got one for all of you. Each one of the new mommies are sure to find some brilliant baby shower ideas to welcome their newborn in this world with style!