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10 Awesome Family Party Games to Entertain the Whole Family at a Reunion!

A Family That Plays Together Stays Together! – The More The Merrier!

Family reunions are always events that are welcomed and most looked forward too since they involve a lot of fun and entertainment. The games and activities that go into a family get together are the most fun part. It is during the holiday season that calls in for hours and hours of family bonding time. Family party games that are played at a family get together followed by a nice sumptuous meal is perfect for the holidays.Make these ideas on family party games as the highlight of your vacations!

So if you have a fun lot of people in your family who are up for fun family games to play at home then you’ve reached just at the right place. Your look-out for family get together games ends right here. With some of the below-mentioned family party games being a personal favorite, the rest of them too is fun and family-friendly. Go ahead and liven up your holiday celebration and organise a family get together with some awesome and fun games to play at home.

Awesome Group And Family Party Games!

1. React and Act –

React and Act family party games

Does your family love Melodrama? We have this perfect house party game to make your entire family go theatrical. Everyone sit together and brainstorm over a different set of events to react to. For example, suddenly coming across your favorite celebrity in a branded store, discovering the insect you hate the most under your bed, etc. Write down all of such events and place them a large bowl. Now each one of comes and pulls out a chit enacting that particular event. These kind of family party games are hilarious to watch while everyone else attempts to find out what you are trying to enact.

2. Laughing Game –Laughing game

The simplest and funniest of family get together games that just requires all its players to sit in a circle. Each player takes their turn to make funny sounds and faces trying hard to make the others laugh. Anyone who laughs or smiles is knocked out of the game. Repeat this fun activity until everyone’s out and you are down to a winner. Obviously, the person who keeps a straight face for the longest time wins the game. Play these family party games and get to know the most straight-faced people of your house!

3. Musical Chairs –friends Musical Chairs game

Yes! You heard it right. The most classic of family games to play at home. The all-time favorite of family home games that are played at almost all parties and loved every single time. It is also one of the most popular and fun party games for kids. Twist the traditional rules a little, especially if you are a really big group. Allow people to sit on each other’s lap as a pair with their feet off the floor. Just by tweaking this house party game slightly, you are sure to have a new and hilarious version making it one of the best party games.

4. Freeze Dance –freeze dance

Get on your dancing shoes and make your family get on to their toes with these family party games that are superb! Pick out the latest dancing numbers and get your fun games to play at home begin with some tipsy topsy dancing. Let everyone dance away to glory till the time comes to FREEZE, that is when the music stops. If you move even the slightest, you are eliminated. Play this fun family get together games until you have a winner. You need to be a perfectionist with your reflexes to be the winner of these family party games.

5. Skittles Game –skittles game

A really cool set of fun family games to play at home with everyone’s favorite candies, Skittles! Let everyone be seated in a circle and give each one of them a cup and a straw. Fill their bowls with loads of skittles and let this best party games begin. Set a timer, say 2-3 minutes, and let each of them suck out skittles with the straw and keep them aside. The aim of this family party games is to remove as many skittles as possible from the cup. The person with the most skittles sucked out emerges as the winner of this house party game.

6. Family Trivia –family trivia

This family party games require a little pre-planning, but this little effort is absolutely worth it. All you have to do is send a questionnaire to all your relatives to collect some valuable information for your family trivia fun party games. With this, you will have a set of trivia questions that you can ask during the family party games. On the day of the family reunion, you need to split yourselves into groups and ask each group a family trivia question. Your questions of a traditional trivia pursuit can include categories such as work life, love, marriage, history, and art, middle names, etc.

7. Bobbing For Doughnuts –bobbing for doughnuts friends

These fun games to play at home might get a little messy, but definitely raise up the fun quotient. What you need to do is hang a string of doughnuts and tie all the participant’s hands at the back. This family party games is very interesting in a manner that you get to see the funny stunts the participants pull out to complete their doughnuts the fastest. If you have a really big family, then you can play this best party games into different groups. In this way, you have fun party games for kids also.

8. Minute To Win It –Minute To Win It

Yeah! This set of family party games is undoubtedly the best party games of all times. Plan minute to win it games that can be enjoyed by the whole family like who eats most cookies in a minute, dress up minute to win it games, watermelon eating contest, or you can just plan your set of one-minute family home games. Make fun memories by getting a little silly in front of your family and you will surely have a blast! These fun family games to play at home with a one minute twist to it will increase the level of fun to a whole new level.

9. Two Truths And A Lie –two truths and a lie

Keep all of your family members seated in one place and give each of them a turn to say two lies and one truth. Enjoy this fun family party games where everyone else tries to surmise which of your statements are the truth and which one is a lie. These family get together games are a fun way to get to know some hidden secrets in your family.

10. The Mummy –the mummy game with friends images

For this house party game you need many rolls of toilet paper and dividing of your guests into pairs. These best party games are fun games to play at home where one person becomes a mummy from the paired participants. The paired couple who makes a mummy with toilet roll the fastest is the winner of this family party games. Watch your family members turning into a mummy and enjoy some spooky fun!

Aren’t all of these family party games just perfect to plan your next family get together? These fun family games to play at home are a great opportunity to get to know your family members better. After all, a reunion is all about getting closer together and coming up with big-time bonding opportunities between family members and building cherished memories that will last forever!