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Surprise Event Planner with a Creative Twist to Surprise Parties

Surprise Event Planners

Planning an event and ensuring it’s smooth execution is a very laborious task indeed and requires a certain set of skills. Skills that generally involve being akin to spies with tons of articulation in planning and organization. A good surprise event planner is featured with many characteristics that go into successful execution of the event at hand because every client that comes across will come with the expectation of a world-class service. Becoming a great party planner can be extremely rewarding, both, personally and on the professional front because it gets you an opportunity to build emotional connectivity with a number of people each other.Surprise Event Planner

Great interpersonal skills are the key to successful surprise planners. It requires a very special kind of person who is compassionate and professional at the same time. Surprise event planner must be reachable at all times, so as to keep the anxiety levels of their clients at bearable levels; for it is no secret that planning surprise events can much more stressful than generally assumed.

Features Of A Good Surprise Party Planner 

  • A driving passion for every event; something that cannot be taught and comes inherently – When there is passion associated with any work that is being done, it has a natural flow of enthusiasm that increases productivity and efficiency.
  • Organisation at a professional level along with planning and preparation – Seamless coordination and a detailed level of planning is required to meet deadlines.
  • A flair for creativity and use of innovative ideas that leave all the guests constantly praising the event show how fantastic the event was.
  • Great leadership qualities as you take charge of your events is very much required to be a successful surprise event planner – taking responsibility for any problem that arises and finding the right solution in the given time.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills are the prime focusing areas of surprise planners – It leads to a clear understanding of the client’s requirements and thus a successful event celebration.

There are a variety of surprise party ideas that you could use for all your big and grand celebration days, rather than the one that usually requires the recipient to enter a dark house followed by the turning on the lights with the gathered guests screaming ‘SURPRISE’! Though this is the most conventional and classic idea of a surprise party and hardly ever goes wrong, you can always have a party planner who would bring a creative twist to the celebration.

Creative Surprise Party Ideas – A Creative Twist To The Tradition of Surprise Events!

Let the ‘Surprisee’ Plan –Let the Surprisee Plan

Do you have people in your family or friends circle who are completely in love with themselves, more so, with the idea of celebrating their own birthday grandly? Just let them be, let them plan their surprise party themselves. Now, you must be wondering where is the surprise element here? This is where you could coordinate with your party planner and find out all the recipients of the birthday invite. All you need to do is change the date, time, and venue of the surprise party invitations; but make sure that this is earlier than the actual planned party. And then, Surprise Surprise! With the birthday recipient busy planning his/her own party, they have no clue about this big bash you’ve planned for them.

Pen Down A Surprise Story –Pen Down A Surprise Story

Come up with a story that seems real and convincing to bring the surprise recipient to the surprise party venue. For example, you could tell the birthday boy/girl that you are stuck somewhere and your vehicle has been broken down. Request them to come and pick you up. Once they do so, tell them that you have to reach the venue of the birthday party; obviously, give a reason that seems convincing enough for you to be at that place at that time. Meanwhile, get your surprise event planner to make all the necessary arrangements in the designated venue for the surprise of a lifetime.

Kidnapping Surprise Party Ideas –Kidnapping Surprise Party Ideas

This is another brilliant idea for an extraordinary surprise party. In one way, you can follow these surprise party ideas by going to the house of the recipient and just blindfold them and put them in the car. After having done so, take them to the venue of the surprise event and decode, ‘Surprise Surprise’! You can also take him to someplace he always wanted to be there; like a musical concert, or a standup comedy show, or his favorite restaurant.

Twisted Surprise Party –Twisted Surprise Party

A twisted surprise party could be a really cool trick that could change the entire game of surprise events. Make it look like you are holding a surprise party for someone else, but let your surprise event planner send out the surprise party invitations with the actual recipient’s party details. Only the surprisee will be given a different invitation to give him assurance of an actual-fake surprise party. Most importantly, tell your surprise planners to let all the guests know that you are tricking the birthday boy/girl so that everyone can pretend that the surprise is for someone else. And then when the surprisee arrives, they can all just pop up with birthday wishes for him/her.

‘Your Life’ Surprise Party Ideas –Your Life Surprise Party Ideas

This is a really sweet gesture a surprise event planner comes up with for very special occasions, like milestone birthdays or anniversaries. In these kinds of surprise events, the party planners start with a small family or close friends gathering with good food and music, followed by the idea of taking the surprise recipient down memory lane. The surprise event planner can plan this by letting each of the guests describe any incident which they and the birthday recipient share a fond memory of. Another idea your party planners could use is to make a video of all the people who have known the birthday recipient for years, with special messages that would seem like a sweet and heartwarming surprise.


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