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Anniversary Gifts for Different Types of Anniversaries

An anniversary is basically a date on which a particular event took place or an institution was founded in the year that passed by. A day that reminds us of the important event that happened in the previous year and brings back fond memories. It is a date to be remembered and celebrated because of the memorable moment that occurred on that day.Anniversary Gifts

Anniversaries are the happiest moments that come once in a year. Some of the most important anniversaries that are said to be celebrated by people all around the world are weddings, birthdays, deaths, work, and institutional. The idea behind celebrating an anniversary is sending messages of goodwill and appropriate anniversary gifts to the concerned person/people. With so many types of anniversaries, you may often tend to get confused to pick the right gift for the right type of anniversary. Here we are, to help you clear your confusion.

Presenting to you is a widely categorised list of appropriate anniversary gifts for all the corresponding types.

Anniversary Gifts for different Occasions

1. Birth Anniversary – Birthday Gifts

A birthday is the anniversary of the birth of a person. Every person on this planet looks forward to celebrating the day he/she was born, even if it might mean turning a year older. A birthday is generally celebrated with a birthday cake and the gathering of a few close friends and family members that bring along birthday gifts to make that person feel special. Some of the very special birthday or birth anniversary gifts that you can give to your dear ones are –

Flowers :Flowers

A beautiful floral arrangement of fresh flowers can never go wrong as a birth anniversary gift. Just spread the right amount of cheer on the face of your dear one with this idea of fresh flower gifts.

Gourmet Baskets :Gourmet Baskets

This birth anniversary gift can be customised based on the tastes and preferences of the recipient. Right from an assortment of fresh and exotic fruits, sweet and savoury treats, coffee or tea hampers, cupcakes, and cookies; these gourmet baskets make a great gift for the foodies in your life.

Cakes :Cakes

A birthday is always incomplete without a cake. Gift your dear ones a very yummy cake, especially of their favorite flavour on their birthday and show them that you care. A great birthday cake is always remembered fondly.

Chocolates :Chocolates

A box of chocolates is something that nobody will refuse, no matter what age group they belong to. So, on the birthday of the sweetest people around you, gift them a box of chocolates and make them happy.

Personalised Gifts :Personalised Gifts

This idea of giving personalised gifts on the birth anniversary of a person is really special because it has a personal touch. A gift that is closely associated with the life of the recipient is always more than welcome. The range of personalised gifts can go as far as your creativity could take you. So just think of what is their most special moment and turn that into a wonderful keepsake that they will always keep close to their hearts.

2. Love Anniversary – A Celebration of Love

A love anniversary is the day of celebration when you found your true love, someone you thought you could spend your entire life with. As you celebrate this day, you would want to make your romantic partner feel on top of the world with the best of gifts. When you are truly committed to love, it does call for a great celebration every year. Let us see some of the most heartfelt gift ideas for a love anniversary –

Bouquet of Red Roses :Bouquet of Red Roses

 A classic and traditional yet never out of fashion to express your passionate love for someone is through a bouquet of bright red roses. Nothing in the world can replace the joy of receiving blooming red roses as a gift from your partner on your love anniversary!

Reasons of Love Frames :Reasons of Love Frames

It is always a nice gesture to let someone know the special qualities that make them stand out, especially if it is your romantic partner. Go ahead and make a gorgeous frame listing down all the reasons you love them. It would really be a love anniversary gift that is worth appreciating.

Romantic Date :Romantic Date

Go all and out romantic and take your partner to a very romantic date filled with love. Make your partner realise how important he/she is to you with this date idea and spend some quality time together.

Apparel & Accessories :Apparel & Accessories

Heard of anyone saying no to shopping? It just doesn’t happen these days. Everyone likes to go out on a shopping spree and buy themselves stuff that suits their personality. So why not do it for your partner? Buy them classy apparel and accessories that they will love and make them feel special.

Heart Shaped Gifts :Heart Shaped Gifts

As soon as we hear the word ‘Love’ the first thing that comes to our mind is ‘Heart’. Any gift that is in the shape of a heart will be cherished and treasured by the love of your life. Make it even more special by etching it with a personal message, it’ll just be perfect.

