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10 Interior Design Ideas and Hacks to Enhance the Look of Your Home!

It doesn’t really matter if your house is a modern apartment in a metropolitan city or a quaint house in a small town, Indian homes are always oozing with liveliness and elegance! It is the rich Indian culture and heritage that is boasting with colors and is reflected in our homes. When it comes to interior design ideas for our homes, the smallest things can make the biggest impact. Solutions that are ranging from smart storage to highlighting visual elements that make your room look larger, we bring to you home interior ideas that will make your home look spacious and chic!Creative interior design ideas text

Home is our comfort zone, it is our place, the place where we would love returning back to and feel like yourself in. interior decoration can be a very pleasurable activity for you as an owner. So take the lead from our well established interior design ideas and clever hacks on house interior design and indulge in a very satisfying experience in building your own home!

Creative and Clever Interior Design Ideas That Will Completely Transform Your Home!

1. Go soft on the colors for smaller rooms, they make your room appear to look large!

Large windows with light colored walls give an optical illusion of the room seeming larger, this is one of the most basic interior design ideas. Light colored paints like cream, off-white, or white work well to amplify your space. Darker shades and hues make your place appear to be small and cluttered.colors for smaller rooms

Also, while doing the interior design for living room, lighter hues and natural tones are said to have a soothing effect, whereas contrasting colors and shades might come in with a feeling of exhilaration. Colors that blend easily with each other develop a great feeling of home interior.

2. Say Mirror Mirror On The Wall – Beautify your house and add instant light with mirrors!

Mirrors are used mostly in interior design ideas for living room to make the place feel brighter. They bounce a lot of natural light into the room when placed cleverly using interior decorating ideas. Place the mirrors perpendicular to the windows instead of directly across. With mirrors placed across the window, the idea of home interior might get messed up because all the light will bounce back outside the window.Mirror On The Wall

It is a huge trend these days in interior design ideas to use large decorative mirrors in lieu of art to fill up empty walls in the house. These interior design styles also add dimension and natural light in abundance to your living space.

3. Wicker Baskets and Furniture With Built-In Storage!

The most economical of all interior decorating ideas for your home is to use wicker baskets for storage. These baskets look stylish and elegant to store many household things like display books, towels, magazines, etc. Also, wicker baskets can be used brilliantly on the counters of the kitchen to lavishly display the spread of fruits.Wicker Baskets and Furniture

Again, furniture with built-in storage is another intelligent one among interior design ideas that serves multiple purposes. These home interior design ideas are a boon for people living in small spaces.

4. Mix and match patterns and textures to add warmth to your living space!

Mix it up, blend family heirlooms alongside some modern furniture, these interior design ideas work brilliantly when mixed and matched well. It reflects who you are as a person, your personality, showing that you are still grounded to your roots. These home interior ideas make us believe that the past and the present can co-exist wonderfully in the same space.Mix and match patterns

Blend some eclectic pieces of furniture with beautiful accessories to make your house interior have a more cozy and lived-in look! Maintain a proper balance of rustic and modern pieces and play with textures.

5. Use what you have to decorate and make your house a masterpiece in itself!

All of us have baskets of miscellaneous things that we never give a second glance to, why not use the elements in these boxes as interior design ideas instead of running to the store straight away? You will be amazed with at the idea of how you can enhance your house interior with what you already have.Use what you have to decorate and make your house a masterpiece in itself!

Make a clock out of a really old rotary telephone, If you have lots of colorful buttons, come up with a button bouquet, decorate your wall with old vinyl records, turn old door knobs into wall hangers; all of these interior design styles can up your game instantly.

6. Go Green!

Add some of nature’s beauty to your home interior ideas by growing a vertical garden that doesn’t really occupy a whole lot of space. Make a stunning floral display with your own hands. Add some romance in the air by using some beautiful wooden carvings on the walls, green pots having a cozy sitting setup.Go Green

There is something really serene with greenery in your house. Including greenery in your interior design styles adds calmness. Make unusual flower pots and planters to make the place even more bright. Plants added to your house interior also balance humidity and clean the air.

7. Use colorful and area rugs for your hardwood floors – even better, make your own rugs!

Rugs add warmth to your interior design ideas, and bring in an element of great texture, adding up to your personality. Area rugs with varying patterns and fabrics when fit together can add lots of fun and functionality to your interior design for living room.colorful and area rugs for your hardwood floors

A beautiful rug to define the seating area enhances the space and the overall house interior.

8. Make the sofa talk to the chair – It eases people to have a conversation!Make the sofa talk to the chair

Simplicity lies in beauty! Use this thought for your interior design ideas and play with curves. With a simple curvy sofa and some spectacular lighting, your space will be soaked in the magic of interior design styles. Place your furniture into little groups that invite a fun conversation. Don’t let your furniture float away from the walls!

9. Light up your life, layer the lighting!

A beautiful layering of lights can add beauty to your house interior design. Use the right amount of lighting and watch how you spend the evenings admiring your own home. Let every room have a lighting of their own. The ambient kind, the task lights, and the accent lights.layer the lighting

Let the sunshine in for some natural light and Vitamin D. The sun basking in through your windows early in the morning gives your day a great start. Also, the light enhances the complete look of your house interior making it even more appealing!

10. Don’t Tip The Scale – Create an illusion of fake height!

Create strong verticals and try to avoid the horizontals as much as possible. Use these clever interior design ideas for living room and keep your furniture low-slung so that your house looks heightened. You can also paint the room in white and use the effect to make the room feel a little less claustrophobic.Create an illusion of fake height!

Try using vertically striped curtains that appear to elongate through your walls. Trick your guests into thinking that you have a taller room by hanging curtains and custom drapes that are higher than the windows.