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Look No Where, We Have the Best Ideas and Tips for Birthday Gifts for Boys

Gifts for Boys

Ever wondered what is the best birthday gift you can give your boyfriend? Are you looking for gift ideas for your husband? Or maybe a perfect gift for your father, naughty brother or just a friend? It is a myth that buying gifts for guys in your life is a task.No matter what relationship you share with Him, we have drafted a guide for you with some of the best birthday gifts for boys, be it any character but to excite that Super Hero of your life.

Birthday Gifts for Boys

But before we come to that, you have to consider few factors before deciding the birthday gift. Gifts are unique to the recipient.  Thus, these are few prerequisites to be taken note of first:

Age: Consider the age of the gift recipient. There are different gifts that cater to children, boys, teenagers, young adults, adults and senior citizens. This way you can buy a relevant gift that suits their age.

Budget: Have a budget planned primarily. Buy a gift that suits your pocket the best. It is highly suggested to buy an affordable gift only. You can compare prices of the gift you have decided using online purchasing or visiting a local store. My personal recommendation would be to not burn a hole in your pocket unnecessarily. After all, money does not buy Happiness, for everything else, there is a Master Card.

Hobbies: If you know the man too well, you can buy him a gift that he desires or is passionate about. Go that extra mile and understand their likes and dislikes. He is definitely going to be more appreciative of receiving the gift that he likes.

Occasion: This is the determining factor for the type of gift to be purchased. The market is flooded with hundreds of gift options, but the occasion determines the best suitable gift. This article specifically talks about Birthday Gifts for Boys.

Relationship: You could be celebrating your dad’s birthday or boyfriend’s. He could be your brother or just a dear friend, a professor or a co-worker. The rapport you share with this special man determines the nature of your gift.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys 

Now that we have factored in the essentials before buying a gift, let us see the range of gifting options available for every kind of Man.

Here is a compiled list of some amazing and mind-blowing birthday gifts for boys:

Love for adventure 

If he has a love for exploring new places, then gift him an unconventional trip package.

Road trip :

Plan a perfect road trip and have activities designed for this trip.

Organize fun adventurous games

Gifts for a colleague or professional 

Again this has a wide range of gifts to select from. Few of them are:

Accessory set :

Bow, necktie and cufflink set

Perfume set :

Perfume set


a combo of deodorant, cologne, perfume, body mist

Parker pen :

Parker pen


Impress your colleagues by gifting them a pen to flaunt at their workplace and office parties.

Watch :



A decent watch, strappy or belt format makes a long-lasting impression in terms of gifts for a professional.

Wallet :



A formal wallet is one of the best gifts for guys. You can go for the regular black, brown, grey or blue wallets. Don’t go for a funky one as it does not go with the professional tone.

Belt :



Gift him a decent formal belt that would suit him best for any formal occasion.

For the Gaming fanatic 

This is fun, entertaining and a unique birthday gift for him

Gaming consoles :

Gaming consoles


For the guys that take gaming seriously, this gift would prove to be one of the best gifts for boys. Gift something like a Play Station or a Hand Video Game.

Gaming accessories :

Gaming accessories


If your guy already has his gaming consoles in place, a gaming accessory could also be gifted.

Gadget Lover 

If he loves his gadget and you have an elaborate budget you can gift one of the following:

Power Bank :

Power Bank


Gift an ultra slim power bank to your guy that has high power.

Cell Phone :



Gift him the latest cell phone with the most upgraded features. He will surely be excited beyond imagination with this one.

Laptop :



A laptop with the best user-friendly software is also a good idea if it suits your budget.

Hard Disk :

Hard Disk


A high storage hard disk with all your pictures, playlist, etc can be saved on the hard disk and gifted to him as a birthday present.

Gadgets work their way into his heart any day.

Gift Hampers and Sets

You can design a gift basket for him based on his likes and preferences. Here are few hampers that you can opt for

Gourmet Basket :

Gourmet Basket


For a guy who has a sweet tooth, arrange for few goodies like chocolates, cupcakes, cookies, etc. in a basket.

Basket to boost your energy :

Basket to boost your energy


Throw in few energy drinks, nutritional bars and nuts that boost his energy. This is an ideal gift for a fitness freak or someone is his conscious of his health always.

Themed Hampers :

Themed Hampers


Design a hamper with a defined theme such as Super Hero characters. Few very popular themes adopted for a gift hamper are – Superman, Batman, Ironman, Minion, Sponge Bob, etc. If he is a movie fanatic then the hamper can be designed keeping the movie in mind.

