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14 Awesome Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend: Every Gift Radiates Love

Birthday Gifts

A lovely moment for any guy is to be in love and it’s a small wish that emerges out at some point in life. As soon as love begins with the two, the boy will show his curiosity to give the best for his girlfriend and the excitement makes him gift the memorable things. Planning birthday gifts for girlfriend is a romantic feel one could ever experience.

Birthday Gifts for Girl friend


However, having a girlfriend in life is the most kick giving a scenario in life. Every individual’s thinking will be having a girlfriend. You’re the luckiest if you have. So, from the day you meet until the day you marry, there’s a time gap where you can understand each other, go for a tour, and everything you can do.

In fact, a love marriage if goes in a dynamic way, every moment turns out to be a memory and every memory will rejoice the individuals. The love remains in the hearts for a long time and where there’s love, there will be an emotion to be expressed. Express your emotion on her birthday by selecting the birthday gifts for girlfriend.

Love, a gift to the human beings and a lovely feeling that emerges in the hearts of two. There is no fixed time or date, it may happen in a second or in a minute or maybe after few years.

Once you submerge in it, it’s very difficult for the one to come out of it as heart holds the feelings and emotions you’re creating with your gf.

However, to excite, to elevate the happiness, to boost the enthusiasm, to have a reason to smile, and to have a memory, birthday gifts for girlfriend have rolled out in the e-commerce giants and their attitude is love and with this attitude, they become an altitude to strengthen the bonds.

Here are the 14 Gifts those will astonish your girlfriend and these gifts for girlfriend are amiable.

14 Best Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend

1. Say with Pillow

Every one of us will love the pillow and we sleep on it. If your girlfriend is missing you and expects more from you, gift a pillow with your photo on it. Else, just go for an animated image or quote which will make her feel your presence every time.



With various colors and looks, pillows are encouraging the concept of love with their style. This could be a birthday gift for the girlfriend and see the cuteness on her face when you gift the pillow.

If you want to convey an emotion take a picture that conveys what you’re feeling or simply write a text. This could be a plan for you to make her happy.

2. A Bouquet of Sweetness

You may have seen a bouquet of various flowers. Now, this is a special bouquet you can consider. A bouquet has chocolates and the chocolates are your wish. Cadbury Dairy Milk, Five Star, Nestle Kit-Kat, Bournville, etc., are the adorable chocolates most of them opt to. So, as per your wish, you can choose one kind of chocolate or you can opt for a mix.


Along with flowers and chocolates, this bouquet of sweetness will take the celebration to a greater extent leaving you with an excitement. It’s believed that most of the girls will choose chocolates next to jewelry and makeup kit.

A sweetness bouquet is one among the gifts for girlfriend and remained as it is without dropping interest.

3. Keychains

Other lovely gifts – keychains. These days minions, Barbie, and the symbol of love with a name, or the couple name on a keychain, a photo on a keychain – such gifts are heating the online platforms. This is because of their distinct nature.



A hell lot of keychains have been claimed the market but what special nature and how unique the keychain is what matters most if you’re planning them in surprise gifts to girlfriend.

The keychains having the animated pictures of her like will really blow off the mind of her. Gift a keychain by choosing the loveliest and just observe the happiness in her eyes. It will be marvelous and beautiful. A chain to hang a key with a lovely toy could embrace or embarrass based on your selection.

4. Teddy Bears

Teddy bears will remove the feel of loneliness – believed so. Girls love teddy bears and all the crazy stuff will be done with one single teddy. Some feel the teddy is you and they will just hug it, dance with it, and will beat it up if they are angry with you.

Teddy Bears


The various colors and qualities are on the go. You can choose whatever you like as sizes have been in the online for years. You can choose a mini teddy bear keychain or you can combine the bouquet of chocolates with the teddy bear and gifting in an appealing manner.

A wonderful gift for the birthday presents for girlfriend.

5. Build the Shape with Chocolate

What can you build with chocolates? Do you believe that you can build any three-dimensional shape and it’s the style of a surprise that rolled out to increase the mood of your girlfriend in the eye-catching celebrations?