3. Marriage Anniversary – Celebrate your Union

A marriage anniversary is a celebration as you remember the day you found your soulmate when you took the vows to stand by each other for the rest of your life, for better or for worse. It is that time of the year when you go down memory lane and see how much the two of you have grown as a couple. As you remember your lovely moments, why not make the day even more special with the best of marriage anniversary gifts for each other.

Love Quote Frames :Love Quote Frames

Every love story has a close resemblance to a famous quote. If you’ve identified the love quote that best suits your marriage, then turn it into one of the most special marriage anniversary gifts and let your spouse know that you are very proud to have him/her as your partner for life.

Jewellery Gifts :Jewellery Gifts

Anniversary gifts pertaining to jewellery are really amazing and worthwhile for your spouse. A gift that is as precious as him/her, to let them know how much you value them.

Weekend Getaways :Weekend Getaways

Take some out from the hustle-bustle of life and spend some time in leisure with your spouse. Because the gift of time is the most valuable thing to gift someone who is dearest to you.

Romantic Dinner for Two :Romantic Dinner for Two

Go back in time to your courtship days when love was new and its peak. Get to impress each other with the most romantic date setup with classy outfits and a luxurious food menu.

Wrist Watches :Wrist Watches

A wrist watch is a really smart idea of anniversary gifts. Let them remember you everytime they look at this watch and let them realise that every second of life, you will be of utmost importance to them.

4. Work Anniversary – A Celebration of Achievements

Work anniversary gifts are for colleagues with whom you are friends and they have said to complete another year of glorious achievements at their work front. Celebrate the number of years they have spent to grow professionally with amazing gifts for them that will further inspire them to continue working hard.

Office Mugs :Office Mugs

Let them sip on their favorite steamy hot cup of coffee/tea to get some refreshing ideas on a new project ahead. An amazing choice of work anniversary gifts for coworkers who are always loaded up with many hours of work.

Personalised Stationery :Personalised Stationery

Having your own personalised stationery at work encourages you to perform better each day. These work anniversary gift ideas are useful gifts for everyday work life and also a great way to motivate your colleagues.

Classy Business Card Holders :Classy Business Card Holders

Give your friend at work a chance to show off his position at the firm with an elegant and stylish business card holder. Let your friends at work know that you are happy for all the achievements they have made.

Wooden Desk Organisation Stand :Wooden Desk Organisation Stand

Does your colleague have the tendency to misplace things every now and then. Gift him this desk organiser that lets him arrange and keep safely all his important things so that he can concentrate better on his work rather than waste time in finding misplaced items.

5. Business Anniversary Gifts – A Corporate Celebration

An organization or business anniversary is the time to reflect on the growth history of the firm and reward employees who have worked hard and contributed to the success of the institution all through the way. Make your institutional or company anniversary special by distributing anniversary gifts to your employees and customers and show them they are valued.

Personalised Paperweights :Personalised Paperweights

A very useful gift for both employees and customers, these personalised paperweights are just apt for the occasion of an organization’s anniversary.

Desk Clocks :Desk Clocks

With time being the most decisive factor in making important decisions that lead to the success of any organisation, make your company anniversary special with these desk clocks that let your employees and customers realise the importance of time.

Crystal Decorative Bookends :Crystal Decorative Bookends

These crystal bookends are the best choice of gifts for an office anniversary. Professional in its appearance, these gifts are beautiful decorative desk pieces that give their workspace a professional look.

Quality Achievement Awards :Quality Achievement Awards

Giving a quality achievement award to every employee and thanking them for their contribution to the company’s success is a great motivation for the firm. They will be thankful that the management has acknowledged their hard work and be inspired to give their best always.

Executive Desk Journal and Pen Set :Executive Desk Journal and Pen Set

Select a sleek and stylish looking desk journal and pen set for all your employees and your clients and give them a long-lasting memory of their professional relationship with you in the form of these brilliant company anniversary gifts.