Custom made hamper :

Custom made hamper


This is a very special basket that can create a multitude of emotions. Add personalized notes, photos, keychain, scrapbook, coffee mug, etc.

For the music artist hidden in him 

This can be as exhaustive as possible.

Instruments :



A musical instrument like Guitar, Piano, Violin, etc., can be gifted.

Concert/show :

Find out if his favorite band/singer is playing in the city and get him the tickets to a live show. This will be a fun-filled night with lots of excitement.

Headphones :



Headphones are a good gift for guys who love music and listens to it while travelling, running, walking, etc.

Speakers :



Gift a good branded speaker set to your guy. He’s surely going to love the quality of sound playing through it.

iPod :



If he loves music and gadgets this is the right gift you’re looking for. Create a playlist already and then gift him this iPod.

Personalized gifts

Create something personal that is exclusively made just for him as a celebration

Personalized gifts speak in high volumes about your love and care for the significant other. Few ideas for personalized gifts for guys are

Collage :



Get a collage of your pictures framed and gift it to him on his special day. All precious memories are captured in one frame here.

Keychain :



Acute keychain with his name initial is small personalized and affordable gift

Memory jar :

Memory jar


A jar with LED lights and love notes, or love stickers make up for a sparkling gift. Watch the smile sparkle in his eyes when this jar lights up.

Explosion box :

Explosion box


Nowadays, this concept of explosion box is picking up trend. When he opens the box all the photos will open out in different shapes and sizes.

Journal :



A handwritten journal is like an open diary reading your heart to his. The experiences you both have shared together, the memories you hold, will find its home in this personal journal.

Photo cover:

Photo cover


Gift him a custom designed phone case that is a constant reminder of your love for him.

Happy Birthday, Video :

Have a video dedicated to him by involving his nears and dears wishing him the best on his birthday. This is a visual delight and a mere treat to your eyes. It strikes the right nostalgic moment.

For his Undying Love for Sports 

A birthday present that relates to his favorite sport is one of the best birthday gifts for boys that could be presented. Sports enthusiast would love to receive any such gift that helps him develop his game.

Golf :



For a regular golfer, gift him golf equipment or let him play golf for few sessions. If he has always wanted to play golf but never learnt the sport, send him to golf training classes.

Tickets for his favorite sport :

Buy a couple pass for Him and let him enjoy watching his favorite sport on the field. It could be anything like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Wrestling, etc.

Merchandise :

Gift him a merchandise of the sport and team that he follows religiously.

Other common gifts

If none of the above work out for you, then there are few standards and best gifts for boys.

Birthday Cake :

Birthday Cake


Order a cake that suits his taste. There are a variety of cakes like

Simple sponge cakes

Regular cream cakes

Ice cream cakes


Gift Voucher :

Gift Voucher


Gift him a voucher to shop from as per his own likes.

Spa Voucher :

Spa Voucher


Gift him a spa voucher that allows him to have a relaxing, stress-free time

Apparel :



Gift him a t-shirt, shirt, cap, jacket, etc.

Sunglasses :



A cool pair of sunglasses that works as an add-on to his personality is an all-time classy gift.

Backpack :



Gift him a trendy backpack of his favorite This is a handy gift that can be used on regular basis.

Bluetooth Set :

Bluetooth Set


For a guy who uses his phone frequently, give him this gift that eases out his day to day talking.

Birthday card :

Birthday card


An evergreen, classic gesture of wishing for a birthday. Say it with a greeting card.

Chocolates and Roses :

Chocolates and Roses


A box full of different flavored chocolates and a rose with it;  a personal message that coveys your birthday wishes is a fine gift.

Exquisite dinner :

Take him out for a fine dinner to a restaurant that caters his delicious cuisine. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; and nothing works better than a good 3 – course meal.

Throw a Surprise Party

Organize a birthday surprise party for the special man you are celebrating in your life. Have a theme party or just a colorful vibrant party arranged. Keep it light-lipped and request your guests also to not spill the beans, otherwise, it will kill all the excitement. So, be careful and plan everything in prior to have the best surprise party ever.

Birthday celebrations are always exciting and fun. We hope you liked our list of gifts for guys enlisted above. We understand that the men in your lives are special and hope that this guide helps you in choosing the best birthday gifts for boys. Let your gifts become an expression of your love for him.


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