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7 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas to Enhance the Beauty of Your Gifts!

Are you fascinated by beautifully wrapped gifts as much as the gift itself? If you are one of those people who put a lot of thought into making the perfect gift that includes its packaging then you’ve landed at the right place. We have the best of gift wrapping ideas to beautifully dress up your gifts. Use this creative gift packing ideas and make your gifts look unusual and one of a kind. Add something extra to your gift-giving process and wow your dear ones this year.Gift Wrapping Ideas

Find beautiful ways to enhance the way you gift a present to someone who is close to your heart such that it leaves a long-lasting impression on their mind. Set your presents apart from the rest as we guide you through some of the most brilliant gift wrapping ideas that the recipient will find too pretty to open.  

Present your gifts with exquisite and fun gift wrapping ideas

DIY Gift Tags – DIY Gift Tags

Create your own gift tags with some beautiful craft paper, stamps, colored ink, cutouts and fancy strings. Add a creative touch to your plain gift wrapping paper with these beautiful gift tags that are way easy and fun to make. You can decorate these gift tags with cute and colorful buttons, or have the name of the person written in excellent calligraphy. Paint chips and wooden tags with stick-on letters can also be used to make wonderful gift tags that you can use with your gift wrap ribbon! These inexpensive and highly imaginative gift wrapping ideas could instantly brighten up the presentation of your gifts.

Nature’s Touch –Nature s Touch

Creative gift wrapping ideas can be created with a nice little touch of nature like to make wonderful accents. A gorgeous little flower that is fixed with a two-way tape and a velvet or satin ribbon can enhance the beauty of your gift box. Gift wrapping boxes that come with nature’s beauty have their own charm and grace! Find your inspiration for the best gift wrapping ideas right in your backyard! Turn the gift wrapping boxes into nature-inspired gifts with the use of pinecones, berries, flowers, or just take some greens and make a beautiful wreath topper.

Picture Perfect –Picture Perfect

Who would not love to see their picture right up in the centre of a beautiful gift box? Add a touch of personalisation to your gift wrapping ideas by using the copy of a special photo. For this sort of gift wrapping, you can use a double-sided tape to fix the photograph to a colorful and bright ribbon. You can vary the photographs with the giver and receiver or can use a picture of the two of you together to make the gift even more special. Complete your gift with these creative gift wrapping ideas and take the receiver down memory lane. Use goofy and funny pictures of their childhood to kick off some nostalgia as you dedicate a gift to someone special.

Creative Garlands –Creative Garlands

Creating garlands for a gift box could be one of the many clever ideas for something outstanding. Colorful garlands made of cute little objects are perfect to tie on presents and they look really spectacular. You can make garlands out of delicious candies, favorite flower blooms, or silk flowers. Just weave some magic and innovation into the gift packing ideas and turn out to be an enthusiastic gift-giver. You can also make garlands out of small knitted pom-poms, colorful lace, or sequins in colorful combinations. These could add a festive look to your gift wrapping paper.

Glitter all the Way –Glitter all the Way

Just scatter some glittery stars and sequins on a double-sided tape that is layered on your gift wrapping paper to come out with an exquisite gift box. Get some big amount of shine to those plain gift wrapping boxes and make use of flowers made out of foil paper. They will stand out as metallic gift wraps. Use shiny elements that add glitter and glow to your gifts by just spreading them out in the form of cute little decoratives. Come up with the perfect gift wrap ribbon that is high on bling using patterned tape accents along with some silver and gold embellishments.

Fabric Wrapping –Fabric Wrapping

These creative gift wrapping ideas can be used particularly to unevenly shaped items that cannot be covered in paper. All you have to do is just gather some rich and pretty looking fabric and tie it up with a colorful ribbon or into a cute bow. In Japan, this technique of gift wrapping is called ‘Furoshiki’, where they use eco-friendly and colorful fabric to enclose their gifts in that are secured with a knot, or some pins and buttons. You could also make your own fabric gift wrap with some drawing using fabric paints or creating impressions on them with stamps. Fabric wrapping can be done with scarves, linen tea towels, doilies, embellished cloth, or just any other beautiful cloth material of your choice.

Stamped Wraps –Stamped Wraps

Want to make something all by yourself as a unique gift wrapping paper? You can do so by making some colorful impressions on a very large sheet of paper using some differently shaped rubber stamps. Make repeated impressions to come up with exclusive designs and use these sheets for creative gift wrapping ideas. You can also use a stamp rolling pin to come up with some fancy pattern for your gift box. Another idea to create a stamped gift wrapping paper is by reusing fancy shopping bags. Wrap the gift in this brilliantly colored and cut shopping bag and create impressions with a wine cork dipped in ink.