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Give Unique Gifts for Employees – Show Your Gratitude Towards Them for Working so Hard!

“When employees are happy, they are your very bests ambassadors!” ~ James Sinegal

The staff of an organization is said to be its backbone. Your staff works hard around the clock for the betterment of your firm. Express your care and gratitude towards them with unique gifts for employees that they will love to have. Today we bring to you some really thoughtful employee gift ideas that reflect your appreciation towards your staff members and lets them know that they are important to the firm. You can never go wrong with a gift that is both, practical and unique. Doing something as humble as presenting unique gifts for employees gets them turning into some great friends that created a good and amicable vibe in the workplace.  Unique gifts for employees

Don’t let their hard work go unnoticed. We have stacked up for you some unique gift ideas for office staff that they would be more than happy to use. Why should it be all work and no play? Accessorize their desks and make their workplace fun and a place to rejoice with these creative and unique gifts for employees. Let your inspiration out to find the best office gifts for employees and shop through our gift guide to find a variety of thoughtful options!

Unique Gifts For Employees – Appreciate The People Who Work So Hard For You!

Writeable Timepieces – Memo Clock Writeable Timepieces

Help your staff keep track of their daily tasks with these unique gifts for employees. This memo clock doubles up to be a whiteboard so that you can jot down all your important tasks at hand. These office gifts for employees come with an erasable pen to help you edit your list as per the change in plan. Minimalist and beautiful, these gifts for office staff would instantly enhance the look of the workstations.

Crumple Ball Notepad – Make Throwing Paper A Sport 

Crumple Ball Notepad

These corporate gifts for employees of a crumpled ball notepad is ideal for the thought of ‘Work-Less Play-More’. This notepad contains pages are made with colors and patterns of sports equipment that look almost real when balled up. These make workplace frustration turn into a fun sports activity.

Attachable Desk Organizers – Helps Remove Clutter From The Desk Attachable Desk Organizers

Create instant space on the desk of your employees and make them clutter free with these attachable desk organizers. These corporate gifts for employees, allows you to hold stationery, smartphones, and other little items in a secure location within your arms reach.

Tie Clips – Fun And Functional Tie Clips

Let your staff be office appropriate while they express creativity and their personality with this perfect accessory as unique gifts for employees. Elevate their look with this gold tie clip that has the perfect balance between stiffness and a casual vibe. For all your men employees, let them play between being casual and dressy with these employee gift ideas.

Eco Chalkboard Mugs – Travel Mugs That Are Defiant Eco Chalkboard Mugs

If you are one of those people who takes prides in Eco-friendliness, then these Eco-Chalkboard mugs are just the perfect gifts for office staff that you can give your employees. They can use this mug to write anything that they heart stays without having to say a word. Use this ceramic chalkboard mug that has the capacity to hold both hot and cold liquids and help go green!

Magical Arcade Mugs – Watch The Pac-Man Characters Appear Magically Magical Arcade Mugs

This Pac-man mug that changes its appearance with heat makes sipping tea even more fun. Just watch the magical Pac-man characters appear as you pour in your hot drink, in the direction of the game. Let your staff get the feel of playing a video game with these unique gifts for employees. This playful decor as gift ideas for office staff lets them stay productive and have fun too!

Illusionary Paper Weight -Set Their Minds To A Tail-Spin 

Illusionary Paper Weight

Show off your creative skills to your employees with these unique gifts for employees in the form of this illusionary paper-weight. Let your staff enjoy the spellbinding effect of a captivating ripple illusion that makes their desk look even more quirky. These corporate gifts for employees are perfect for your staff to fidget with when they have their minds blocked!

Stationery Tower – A One Of A Kind Stationery Holder Stationery Tower


These unique gifts for employees come with 3 levels to store all your clutter, leaving it sparkling. It works wonders for making organized classier and helps your staff concentrate more at their work. Coming in different vibrant colors, these gift ideas for office staff is just perfect to keep their spirits uplifted at work.

Beveled Glass Plates – A Personal Name Plate Beveled Glass Plates

Make your staff feel accomplished and set high regards for themselves with this personalised glass name plate. Have these office gifts for employees custom-etched with their full names and designations and your company logo. Give them a sense of being a crucial part of the firm. Make them happy!

Desk Buddies – Hold Cards, Photos, Memories Desk Buddies

Give these desk buddies as unique gifts for employees where they can display the love of their friends and family in the form of pictures and postcards. These employee gift ideas are insanely cute and come in attractive colors to add that extra pop to all the workstations of your office employees.

Notepaper Roller – A Contemporary Memo Pad Notepaper Roller

Let your staff put to use these corporate gifts for employees that dispense note paper for them to write down and take a note of any important stuff. This paper roll is replaceable and handy making it to be a stylish accessory for the employees desks. These unique gifts for employees can also be hanged on the wall and can be put to good use for a daily checklist or things to do list on just the right size of paper.

Be… Inspirational Paperweight – Be Your Best Self Be Your Best Self

These motivational paperweights are just the right motivational tool for your employees to keep themselves inspired. Place them on the desks of your staff members and let them have a thought-provoking constant reminder to be the best version of themselves every single day. This inspirational paperweight comes with a series of cards that have a motivational word written on them. These qualities are just apt to remind your staff of their strengths and the areas that they need to work on.