A chocolate structure could be an interesting gift for the other surprise gifts for girlfriend as the chocolate shape itself will mesmerize her.

It’s a unique gift you can select if your love towards girlfriend is a special one. The choice is completely on you and the gift you are gifting matches her expectation would create the happiness in sky limits.

So, choose the shape of chocolates and check out the love spark in the heart. You will understand her bestie.

6. Perfumes

The aroma of perfume is derived from nature. The heart of nature – flora has a great contribution in perfumes and only then a perfume got its name as “perfume”. Just like the love, you’re radiating stays for a long time with freshness and aroma, so the perfume.



Gift the pleasant smelling perfume that suits her character or the mindset. As she applies, it must radiate the aroma showing its uniqueness.

It could be a good birthday gift for girlfriend and can mold the mood of your girlfriend as soon as she applies the perfume you had gifted.

7. Watches

These will remind your soul at every tick. From wall clocks to wristwatches, with the designs on the band of a watch, these are true colors to be happy with. Whenever your girlfriend steps out with a wristwatch on hand and during communing, when she looks at it, the moments spent with you will flash before her.



Girl watches are pretty special now. The loop of moments will continue as long as the watch continuously ticks on her hand.

This is the specialty of watches and you may be at any place, just click and with customized packing it will be at her door astonishing her.

The time runs and to show the value of time, you can gift a watch to your girlfriend and it’s one among the birthday gifts for girlfriend.

8. Fashion Wear

It’s so difficult to select a fashion wear – clothes and footwear for her. It can only be possible when you shop while sitting next to her. The design and size come into consideration and to say the fact – it’s a test of your patience.

Fashion Wear


If your selection matches your girlfriend’s then congratulations, you have done an extraordinary job in your life as it’s not easy to perfectly match a girl’s mindset.

So, select the best fashion wear that’s suitable for your girlfriend and yes, these make her say ’wow’ in the surprising celebrations and moments.

9. Goggles


These are perfect for the eyes and sometimes are better because these will cover the expression of your girlfriend. One of the good birthday gifts for girlfriend, goggles will give a richness look to your gf.



With various shades and combinations, goggles are here if you want to know the style and attitude of your girlfriend then this could be a chance to reveal such things from her.

10. Quote Mug

“You’re my love and my heart until we breathe out last breath,” could be a quote that will mesmerize your gf and will make them amazing. It’s still a choice whether to select a quote or you can print an image on the cup.

Quote Mug

This could be the best birthday gifts for girlfriend and go for the gorgeous appearing gifts before revealing before her and to excite her.

11. Balloon Surprise

Imagine a scenario where your girlfriend is sleeping in a room and you opened the door with a love-shaped balloon bang. Now, what would be her feel? She will raise the eyelids saying ‘awe’.

Balloon Surprise

That’s the wonder of a balloon surprise and it’s just a sample when you think that balloon surprise is the best among the others. It could be the best of the other birthday gifts for girlfriend. They convey a lot if you can understand the inner meaning of the balloons.

12. Memory Basket

Have you ever seen a memory basket? Well, this basket when opened will have surprises for you in it. There are few photographs in it of your memories.

Memory Basket

You can also plan few photographs of your own choice and now is a trendy gift among the surprise gifts for girlfriend. Just go for it and in fact, it will surprise your gf greater than you thought.

13. Tabletop Letter

Tabletop Letter

Choose a letter with which her name starts and the pics will be printed on it. The letter of plastic probably, will stand on any table and will have the memories on it. It’s so unique gift that you can plan and is the top 10 gift for girlfriend. This is a special gift so, gift to the special one who you feel closer to your heart.

14. Lighting Love

It’s something which stands beyond your imagination. Press anywhere on the cube and you will find a light coming through the gaps and imagine what could it be? A three-letter word of love. Yes, the light inside the cube have various colors and select the best one that will allure your girlfriend.

Lighting Love

These are the 14 gifts and are the best surprise gifts for girlfriend you can plan. Express the love that’s hidden within you through these gifts. The trendy gifts have gained such an importance and are wonderful to feel them.


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