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Surprise Inside Ideas that are Fun and Filled with Exciting Treasures!

What lies inside is what counts!!

How about having a bite of your yummiest chocolate or slicing through your birthday cake and finding a hidden surprise inside??

When you have tiny treats inside something that you already love, it makes you crave all the more. Because you know that each time you dig into it you will find some new and exciting surprises inside.Find fun and yum surprise inside treasures

We have all heard of the world famous and yummy kinder surprise chocolate. Taking the idea from these yummy chocolates, there have developed ideas of surprise inside cakes and surprise balloons that come with mind-blowing hidden treasures and gifts. With some brilliant imagination and the right technique, you can very well make your loved ones happy and excited.

These desserts and balloons filled with elements like fun surprising toys and other treats are a wonder to people of each age group. Come up with these stunning surprise inside treats and make any occasion even more joyful.

Fun and Yum Surprise Inside Treasures!

Be it kids or adults, we all love to go digging into some hidden treats of surprise inside. Let children be children while let the adults bring out the child in them to find these fun and yum surprise inside treasures.

Chocolate With Surprise Inside

Emoji Milk Chocolate Treasure –

Get this set of one of a kind chocolate with surprise inside that come with more than 30 different emoji treasure surprise toys. A pure milk chocolate egg that is delicious with cute emoji figurines.emoji milk chocolate treasure

DreamWorks Milk Chocolate With Surprise Toys –DreamWorks Milk Chocolate With Surprise Toys

Let the kids discover their favorite DreamWorks character as fun surprising toys as they unwrap each of these surprise eggs. These extra delicious surprise eggs with toys inside have cute figurines like Kung Fu Panda and Penguins of Madagascar inside of them.

Hello Kitty Chocolate With Surprise Inside –Hello Kitty Chocolate With Surprise Inside

How about fun surprises inside of Hello Kitty theme surprise toys including stickers and puzzles that are fun and colorful. Let these Hello Kitty eggs with surprise inside be the new favorite of your pretty daughter!

Choco Eggs With Surprise Inside of Cute Baby Animals –Choco Eggs With Surprise Inside of Cute Baby Animals

All kids are fond of animals and have a certain sense of compassion towards them. Cute baby animals like lion pups, tiger babies, and bear cubs are some of the cutest and fun surprising toys that kids would love to find inside their favorite chocolates.

Candy Treasure With Surprises Inside –Candy Treasure With Surprises Inside

With all kinds of treats and chocolate with surprise inside, having crunchy waffle cones and colorful candy-coated chocolates let your kids find all the treasure!

Surprise Inside Cakes

Surprise Inside Cake Heart – The Queen Of Surprise Inside Cakes!

This gorgeous master piece of a pretty surprise inside cake heart is one to die for. With it being most-popular on occasions that require an expression of love like Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, it is just stunning to watch a heart pop out in between a tasty looking cake.Surprise Inside Cake Heart

Another idea of a surprise inside cake heart that is a little less formal is making a pound cake which is just as impressive! Just use a heart-shaped cookie cutter and get your perfect heart inside cake!

Even easier – why not come up with mini treats of surprise inside cake heart – Cupcakes? These little surprise inside treats are the most practical choice for occasions where you don’t want your place to mess up a lot. Just hand each of your guests with these cupcakes having surprises inside and let beat their sweet-tooth cravings.

Rainbow Surprise Inside Cake – A Surprise Indeed!

The coolest of all rainbow cakes ever, this rainbow surprise inside cake is stuffed with lots and lots of colorful candy. If you have ever heard of the phrase ‘Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’, you can always fill your rainbow surprise inside cake with chocolates that come in the form of gold coins. When this beautiful surprise inside cake is cut open to reveal the stunning surprise waiting inside, you will find yourself to be a gold digger.Rainbow Surprise Inside Cake

Also, a regular cake can be easily converted into a rainbow surprise cake inside. Fill the cake with candy and candy sprinkles of different colors and textures and top it with a full cake layer. There you have in front of you a yummy rainbow surprise cake!

Double Rainbow Cupcakes are another exciting way to make all your celebrations exciting to a next level with these rainbow surprise inside cake filled with colorful sprinkles.

Surprise Inside Balloons – Pop Them!

Surprise Bubble – Balloon Inside A Balloon!Surprise Bubble

The balloon inside a balloon surprise bubble is a concept where you have a bubble balloon wrapped inside a huge gift box with the balloon having printed greetings and wishes on it. A well-fitted gift for any occasion that reaches the recipient floating out of the box with a personalised message! This gorgeous custom-made surprise inside balloons is a great way of announcing your love or proposing to your love!

Surprise Box With Balloon – A Presentation That Pops!

A highly creative way of gifting, this surprise box with balloon is easy, inexpensive, and colorful that goes POP with little gifts inside them. Just get a decorative box in which you can place a perfectly blown balloon. Put a post-it inside of the lid that says ‘Pop Me’. Place a pin on the post-it and let the recipient pop the balloon to find a beautiful gift inside. This surprise box with balloon is the perfect proposal idea when you plan to ask the big question.Surprise Box With Balloon

The love of your life will just not be able to refuse your proposal and will go weak in the knees to find this creative and highly adorable proposal idea of a surprise box with balloon!

For a gift for him, you can place some creative gifts that he would love to have in a surprise box with balloon. Give him a dollar bill placed inside a balloon or you can even place an entire sleeve of golf balls inside a balloon to blow his mind. Who says money cannot bring happiness? Just wait for him to pop the balloon and watch his reaction to see that dollar bill. It will be worth a million dollars!

Surprise Balloons In Room – Surprise Someone Special!

Just imagine the look on the face of your loved one when they walk into their room as usual to find a stunning balloon surprise! Let them turn into kids again by looking at the surprise balloons in room decoration that is done exclusively for them. Let them accidentally walk in and be pleasantly surprised and flattered to find their regular room filled with bright and colorful balloons.Surprise Balloons In Room

You can either let the balloons float to the ceiling or let them lay on the floor to look beautifully decorative. You can also place the surprise balloons in room in small bunches to make the place look more attractive.

Alternatively, you can also hang a photograph or a note hanging to the tail of each balloon which will make your idea of surprise balloons in room even more appealing. The recipient to this surprise will surely appreciate the thought and effort that you put into trying to make them happy. Your hard work is sure to pay off!