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12 Creative and Thoughtful Wedding Gifts for the Happy Couple

When you’ve received multiple wedding invitations for this wedding season at hand, the first question to come to your mind is how you are going to come up with good wedding gifts for each couple. Giving a gift that is both, meaningful and inexpensive is the trick to give the best wedding gifts.Wedding Gifts

Make the happy couple happier, and be pronounced as the best wedding gift-giver of all times with our compilation of 12 awesome wedding gifts that will fit all your guests’ budgets. Help them celebrate their very special day with beauty and style with wedding gift ideas that add to their personality. Just say ‘I do’ to our list of best wedding gifts for couples that incorporate tidbits of their lives. Give their new lives and help them make their new home together with a little more style and your personal touch.

12  Awesome Wedding Gifts that are both meaningful and unique

Wedding Invitation Framed : Wedding Invitation Framed


It is well known to all of us that every couple spends hours and days together choosing the right colors, designs, and wordings for their wedding invitation. It seems like they are quite fascinated with the wedding invitations themselves. So why not take this wedding invite to a custom framer and get a really amazing wedding gift from it? Put this lovely wedding invitation frame together and give the new couple wedding day gifts they will truly appreciate.

Courtship Photo Album :Courtship Photo Album


Every couple has the most memorable moments in their prelude to marriage – their courtship. If you could manage to gather a few clicks from this fun time they spent together and create a lovely photo album out of it; not to forget the dates or at least the places involved, you would make it the topmost personalised wedding gifts for couples. Include memories, comments and inside jokes to make this gift really special.

Silver Wedding Certificate Holder :Silver Wedding Certificate Holder


This silver wedding certificate holder is one of the most stylish and wonderful gift items for wedding, where the happy couple can proudly present their wedding certificate. The bride and groom will both be thrilled with this gift as it would be a protective way to carry around their wedding certificate when needed.

Instant Camera :Instant Camera


Honeymoon and honeymoon pictures are the only topic on everyone’s mind once the wedding ceremony is over. This sort of unique wedding gift ideas will be eye-catching to the new Mr. & Mrs. when they are busy sorting out their haul of wedding gifts. They will be really delighted to be thoughtful of you to help them capture the fun and frolic of their honeymoon. You would make an amazing friend with this amazing gift.

Class Pass :Class Pass

For a couple that is obsessed with their fitness, how about a fitness class pass? These creative wedding gift ideas include studio-focused fitness membership for the couple to sweat it and enjoy working out together. These fun workout regimens will also give them some quality time to spend with each other.

Wedding Wine Box :Wedding Wine Box


If the newlywed couple is a fan of the finest wines then this wedding wine box is the ultimate idea of best wedding gifts for them. Though it’ll be a bit pricey, your gift will be the one that they will be chatting about on their first anniversary. While they celebrate the completion of one grand year of marriage, you will definitely cross their mind with this gift.

Embellished Monogram Charm Bracelet :Embellished Monogram Charm Bracelet


The couple getting married, the bride and groom are both on your list of close friends? You surely wouldn’t mind spending a little more to give them a very special set of golden wedding gifts. Throughout history, a monogram gift is a sign of prestige. Inscribe beautifully the initials of the bride and groom to create an adornment that evokes elegance. Your friends are sure to treasure these golden wedding gifts.

His & Her Luggage Tags :His & Her Luggage Tags


These are the perfect wedding gifts for couples who have everything. These custom personalised leather luggage tags can be stamped with ‘His’ and ‘Her’ initials along with a favorite couple quote making them an absolute favorite with the newlyweds. For the couple who loves globetrotting, let them kick-off their honeymoon trip with these luggage tags that are outstanding personalised wedding gifts.

Tickets to an Event :Tickets to an Event

Every couple is sure to have a favorite hobby they enjoy together; be it a sports game, a musical show, stand up comedy, there has to be a favorite. Get them tickets to their favorite event as exciting and good wedding gifts and let them set themselves loose as they enjoy and have some fun together. The tickets for such events will make you a very thoughtful friend indeed.

Genius Recipes Cookbook :Genius Recipes Cookbook


Let the bride and groom enjoy some kitchen time and cook their favorite food together with your brilliant idea a genius recipes cookbook as wedding day gifts. This personalised cookbook is one of the most creative wedding gift ideas for a couple who loves to cook; a collaboration of easy to cook and yummy recipes from the most well-known chefs, so that the couple can make themselves a hearty meal. Bon appetit!

Suitcase Set for Two :Suitcase Set for Two


Wedding gifts that make a good luggage set are the most sought-after gifts for couples with wanderlust. These extraordinary and unique wedding gift ideas will surely make them think of you while they are busy packing. These lightweight and easy to carry suitcase set will help them enjoy a hassle-free trip.

Amazon Echo :Amazon Echo


As the couple tries hard to get adjusted and accustomed to their new routine, this one of many brilliant gift items for wedding is a very helpful gift. Right from setting alarms, playing music, reading out a recipe, or anything else on their to-do list; the couple will have at hand a home-personal assistant and they will be amazed to see the help they get with the Amazon Echo.