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12 Amazing Father’s Day Greeting Cards that are Sure to Make your Dad Smile!

For the most special man in your life, do something that is way more than special to express your love to him. Make him beautiful Father’s Day Greeting Cards. Let the Happy Father’s Day cards you make reflect your love and admiration towards him. With this very special occasion of Father’s Day being around the corner, there is definitely no better way to convey your affection towards him other than with handmade Father’s Day cards.Father’s Day Greeting Cards (1)

Even if you are not the artistic or creative kinds your father will love to receive this brilliant piece of paper from you that contains heartfelt wishes, DIY art, and lots of love from his kids. We present to you some genius and love-filled ideas for you to come up with some really cool Father’s Day Greeting Cards. Maybe your dad goes all sentimental after you present him this greeting card for father, but he will be proud of your little efforts to make him feel special.

So let us see some Father’s Day greeting cards ideas and designs for those very special men in the world – our good old Dads!! Give them Happy Father’s Day cards that are as special and unique as them!

Father’s Day Greeting Cards That Will Make His Day!

1. Love You This Much Love You This Much

A simple, but a highly expressive form of handmade Father’s Day cards that just requires an imprint of the kids and a letter rub-on. Making this greeting card for father is also an awesome craft idea for kids to engage in. On a colored paper, make cutouts of their hands. On one of them, you write ‘I Love you’ and place folded colored paper that opens out and reads this much. Extend it to the cutout of your other hand and fix all of these with glue to make one hell of Happy Father’s Day cards!

2. Button Cards Love You This Much

These handmade Father’s Day cards are eye-catching for any parent. This attention screaming buttoned Father’s Day cards to make are pretty simple. All you need is to create some embroidery floss in a colorful background and embellish them with cute buttons that can be added through basic sewing. Add a personalised message or a quote that resembles you and your father and you are great to go!

3. Jacket Pocket Card Jacket Pocket Card

These Father’s Day greeting card ideas come in the form of a jacket lapel with the perfect space for a pocket square. Color coordinate this Father’s Day card ideas with some heartfelt wishes for him and make him feel great throughout the day. Draw a stitched pocket on the front and insert a pocket square accessory that brings out a message on being pulled through.

4. Wheel Of Choices Wheel Of Choices

Draw a pie-chart and use some maths in your Father’s Day greeting cards. Keep it simple for him to decide his gift for this year. Make him handmade Father’s Day cards that require him to spin the wheel and decide what he wishes to have as a gift on this Father’s Day!

5. Colored With Love Colored With Love

These fun and color-filled cards are the perfect ones for Father’s Day cards from daughter. We all know how much little girls love their artistic skills, use their creativity in making this lovely gift for him. Help them in making these Father’s Day greeting cards by drawing out their messages with a stencil and make them scribble to glory all around it. Fill the page with color and make them brighten their Dad’s life with a rainbow.

6. Sign Him Up Sign Him Up

With emojis being the latest trend amongst all of us why not use them brilliantly in the form of sign language to tell your Dad just how much you love him. Pick emojis that coordinate with your Happy Father’s Day wishes and play a little game with your father to check how good he is at understanding your sign language. Choose the right message for your greeting card for father and let him know how much he means to everyone!

7. Spell It Out Spell It Out

Surprise your dad on his very special day as he walks past the door. Make Father’s Day greeting cards that are colorful and that act as banners. Use a bright color-block envelope to let your father pull out this greeting card for father. It will almost seem like a magician who pulls out a string of colorful hankies from his sleeve. So cool, isn’t it?

8. Snappy Father’s DaySnappy Father’s Day

If you and your sibling are the ones who love posing for the shutterbugs and bring any photo to life and your sister is great at drawing, just run to your driveway for our best idea on Father’s Day greeting cards. Draw something pretty and lie down to pose next to your drawing. Smile all the way with some really amazing Happy Father’s Day wishes. Print this to be a valuable keepsake in the form of handmade Father’s Day cards.

9. Happy Hero DayHappy Hero Day

We all know that our Dads are no less than superheroes. Use this very concept of your dad being your superhero for Father’s Day greeting card ideas that would make him know that you admire and acknowledge all the little things that he has always been doing for you. With him, around the corner, there is no issue in your life that cannot be solved. Let your greeting card express the love you have for him!

10. Wallet CardWallet Card

Make your Father’s Day greeting cards to be amazingly fun and creative by making it in the form of a wallet. All you need is some colored paper that is sewn with some basic stitches to form a wallet. In the section of cardholders, when your dad opens this wallet card, let him find Happy Father’s Day wishes with a little card and a beautiful picture of you and your dad!

11. Printable Funny Father’s Day Greeting CardsPrintable Funny Father’s Day Greeting Cards

Let your dad laugh his life out and improve his health on this very special occasion. With just a few basic crafting supplies you will be able to come up with Father’s Day card ideas to give you a funny memory with your dad. Write down the private jokes that you and your father share by converting them into small poems and sayings. This greeting card for father will surely be treasured for a very long time!

12. Candy Bar CardCandy Bar Card

This might not really look like Father’s Day card ideas but we assure you that your dad would love to receive one of these. Write down Happy Father’s Day wishes that creatively bring in candy names in between. Place bars of different kinds of candy in the place of their names and let your dad indulge in a sweet and tasty Father’s Day!